Report: By David James


Inferno vs Al Jihad


Inferno was introduced first and then the champion Al Jihad made his appearance, with a chorus of boo's reigning down on him. Jihad wasted no time in taking it to Inferno. The challenger however switched the tables quickly with three arm drags, a back breaker and then a monkey flip. The champ then took a breather by sliding out of the ring and taking refuge behind Glenn Dillion. That did not work for the champ as Inferno dove over the top rope and laid both of them out on the floor. After both men re entered the ring, Inferno kept on punishing the Champ and applied his finisher the Inferno Buster (planting Jihad's Face into the mat.) Mr. Dillion then distracted the ref and gave Jihad some time to roll up the challenger in a school boy and grabbed a handful of tights to get the win.

Match # 2

Tag Team Action

Robert Ezekyo & Kazz vs Warpath and Skitzo

Kazz and Warpath started this one with Kazz taking Warpath down with a shoulder block. Warpath then went for a hip toss only to have Kazz block it and then go for a reversal, only to have the primal one cut him off with a clothesline. After getting up Kazz, planted Warpath into the matt with a big suplex. Ezekyo then entered the ring and continued the assault on the primal warpath, but he fought back until Ezekyo gave him a drop kick to the head and a snap suplex. Warpath then made it to his corner and tagged in his partner Skitzo and he immediately went to work on Ezekyo. He unleashed a combination of chops, kicks and an over the top splash onto the floor. After re entering the ring, Ezekyo regained control of Skitzo with a snap suplex into a spinning back breaker. Kazz then came into the ring, with a huge clothesline to Skitzo. The beating continued until Skitzo planted a big boot super kick to the mouth of the big man, and down he went. The Messiah of Malice (Robert Ezekyo) then appeared in the ring to form a double team on the Man from Insanity. However Skitzo was able to tag in Warpath and he went to work on both of his opponents, until Kazz dug down deep and sent The Primal one over the top rope, with a clothesline. Skitzo, attempting to enter the ring from the top rope, was caught by Kazz and with the help of his partner, planted him with a brain buster slam to win the match.

Match # 3

OSPW Woman's Title

Synndy Syn Vs Ashleigh Vayda

The Champ entered the ring first and demanded some one to fight. Vayda said that she has sent out multiple open challenges, for anyone to take her on. She claimed to be unstoppable and that no one wanted to take her on. Commissioner Big Jay Then introduced to the champ, that he had a gold digger in the back that was after her gold. Synndy Syn was then introduced and the match was on. Vayda attacked the challenger immediately with a couple of shots to the head and then rammed her head into the turn buckle. The Champ followed that up with a hip toss and tried for another, only to have Synndy, reverse the tables and gave her a toss of her own. Syn then followed that up with a slam and a snap suplex. Both woman then went for a clothesline and ended up lying side by side in the ring. They then got to there knees and began to trade head shots in rapid succession. Synndy then applied her finisher to the champ and it looked like Vayda was tapping out. However Jazz Miles was distracting the ref on the outside of the ring. Synndy then went to tell the ref about the Champ tapping out and Ashleigh attacked Syn from behind and applied a sidewalk slam to end the match.

In my Opinion

Jazz Miles needs to be banned from ringside.

OSPW Tag Team Titles

Billy Brooks & Ruthless

The Champions

(Members of Dangerous by Design)


