The Gruber Challenge

After  the  introduction's of the announcing team for this event of: Jaz Miles, Joey the Bruiser, OSPW GM Rev Dave, and Special Guest commentator Trip (who is still on the injured list), we had a visitor to the ring. The Visitor  was OSPW`s own 12th Man. He greeted the fans in his normal fashion by tossing Nerf balls out to the kids. However it did not take long for the 12th Man to find himself in a world of hurt when Hans Gruber came out and Challenged him to a Gruber Challenge! The challenge would be how many times could some one fall down or so Hans said as he clotheslined the 12th man over and over again all the while saying O! I think you might win this challenge, I can not seem to stop you from falling down! LOOK at how many times you are falling HA ha ha! Well Gruber turned his back to have more fun mocking the fans BUT as the 12th Man made it to his feet he was put down again by Miami's own The Synsational David Evans. After that the two men stomped what was left, out of the fallen fan favorite. Gruber then made the statement I guess you did not win after all since the challenge was how many more times could you make me fall down than I could you, So I win! HA HA ha! It is my Challenge and I make the rules


Kriptic Keegan vs Shadokat

     In the opening match we saw Kriptic Keegan go head to head with Fallen Member Shadokat who was led to the ring by Thunder. The bell sounded and both men waisted no time taking it to  each other. Fast paste back and forth action at its best one move after the next, with neither man gaining any real advantage over the other, but both men giving their all to win this match and climb the ladder to the top. Shadokat in an attempt to finish Keegan off by doing what he does best and that is fly! The High Flying hero took to the air and found his target on the out side of the ring but it would not be enough to win as Kriptic found a way to ground the Kat! Keegan would then hit his finisher that he calls the Inkription but he was not done yet adding insult to injury he slapped on a submission hold and made Shadokat tap out.

The Winner

Kriptic Keegan

BoneCrushers vs The Davidsons

   In the second bout of the night we saw two of the meanest, hard hitting tag teams in OSPW as the BoneCrushers took on the Davidsons with both teams hoping to score a win to prove that they should be the next team to have a shot at the OSPW tag straps. What the Davidsons gave up in size and strength they definitely made up for in experience speed and technical wrestling ability. Both teams battled it out in one of the hardest hitting matches seen this year in OSPW. Back and forth the action continued as the Davidsons did their best to out wrestle the Crushers but soon found out the hard way that the Bone Crushers were just to tough, to big and to strong for them to beat on this night. So in the end

the Winners of the match would be

Sway and Mandingo 

The BoneCrushers

Triple Threat Hard core Title Match

        Cyress Drake vs Primal warpath vs Papa Terry Kadillac

In this match we saw the OSPW Hard Core Champion, Papa Terry Kadillac put the Gold on the line against Primal warpath and making his debut in OSPW Cyress Drake. Terry Kadillac  was blasted in the head to start things off and from there the action between all three men was taken to the extreme! If you were there you witnessed steel chair shots, suicide dives, metal garbage cans and night sticks. These three men beat each other from pillar to post in and out of the ring. Former hardcore champions Doberman and Super beast both took notice as they watched from the entrance way. Primal warpath tried to win it all after braking a nightstick over the back of Champion Terry Kadillac followed by his demon drop finisher that he delivered to Cyress Drake. Warpath then covered the new comer for the pin. However, Terry Kadillac had just enough left in him to brake the pin attempt, and quickly covered Drake himself for the pin.

Still OSPW Hard Core Champion

Papa Terry Kadillac

After the match

Superbeast entered the ring and dropped both Warpath and Drake with chair shots and then handed the Title to Papa K and raised his hand in victory.  The Beast then Power slammed The Hard Core Champ. Beast was asked later what he meant by his attack and he said it is time that he took back the

Hard Core Title!

