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Hans Gruber Challenge Interview with Lanny Repman

After all of the formal announcements and the commentators team took its place we had a visit from the 12th Man who accompanied Joey the Bruiser to the ring. America's Anthem then played and Aftermath five was under way. First up was a Hans Gruber Challenge interview conducted by  announcer Lanny Repman. The first question asked was, Hans since you say you are the best then why do you not prove it by having a match instead of just doing your so called challenge?  Gruber then answered Lanny by putting him in a full-nelson and said you will now take my challenge Repman Look at it look at it ha ha ha. Lucky for Mr. Repman a member of the OSPW security team had guts enough to interject himself into the challenge before any real damage had been done to him. Security however paid for it dearly as Gruber turned on him and locked him into the full-nelson and dropped him face first. Then Damien Lucas came to the ring and whispered something to Gruber and they left the ring together but not before giving Ref Bruce Davis a hard time on their way back to the locker room.

Match 1

Fatal Fourway 

David Evans vs Andre Adonis vs Kevin Wingman vs Shadokat

First match up was between David Evans, Adrian Adonisey, Kevin Wingman, and member of the Fallen Shadokat.  The Bell sounded and the action was on as all four men went to work in and out of the ring with fast pace action and high impact daredevil like maneuvers from every man in the match. It was any ones match to win and Terry Kadillac was seen scouting some one in this bout. This has been the third show he has been seen at ring side watching a JR Heavyweight TV Division match. One has to wonder just what is on his mind as the fight went on it would be Shadokat who would score the victory over Wingman with a Shadofalls Splash.

 Your Winner 


After the match and before the next one started Tyger Smith took the ring hostage once again like we have seen him do so many times before. He called Horace White to the ring and asked him to tell  us all just how he felt about OSPW Management,  about Deacon, about his father Thunder, in fact tell us everything.  Horace then had this to say to OSPW Management, the Locker Room and The fans. ( I am So Sorry for anything and everything I have said about this Company and its Management in the past. I was wrong for the things I have said, the way I have acted and the things that I have done. I humbly say again I am sorry and ask for your forgiveness. ("Thank You All") Tyger Smith did not like this and claimed that Deacon must have gotten to Horace. The World Heavyweight Champion then  Guaranteed that Titus and himself would take the Tag Titles from Deacon and Bishop later in the night!

Match 2

Tag Team Action 

Terry Kadillac and Robert Ezekyo vs International Star Kage and I.B. Green

Next we saw the Emperor of Old School Papa Terry Kadillac team with Robert Ezekyo with Amy ash at ringside against Kage and IB Greene with Big Papa Chill in their corner. The match started with a display of egos as Kage and Kadillac had a pose off that led to Kage and IB Greene systematically dissected the team of Ezekyo and Kadillac. At one point even Big Papa Chill and Amy ash got involved right in front of the ref. I have to wonder just why the ref did not choose to toss both teams out and call the match at that point, but he let it go.  The bigger story in this match was that Kage and IB Greene, The Degenerates of Society proved to be a force to be reckoned with and just to much for Kadillac and Ezekyo.

 OSPW Tag Team Division 

keep your eyes on this team 

Your Winners 

Kage and IB Greene


Match 3

NY Title Match 

Chance Taylor vs Kwan Chang

Match # 3 we saw Chance Taylor take on Kwan Chang for the OSPW New York Title.  Before the action Jaz Miles and Kwan Demanded that he be called the Hong Kong Champion. The bell rang and the fight was on between two true heavy weights as both men went back and forth jockeying for position. It would be Chance Taylor who took control and seemed to have everything going his way until Jaz Miles interfered as we have seen him do time and time again. The Asian Nightmare struck hard and often but Taylor would not give up as he fought back with all he had only to have Jaz cheep shot him again behind the ref`'s back. For a moment it looked like Taylor just might rally back and take the title but you guessed it Jaz Miles would get in the way once again. This time he tossed a Kendo stick into Kwan Chang and as he distracted the Ref Chang hit Taylor right between the eyes and it was enough to get the three count!

 The Winner 

and still 

OSPW New York Champion

Kwan Chang

Match 4

Tag Team Title Match

UWC (Titus Smith and Tyger Smith) vs The Sons of Thunder ( Deacon and Bishop)

Then we saw The UWC Tyger and Titus Smith take on The SOT Bishop and Deacon for the OSPW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles. This match started with the Sons of Thunder taking it to the UWC hard but just as fast as the Sons out Wrestled the Cartel for control of the match, Tyger found a way to take it back with a rake to the eyes of Bishop. This match turned into a tag team war between four of the most dangerous men in OSPW history as they went back and forth  battling it out and on several occasions the ref lost all control. There  is no love loss between these four men so it looked as if the ref was just going to allow more than a few liberties in this match due to what was at stake and the history between the two teams. Tyger Smith thinking that his team had done enough to conquer the champs dropped down off the apron to talk trash to an SOT fan leaving Titus in the ring alone. At that moment Deacon and Bishop turned the tide as they hit Titus with what they call "Lightning Strikes" A double team round house / Mafia kick combo that scored the win.