Tyger Smith & J.C. Money

The Challengers from the north east city were introduced first. The Champions from Team dangerous By Design then hit the ring. Leader Greg Karma was supposed to be in this match, but he suffered a broken leg 1 week prior to this event. Greg replaced himself in the match with team member Ruthless, along with Billy brooks to defend there title against the team of Tyger Smith & J.C. Money of N.E.W. Brooks and Money started and the two men were evenly matched in the beginning, until Brooks gave Mr. Money a big elbow. He then followed that up with a whip to the corner, with a follow up splash and then a Big Bull Dog, in the middle of the ring. Billy then tagged in his partner Ruthless and the assault continued, until J.C. had just about enough and backed ruthless across the ring with a serious of chops, that led him into his corner. Once in the corner Money tagged in Tyger Smith and the two of them gave Ruthless a serious of double team chops, until Tyger applied a snap suplex on him and followed that with a big elbow. The challengers were taking control of the match by keeping Ruthless in the ring with quick tags that was wearing him down. Ruthless finally tagged in brooks after a reverse snap suplex to Tyger. However the double team maneuvers continued on brooks from the Challengers of the North East City. The match was decided when Tyger hit ruthless with a leg drop and Brooks with a stunner at the same time. Tyger then hit Ruthless with an over the top Bomb and then set J.C. Money up with a big Splash from the top to Ruthless. The Three Count was the fastest one I have ever seen. The Ref after the pin exposed his true colors when he took off his stripes and was wearing a N.E.W. shirt underneath. He then dropped brooks with a super kick and a high flying, twisting maneuver from the middle of the ropes. Then Tyger and J.C. traded splashes from the top rope onto the motionless Billy Brooks, with the help of the Ref. (William Fox) OSPW Listen Up, in my opinion there is a huge pile of trash in your back yard and it is beginning to fester. "The Davidson Brothers can you hear me" "The Sons of Thunder Where are you"!!!

Match # 5

OSPW Hardcore Title

Mike McGee vs Eric the Serial Killer Summerville

McGee entered the ring first to begin his quest to capture what once belonged to him. However, when the champion was announced, he wasted no time and attacked McGee before is entrance music was over. McGee fought back as the two men traded blows and then TSK started his assault with 2 garbage can shots to the head of the former Champ. He then followed that up with a ladder shot to his back when he was down. When McGee regained his feet we saw blood flowing from his face. Back in the ring the challenger fought back with a rake of the serial killers eyes and followed that up by sending the champ into the ladder from across the ring. Then McGee speared him between the legs with yet again "The Ladder" If you were in attendance for this match, you would have seen that these men do not like each other. In the end you saw TSK land a big suplex and then DDT that left McGee Motionless. The Champ then wet for a splash, from on top of the ladder and finished him off with a rendition of a figure four leg lock. The Challenger tapped out and the serial killer put another notch on his belt.

Match # 6

The Return Of Bishop

Chris West vs Bishop

Newcomer to OSPW Chris West was introduced and then Bishop made his return to OSPW, after a 6 month rehabilitation assignment. On Jan 21st Bishop had his leg broke in two places along with a fractured ankle. When he was introduced the Fans let him know that he has been missed. Bishop looked like he never left. He took it to his 300 plus pound opponent (Chris West) early, by tossing him into the corner after a brief tie up at the beginning of the match. Bishop then went to work on west with the same leg he broke several month's ago, by rapidly firing kicks to his midsection and ended the flurry with a kick up side his head. Bishop did not look like he was in a good mood. He then applied the same move that was done to him when his leg was broke, and looked towards the dressing room and yelled "That is how you do it." The two men then tied up and the newcomer who calls himself Mr. Wrestling backed Bishop into the corner and gave him a few chops and then whipped him into the opposite corner and followed him in with a big splash. West then gave a staggering Bishop a clothesline and then a big leg drop. Bishop then rolled out of the ring for a breather, but the 300 plus pound newcomer followed him to the outside. Chris West then tried to plant Bishop's head into the post, but Bishop blocked his attempt several times. Bishop them turned the tables and slammed the newcomer's head into the post and he hit the floor hard. Back in the ring Bishop began to take control of the match by suplexing the big man. Bishop then after standing Chris West up planted a closed fist uppercut to his chin while doing a full split at the same time, that was an impressive move if I should say so myself. Bishop then followed that move with Japanese and American arm drags in succession. Mr. West then turned the tables by poking Bishop in the eyes and then threw him into the corner for another big splash and followed it up with a bulldog slam. Bishop However was not going to be denied in his return. He fought back with a swinging neck breaker and then sent his opponent into the ropes and on his return he was planted into the mat with a devastating clothesline. The newcomer gave it his all in his Debut and he showed some good ring savvy, but it was just not good enough. Bishop finished this match off with a spinning round house titanium kick to the head of Mr. Wrestling and his first match in OSPW was over, compliments of the Bishop. After the match Tyger Smith of N.E.W. along with team member William Fox, tried to talk Bishop into joining forces with N.E.W by presenting him with a shirt. Deacon was standing by his brother's side and glaring across the ring at the team of Smith and Fox. Bishop later told me that he has not liked what has been going on in OSPW since his injury, and now that he is back, you can count on changes being made by Him.