OSPW New York Title Match

      Rex Atkins vs Chance Taylor

Chance Taylor made his way to the ring Dressed in street clothes and asked for a mic. He then told the fans in attendance that after his last match against Rex Atkins he suffered a bad concussion, but was hoping he would be better for tonight's New York Title defence. This was not the case, he said that the doctors told him he should not wrestle yet, but it was his choice. So he began to say he was going to take the doctors advice and not wrestle tonight when Atkins interrupted him. Atkins started by verbally bashing the fans and Taylor. Telling The crowed they made him sick and Taylor  did not have the stones to fight him again after the beating he gave him last time! That was enough to get Chance to stay and fight. The match was on and Taylor began to whip the snot out of Atkins in and out of the ring. Rex answered back with several hard shots to the head and a running knee to the face of Taylor.  Atkins then  followed up with 2 stiff boots to the skull. After that onslaught it did not take much more for Atkins to take full control of the match. After distracting Ref Bruce Davis just long enough to set a chair in between the turn buckles Atkins whipped Taylor head first into it and covered for the pin.

The Winner and new OSPW New York Champion

Rex Atkins

 I have been told that Chance Taylor suffered another concussion in this match. 

After the Match the UWC stole a mic. and took the ring hostage, Just to talk trash, make threats and insult the fans. Thankfully they were silenced when Thunder had the mic's shut off and sent security and members of the Ref staff to clear the ring.

OSPW JR Heavy Weight TV Title Match

           Crazy Chris Knievil vs Al Jihad

Next we saw the return of Chris Knievil  as he took on Al Jihad for the OSPW JR Heavy Weight TV Title. The bell rang and the action was under way and a bit slow at first as both men were feeling each other out so to say.  It did not take long for Al Jihad to lie, cheat and steel his way into controlling the match. Chris Knievil however proved he was hungry and fought with a fire from deep inside as Al Jihad spent more time fighting with the fans. Knievil stayed focused and it paid off big time! After cutting off Jihad he climbed to the top rope and landed a great frog splash for the victory winning his very first OSPW Title ever!

Some might say this was an upset victory? 

I say the kid just wanted it more

Your Winner 

and new 

OSPW Jr Heavy Weight TV Champion

Crazy Chris Knievil

Diablo's Horde ( Ryot and Loose Screw) VS Spot Monkey`s Inc. ( Brian and Eric Emanon)

OSPW Tag Title Match

This bout was truly a story of David versus Goliath as members of Diablo's Horde Ryot and Loose Screw, two huge six foot six monsters lead by Damien Lucas took on Spot Monkeys Inc members Brian and now Eric Emanon who was just filling in for an injured Trip. The bell sounded and the Monkeys waisted no time with their need for monkey business as they tossed half eaten bananas at Ryot and Screw, That turned out to be a big mistake as it just angered the Horde. The Monkeys did all they could do just to survive the beating they took at the hands of Ryot and Loose Screw. They stayed in the fight longer than one might think they were able to. Before it was over The Ref lost all control of the match as Brian Emanon was hand cuffed to a turn-buckle post and forced to watch as his little brother Eric was destroyed even further and finished off by Loose Screw and Ryot for the win with a double choke slam followed  by a Ryot Act from both Screw and The Unholy One!

New OSPW World Tag Team Champions 

The team of Ryot and Loose Screw of

( Diablo's Horde) 

Spot Monkeys after the match had to be helped out of the ring and both men had to be treated by the OSPW Medical team. no further update has been given on their condition.

First of Two Main Events an 8 person inner gender tag match with the

OSPW Woman's Title on the line

 Titus Smith-Danny Magick-David Evans-Kaitlin Diemond


Billy Foxx-Bishop-Deacon-OSPW Woman's Champ. NYX

(all Members of the Fallen)