 Your Winners 

and still 

OSPW Tag Team Champions 

Bishop and Deacon 

The Sons of Thunder 

"But they were not done yet as Deacon Locked Titus in The DDS while Tyger Looked on"


Match 5

Hard Core Title Match 

Danny Magik vs Trip

Match # 5 we had a rematch for the OSPW Hardcore Title between Danny Magick and Trip. The history between these two men go's way back and the hatred they share for one another runs deep. Danny Magick waisted no time ticking Trip off when he stepped on his top hat. Trip answered with several closed fists and the mayhem ensued as both men pulled out all the stops in this one. In and out of the ring anything go's as nothing seemed to be off limits as they used trash can lids,  steel chairs, ladders and even crutches to inflict pain and damage to each other, just enough to win the match and walk or maybe crawl out as champion. I have to tell you in this reporters opinion this had to be the most interesting hardcore match I have seen in OSPW to date as both men became very creative in their attack on the other while combining some fantastic wrestling moves together with hardcore weapon assaults. Danny Magick not only tried to hang Trip with his own noose but also tried to end Trips career with a ball of fire to his face to win the match and the Title.

 The Winner 

and new 

OSPW Hardcore Champion

 Danny Magick 

Magick suffered a Broken wrist in this match 

So belive us when we say please do not try this at home!


Commissioner Corner 

with Guest Deacon

After Intermission we saw a Commissioners Corner Interview with host OSPW Commissioner Big Jay and his guests the Fallen. So out came Shadokat, Billy Foxx, Bishop, Deacon, Thunder, and as we soon found out newest member Jesse Belle, who we were told approached Thunder and the Fallen for guidance and they have agreed to take her into the family and under their wing. Then Billy Foxx promised to show the Family just why they brought him into the Fallen as he would bring the World Title Home to the Family on this night any way he could. Then Big Jay asked The Fallen to leave the ring all except for Deacon who took the mic and demanded that Rex Atkins show himself and answer for his cowardly acts. Atkins showed himself but only after Deacon promised not to touch him. Deacon agreed but only if Atkins explanation was a good one so Atkins and Deacon stood face to face in the same ring for the first time since Atkins had hit Deacons father Thunder in the face several months ago. Atkins told us all how he did what he did because he was a bit depressed, down on his luck, unhappy and looking for some attention after Braking his leg and loosing his job, so he lashed out is all.  Deacon then told him in a nut shell, kid that's not a good enough answer and began to beat the hell out of Atkins only to be jumped by David Evans and Nasty Nick Nice. After the three on one attack Deacon was saved by the Fallen and Then Challenged Atkins to a match and if Atkins would say yes he suggested to OSPW Commissioner who was still in the ring if Rex could beat him then he will win back his OSPW contract.

Rex reluctantly agreed 

So on OCTOBER 24th at Dark Days Falling it will happen

Match 6

 JR Heavyweight TV Title Match 

Kriptic Keegan vs Eric Emanon

Next up we had Eric Emanon take on Kriptic Keegan for a shot at becoming the OSPW JR Heavyweight TV Champion. This match started with a head butt, a forearm and a roll up and then just exploded into back and forth high impact action like we have come to expect from this division here in OSPW. As the action went on the commentators team was joined by Shadokat who told the world he is not done with Keegan yet and that title or no title they have un finished business.  As the action in the ring heated up this match could have gone either way as both Emanon and Keegan did their best to one up the other, but it would be Kriptic Keegan who would counter the High risk attack of Eric Emanon for the victory.

The Winner 

and still 

OSPW Jr Heavyweight TV Champion 

Kriptic Keegan

Match 7

Mixed Tag Team Match 

Kaitlin Diemond and Nasty Nick Nice vs  Jesse Belle and Horace White

In the next bout we saw the return to action of Horace White teaming with Fallen Member Jesse Belle who were led  to the ring by manager Thunder against making his in ring debut Nasty Nick Nice teaming with OSPW`s Woman's Champion  Kaitlin Diemond in a mixed tag match. The bell rang and Jesse Belle and Kaitlin Diemond locked up with a beautiful exchange of technical wrestling that led to a tag to Horace white and Nasty Nick Nice who picked up the action in this one. Neither man gained enough advantage over the other but both men were in the fight. Nasty Nick brought the woman's champ back in and she was met by Jesse Belle who found herself once again in a boat load of trouble as Diemond went to work on her. Lucky for her the men tagged back in and took each other apart and as this went on Jesse Belle was consulting at ring side with manager Thunder. After that the woman re entered the match and Jesse Belle looked to be taking a different approach to her attack toward Diemond and it paid off.  In the end she managed to roll up the OSPW woman's Champion for the win.

 Your Winners 

Horace White and Jesse Belle

Match 8

World Heavyweight Title Match

Billy Foxx vs Tyger Smith

Now, the main event for the OSPW World Heavy Weight Championship between Fallen member Billy Foxx and UWC member and current champion Tyger Smith.  After the entrances and before the action, Joey the Bruiser took a moment to wish a speedy recovery to Triple C  the Grandfather to the Sons of Thunder and the father of Buffalo Tom and Thunder.  After that the main event was on as both Foxx and Smith wasted no time taking the fight to one another. In and out of the ring with quick kicks and hard closed fists as both men seemed to be taking an all or nothing approach to walk away with the gold.  Both men came close on several occasions to score a pin fall over the other.  Billy Foxx went for it all as he attempted a corkscrew plancha and missed.  Tyger followed that up with a cobra clutch suplex on Foxx. Then Deacon came to ringside and at that moment  Tyger Smith turned his attention to him allowing Billy Foxx the brief moment he needed to lock Tyger into his hold and drive him face first to the canvas for the one,two, three. 

Your Winner 

and new 

OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion 

Billy Foxx

 As Deacon, Billy and Thunder celebrated in the ring, Deacon was over heard saying to Tyger Smith who sat in the ring in a state of shock and disbelief, I told you I would be the one to cost you the title and bring it back to The Fallen. I bet you did not think I meant it this way did you.


This has been the OSPW Full Report from

David James

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