Match # 7

Ryot vs Trip

Ryot was introduced first, accompanied by goddess Eva Vatemme and he came out with a bag over his shoulder. In the bag was Trip's Fiancé Rae Rae she was snatched by Ryot at a taping of the Wrestle Blast TV Show last week. This match was a Ryot's rule match and if Trip were to release Rae Rae from the bag he would win the match. Ryot had to either pin or make Trip Submit to get the win. Trip was introduced and wasted no time by going to work on Ryot before the bell was sounded. Trip began by pummeling Ryot with a closed fist to his head and body only to have Ryot pick him up by the throat and toss him into the corner. Trip fought back by backing Ryot across the ring with a series of fist and forearms and then followed that up with a clothesline that sent both of them over the top rope and onto the floor. Ryot escaped under the ring and Trip went to free Rae Rae from the bag. Ryot crawled under the ring and came up behind Trip to stop him from releasing Rae Rae as Eva Vatemme pushed her head back into the bag. Ryot then went to work on Trip outside the ring by slamming his head into the ring apron twice as they moved around the outside of the ring. He then followed that up with a back breaker, by planting Trip's back into the edge of the apron on the outside of the ring. Ryot then sent Trip head first into the corner post. Back in the ring Ryot continued his assault on trip, however the man from South Buffalo fought back until Ryot gave him a spine buster in the middle of the ring. Trip then crawled to the corner in an attempt to free Rae Rae, only to have Ryot come from behind and apply a claw to his face and send him flying into the corner. Once out of the corner, Trip ran into a claw submission hold by Ryot, but was able to break out with two arm drags and then a slam of his own. Ryot however fought back and planted Trip into the mat with a firemen's carry into a slam and went for the pin. Trips foot reached the ropes just in time and Ryot went for another slam only to have Trip escape and plant a timely super kick to Ryot's face. He then followed that up with a big elbow from the top rope and then finished him off with yet another super kick that left him sprawled in the middle of the ring out cold. Trip then released Rae Rae from the bag and the match was over, until the goddess Eva Vatemme threw a powder like substance into Trip's eyes and then dragged Rae Rae away by her hair. Ryot then woke up and attacked Trip with a choke slam and left him laying in the middle of the ring.

Match # 8

OSPW New York Title

The Doberman Vs Glamorous Glenn Dillion

Dillion entered the ring first with a entourage of Jazz Miles, Magic the Freak and Woman's Champion Ashleigh Vayda. Jazz Miles of Wrestle Blast TV introduced his group as Maximum Enforcement. Glenn Dillion then took the microphone and announced that he is demanding respect from not only the fans but the Wrestling world. He said he is the only New York State Champion and he deserves to be treated as such. After all this Blah, Blah, Blah was out of the way, the challenger entered the ring and the match was on. The Dog found out early that he was out numbered in this match. He dug down deep a few times in this match, but every time there was interference from the outside. Jazz miles was caught on camera later in the match slipping money in the pocket of Referee Jonathan Ash. While that was taking place, Dillion speared Doberman in the head with a foreign object and then splashed him from the ropes and it was all over. The champ then gave the Dog a Diamond Cutter and placed a collar, hooked to a chain around his neck and Humiliated him. He told him to Stay, Play Dead and to roll over. While this was happening, Jazz Miles continued to run his mouth, claiming to be the King of the World, only to find out when he turned around, he was greeted by a Round house Titanium Kick to the face by the return of Bishop. Finally, the mouth of the east was sprawled out in the ring Speechless.