This match had a special stipulation that if any member of the Fallen were to be pinned, NYX would loose her title to Kaitlin Diemond. Now on to the action and this match sure brought that! This was one of the most exciting  action packed bouts of the night from start to finish, Bishop locked up with Danny Magick and they took the fight in and out of the ring, Magick would quickly find himself on the losing end of this fight even with all the underhanded tricks he was trying to pull. Titus Smith ran in for the save only to be be cut down by a Sons of Thunder double team. David Evans tried his luck and was next to fall victim, as he tempted fate and he to was taken out by a SOT Double team that left him with a busted bloody nose! The action did not stop there as Billy Foxx and Deacon put a few double team moves on Titus Smith allowing Foxx to cover for the pin and David Evans  made the save on Titus and then Evans took over on Foxx.  Evans and Foxx fought back and forth as they went to war in the center of the ring.  The woman were then tagged in and Nyx out powered Diemond by just tossing her around the ring but every time she covered for a pin Titus or Evans would make the save. After that all HELL broke loose between these two teams and the Ref Al Scott lost all control, When Diemond dropped kicked Nyx in the Knee, followed by a run in from Titus Smith who was met by Deacon and a Big Spine Buster. Danny Magick then attacked and hit Deacon with his finish he calls the hat trick and Bishop ran in and dropped Magick with a titanium round house kick only to be taken out by David Evans with a missile Drop kick.  Then Evans was stopped in his tracks by Billy Foxx with a reverse Russian leg sweep, only to have Diemond get in his face. All the while at ringside on the floor a battle raged on between Titus Smith and Deacon and it grew as members from both teams joined in and it became a pier six brawl! Still in the ring Billy Foxx and Kaitlin Diemond exchanged a few words as Nyx who was now back up after the shot to her knee was setting up behind Diemond waiting to strike.  Just as Diemond turned around Foxx dove over the top rope and splashed everyone that was fighting on the outside, as Nyx hit Diemond with a spear like move that almost knocked her out of her boots! Three Seconds later it was over

Nyx Pinned Diemond

Your Winner's

are the Team of 

Foxx, The Sons of Thunder and still

OSPW Woman's Champion NYX!

All Members of The Fallen lead by Thunder

The Main Event 

OSPW World Heavy Weight Title Match

            Tyger Smith VS Kwan Chang

For the OSPW World Heavy Weight Championship we saw Tyger take on Kwan but before that Jaz Miles took the Mic. and bored  the crowed to death as he ranted on and on and on about how great Kwan Chang is and how great M.E. is.  Finally,  Buffalo Tom made the announcement that all managers and corner men were barred from ring side and that  only Tyger, Kwan and Ref Bruce Davis could be in or around the ring. Now onto the match, Smith and Chang went back and forth toe to toe punishing each other with hard elbows and stiff kicks and both men held nothing back. This match could have went either way from the looks of things and On more than one occasion it looked like Tyger could become the new Champ and on the same hand that Kwan would retain the Gold. Tyger hit Kwan with multiple  suplexes and one of them was a deadly German suplex that looked as if it was enough to get the job done but Tyger had nothing left in the tank to make the cover. This allowed Kwan the time he needed to recover and recover he did hitting Tyger with a big spine buster followed by a running drop kick that missed and took out the ref. Kwan then wasting no time locked Tyger into his Dragon clutch sleeper submission hold. Tyger Smith tapped out but the Ref was still face down and knocked out! Titus Smith rushed the ring and attacked Chang taking him out with a razors edge face drop move and then pulled Tyger on top for the pin. Deacon then ran in and stopped Tyger from stealing the victory and delivered the Fall From Grace to Tyger laying him out right next to Kwan Chang. Kwan rolled over and the ref came to just enough to start a count as Deacon and Titus fought it out at ring side. 1-2-3

The Winner

and still 

OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion

Kwan Chang

After the match Kwan Chang, Tyger Smith and Titus Smith surrounded Deacon and good thing for him the Fallen were watching as Bishop and Billy Foxx made the save. Bishop and Titus fought back to the locker-room as Deacon, Tyger, Kwan and Foxx went to blows in the ring! Deacon and Foxx cleared the ring and Deacon asked for a Mic and said  hey Kwan I suggest this, how about we make it a 4-way elimination between You, Tyger, Foxx and Myself for the OSPW World Title! at Legacy 4 in Blasdell NY Dec 6th. Well I later called OSPW Commissioner Big jay and the head of the Championship Committee and they both told me Yes it would be a 4-way Main Event between

Foxx, Tyger, Deacon and Kwan 

for the World Title at Legacy 4! 

See you all then

This has been

The Official Show Report by David James