Hans Gruber Challenge Interview with Lanny Repman

Match 1

Fatal Fourway 

David Evans vs Andre Adonis vs Kevin Wingman vs Shadokat

Match 2

Tag Team Action 

Terry Kadillac and Robert Ezekyo vs International Star Kage and I.B. Green

Match 3

NY Title Match 

Chance Taylor vs Kwan Chang

Match 4

Tag Team Title Match

UWC (Titus Smith and Tyger Smith) vs The Sons of Thunder ( Deacon and Bishop)

Match 5

Hard Core Title Match 

Danny Magik vs Trip


Commisioner Corner 

with Guest Deacon

Match 6

 JR Heavyweight TV Title Match 

Kriptic Keegan vs Eric Emanon

Match 7

Mixed Tag Team Match 

Kaitlin Diemond and Nasty Nick Nice vs  Jesse Belle and Horace White

Match 8

World Heavyweight Title Match

Billy Foxx vs Tyger Smith

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