Match # 9

Tag Team Action

Danny Magik & Kwan Chang


The Davidson Brothers

The OSPW General Manager is at it again, hiring the Asian Nightmare, Kwan Chang to team with him to put away his long time enemies The Davidson Brothers. Kwan Chang is a force to be reckoned with and the Davidson's were going to have to be on top of there game, In order to control this Nightmare. The former Champs started early in this match, by double teaming Danny Magik with quick tags, to try to keep Kwan Chang from entering the ring. Kwan however found a way and when he arrived into the ring, he took it to the brothers, but not for long. The Davidson's eventually showed there ring Savvy and team work and regained control of the match. Danny Magik then returned to the ring and was beaten down by a serious of head butts and double team moves by the Davidson's. Every time that it looked like Magik would be pinned, The Nightmare would enter the ring and plant a vicious kick to the heads of either brother. Upon his returned to the ring, Chang gained control and called for the end of the match by climbing to the top rope and flying through the air to plant a big splash on one of the brothers. When he landed he found out that there was no water in the pool, as his opponent had rolled out of the way. The Davidson's then went to work on Mr. Chang with a couple of there patented head butts between the legs as he was sprawled in the corner. Upon regaining his composure, The Nightmare planted a well time kick between the legs of one of the brothers and then finished it up with a flying drop kick to the side of the head. Mr. Magik then entered the ring to help with finishing the match and tried to blow a handful of powder into the face of a Davidson, only to have him duck and blind his partner instead. Magik was then thrown into Chang and he mistook him as one of the Brothers and planted him into the apron with a vicious suplex slam. The Davidson's then finished Magik off from there. The former champs upon leaving the ring, stopped by the announcers table to let it be known that they were coming for there Titles.

Match # 10

The Main Event

Super Beast VS Deacon

The Champ has put his title on the line numerous amounts of times, against Impressive opponents. In this match he was taking on the former Hardcore Champion, the In Humane Monstrosity Super Beast. Deacon started out by going to work on the arm of the beast and then slipping him into a head lock and rapidly firing shots to his head. The beast then grabbed the ropes and deacon tried to send him across the ring only to have the challenger stop him with a Japanese arm drag. The beast then gained control with a couple of forearms and uppercuts to the head, followed by a whip into the ropes and a flying double clothesline to the champ. The beast then left the ring and began to think he was in a hardcore match by throwing a chair into the ring. He then planted the chair between the top and second ropes and whipped the champ into the chair, hitting the middle of his back. The beast then made his first mistake by following his whip into the corner, only to have Deacon Move out of the way, and the beast planted his own head into the post. Deacon then regained control of the match and tried for the first time in the match to pick up and slam the Monstrosity, only to grab the small of his back. Upon regaining his composure, Deacon planted a big boot to the face of the beast and then dragged him to the middle of the ring and followed it up with a big elbow drop. The Champ then went airborne from the top rope, with a huge splash. The count was on 1, 2, and somehow the beast kicked out just in time. The two men then were battling it out in the center of the ring, Blow for Blow, until the Champ whipped the Challenger into the corner and it looked like the ring shifted on that side. That move was followed up by another unsuccessful attempt of slamming the big man. Deacon then began a series of chops and a running bulldog into the mat. The Champ then went for the pin, only to have the beast drop his leg on the rope. Deacon then left the ring and returned with a chair and after setting it up the Beast was there to plant the Champs head into it. The beast then went for the ropes to finish off Deacon. The World Champion however sent a flying chair into the head of the Beast from the center of the ring and followed that up with a slam heard around the world from the second rope. The beast survived once again and after applying a slam of his own, he knocked out referee Jonathan ash with a kick to the head from Deacon's Boot. The beast then brought the chair back into the ring and Commissioner big jay declared the match a hardcore match and anything goes. We then saw hardcore Champion TSK distract the Beast by getting up on the apron long enough for the Challengers attempt to plant the chair into his head, only to have it bounce off the ropes and spring back into his own noggin. The world Champion then took advantage of the challengers Carelessness by applying one of his finishers (The Cross Bow) in the middle of the ring and the beast was done as he tapped out and Big jay was there to make the call as referee Jonathan Ash was still knocked out in the corner.

Later that evening when the ring was being taken down, I noticed that one of the boards where the Beast was slammed was broken into.

WOW What A Night

Next up you will see

End of Days II

The War between OSPW and N.E.W. will be coming to the end

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