Match 1

Chris West  vs  The 12th Man

After the announcements, the OSPW fans had their first look at the 12th Man  as he made his debut against Mr. Wrestling Chris West.  We saw shoulder tackles, high stepping and the spin maneuver, not to mention the return of Magic the Freeek, who tried to help Chris West score a victory only to cost him everything as his involvement only distracted West allowing the 12th Man to capitalize with a 3 point stance clothesline to win. 

Your Winner

The 12th Man!  "GO BILLS"


Match 2

Princess Raena  vs  Krystal Banks

For the OSPW  Woman's title, we saw Princess Raena against Krystal Banks. The match started when Raena tried to attack Banks from behind,  and no matter how hard Raena tried to cheat, she could not out wrestle the Woman's Champion Krystal Banks.   Raena then hit the champ with the title, and this match  ended in a DQ.  The Winner and still OSPW's Woman's Champion Krystal Banks.  After the match, Princess Raena got her hands on a mic and started trash talking the fans, the Spot Monkeys, and Trip's mom.  Then she asked some of the security to be her royal guards, then Spot Monkeys music hit and out came Brian Emanon and Trips mother.  They were only a distraction because after the security tried to stop them, Trip climbed out from under the ring with a pillow and a stuffed monkey and shut Raena's mouth when he dropped her with his Trips end extreme neck-breaking drop!  Some have said that is no way to treat a lady and others have said Raena is no lady,

"you decide"

Match 3

Fatal 4-way

Misguided Misfit  vs  Shadokat  vs  Horace White  vs  TSK . In this match, we saw a lot of impressive action by all 4 men involved. From the unorthodox style of the Misguided Misfit to the high flying of Shadokat, or to the blend of mixed martial arts and technical wrestling that Horace White shown in this match.  But not to be out done, TSK left us remembering why he is a two-time former OSPW Hardcore Champ.  This match came to an end while TSK and Horace White battled it out on the outside of the ring. Shadokat then pinned the Misfit after the Misfit missed a moon salt like maneuver leaving himself vulnerable to Shadokat's Attack. 

Your Winner


Match 4

Johnny Seven   vs   Doberman

Johnny Seven came to the ring to make a challenge to any wrestler in the locker room, but also to tell the crowd just how and why they were all sinners. OSPW hardcore champion Doberman answered his challenge. They would have a non title wrestling match,  not a hardcore match. Seven claimed he did not do hard core, and  he had no need to cheat by fighting with weapons.  The bell sounded and the match was under way.  For a good portion of the match Johnny Seven did out wrestle Doberman, and every time Doberman would get the upper hand, showing us all that he had a few wrestling moves in his arsenal, Seven would stick a thumb in the Doberman's eye or apply a choke hold.  This one ends as the ref turned around from arguing with Rev Dave at ringside to see Doberman with a steel chair in his hands and Johnny Seven laying at his feet, (what the ref missed was that Seven hit the corner post with the chair and then tossed it to Doberman and fell down). 

The Winner by DQ

Johnny Seven  

Doberman got upset and put Seven in a rear choke hold, Mike McGee made the save with a chair shot to Dobermans back.

Match 5

NY Title

Mike McGee   vs   Chance Taylor   

For the OSPW NY Title, we saw Mike McGee with new manager Glenn Dillion in his corner against Chance Taylor. Chance  won the title after Glenn Dillion vacated it and was unable to wrestle after Deacon of the Sons of Thunder attacked him and beat him up so bad he could not defend his title. Rumor  has it that due to his injuries he has retired from full time in ring action!  Now onto the match at hand, the bell sounded and Chance Taylor went to work on Mike McGee. This match would have ended quickly when Taylor made McGee tap-out in a Boston crab.  The ref, Bruce Davis, was being distracted by Dillion.  The highlight of this match was when Chance hit an over the top rope flying cross body on both Dillion and McGee. 

Your winner and still 

OSPW NY Champion

Chance Taylor

After the match, Dillion and McGee tried to end the champs title rein with a steel chair shot and a shot with the NY title belt to Chance's already injured knee.

Match 6

Primal Warpath, Rico Cruz, Chris Knieval  


Al Jihad,  and the Samoan Bone Crushers 

In the continued war between Primal Warpath and Al Jihad we have seen these two go back and forth for months.  This time they each found some partners for a six man tag match.  So Warpath, Rico Cruz and Chris Knieval faced Al Jihad who shocked everyone with his partner 's the Samoan Bone Crushers. This match had one special stipulation,   who ever got pinned in this match was gone, early retirement!  Warpath and Jihad locked up and the Primal one had everything going his way but once Jihad tagged the Bone Crushers, it was all she wrote!  The Samoans literally destroyed Knieval and Cruz while Jihad and Dillion kept Warpath from tagging in or saving his partners.  The match ended when the Bone Crushers pinned Rico Cruz, (fair-well Cruz). Winners

Al Jihad and the Samoan Bone Crushers ultimate surprise.  He is one angry warrior!

Match 7

TV Title #1 Contenders Match

Rex Atkins    vs   Nick Paradise   

 Rex Atkins squared off against Nick Paradise in a one on one #1 Contenders match to face Bishop, the OSPW TV Champion.  Atkins attacked Paradise from behind, but Paradise quickly turned the match around to his favor.  Both wrestlers pulled out all the stops to become the winner and #1 contender to the TV title.  Neither man seemed to hold a real advantage over the other, this one ends when Rex Atkins rolled up Nick Paradise but failed to bridge as the ref, Bruce Davis, counted out both men--that's all four shoulders. So the match was ruled a double pinfall draw! 

After this match Joey the Bruiser announced that 

Black Jack Phoenix is once again the 

OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion!

with a Victory over Rocker Richards in

Vienna Austria

Match 8

Spot Monkeys Inc   vs   The Sons of Thunder

 Johnny Kadillac was special guest referee in the match between the Sons of Thunder and Spot Monkeys Inc for the vacant OSPW World Tag Team titles. This Match  had a lot of hype put on it and let me tell you it lived up to all of it!  Both teams came to compete, and the crowd seemed to be split on who they cheered for, half the fans in attendance cheered "Let's go Brian"while the others answered just as loud with "Lets go Sons of Thunder".  All four men  proved they deserved to win as the match went back and forth. SOT definitely had the experience and power advantage, but the Spot Monkeys had the speed and youth advantage.  As the match went on, what we all saw was a total display of great technical tag team wrestling, not  since Sons vs the Davidsons have we seen a better tag match in OSPW! Johnny Kadillac continually neglected to make the count on pinfall attempts, evenly against both teams until the end when as Deacon and Bishop set up for one of their finishers, not only did Johnny Kadillac nail Bishop with a forearm to the face, but Glenn Dillion knocked Deacon off the top rope, un seen by the Spot Monkeys.  Trip would then land a super kick to Bishop and then set Emanon on his shoulders to hit a monkey's finisher.  Deacon would then spear Trip taking both of them out of the picture, but also sending Brian Emanon crashing down on the already fallen Bishop, Johnny Kadillac would make the fast 1-2-3 count at the same time Glenn Dillion attacked Deacon keeping him from making the save. 

Your Winners 

and new 

OSPW World Tag Team Champions

Trip and Brian Emanon

Spot Monkeys Inc

This has been the Official 

OSPW show report by David James

See you all on

December  8th at Legacy III