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Black and Blue interview

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another OSPW show report for Aftermath 6.  The night began with a Black and Blue interview but not before the announce team took their place and the American anthem played.  Onto the action, But first OSPW would like to welcome OSPW commissioner Danny Magick back after surviving a motorcycle accident a few months ago. also Thank Kevin Rosier for joining our announcers on this night.  Now onto to the interview with Mabus the freak who called Jaz Miles to the ring who brought his newest member of M.E., her name is Dee licious.  Freak began to beg Jaz to take him back, but just then GM Rev Dave and Mikey Everynight interrupted the interview for some reason or another.  But in the end it seems at some point there will be a match between Jaz Miles guys and Rev Dave's boys and Mabus the freak is still with ME. for now... 

Now to the Wrestling!


Pre show Match

Gauntlet Match

Jeremiah Bradly  vs  Chris West vs Phil Phoenix  vs Nick Vickers


First up we saw a gauntlet match as Jeremiah Bradly made his way to the ring to run the gauntlet.  His first challenger would be the returning Mr. Wrestling Chris West.  The bell rang and like two bulls West and Bradly locked up and it looked like we might be in for a battle, but just like that Bradly laid waste to West.  Next in to face the monster would be Phil Phoenix who attempted to out quick the big man with fast kicks and a hit and run offense it would not be enough as the force Jeremiah Bradly proved too much.  The final challenger would be Nick Vickers and what a challenge he turned out to be as he lit up Bradly with one chop after the next.  But this seemed to upset the big man more than anything.  At one point Bradly ripped the pad off the top buckle but it back fired as he was the one to feel the steal.  Vickers put up an amazing fight, but try as he may he could not beat the monster. 

The Winner

The Force Jeremiah Bradly!

  And he walked off with Al Jihad who came to ringside at the end of the match.


Match one

Troy Buchanan   vs  Gabriel Soul

Next up was a one fall singles match between a true vet of the ring Troy Buchanan and OSPW newcomer the Guardian Angel Gabriel Soul.  Before the bell, Buchanan almost beat down a  member of security who walked in his way as he came to the ring. Now to the in ring action as the match began Thunder was seen scouting at ringside earlier he was seen scouting the Gauntlet match, just who is he watching?  Well the action in this one was truly and old school clinic as both men looked on top of their game in this technically sound battle of human chess.  Troy Buchanan seemed to have a slight edge over Gabriel Soul as he out smarted him time and time again.  If not for the incredible heart of Gabriel Soul, this one might have ended differently.  So after a bit of help from Rex Atkins, a low blow and a school boy roll up with feet on the ropes, Troy Buchanan scores the win only to have the decision reversed.  After He and Rex Atkins would not back off of a beat down of Soul when the ref instructed them to, Nick Vickers came to the aid of Soul.


Match two

A Nasty Sensation   vs The Shamrockers

Next up we thought it was going to be a tag match but first we all would be interrupted by yet another Black and Blue interview.  This time with Trip and Tyger Smith, who both thought it would be cool to drop a bomb on one another with a bit of a shoot and a challenge for a double title match with Trip putting the Tap out title on the line!  Now onto the tag match between Nasty Sensation and the Shamrockers.  This match was interesting to say the least as it was full of a lot of flash and flare mixed with some creative double teams from the Shamrockers.  Followed by what seemed to be moments of foolishness from a Nasty Sensation that lead to some hard hitting nasty double team set ups of their own.  This match could have gone either way as both teams came close to victory several different times.  Just as it looked as if the Shamrockers had it won by pinfall, Nasty Nick Nice hit a fist drop with a chain in his hand causing the D.Q.  So your winners by D.Q. ... The Shamrockers!!!  After the match Rex Atkins and Troy Buchanan came to the ring and told A Nasty Sensation they were nothing but a joke and if they thought otherwise then Step Up!

The two teams will face one another on OCT. 23rd at OSPW`s next event.



Match three

Damien Lucas   vs  Mikey Everynight

The following match would be a number one contenders match for the OSPW Jr Weight TV title, it was between Damien Lucas and Mikey Everynight, who had his manager Rev Dave with him and good friend Jesse Belle.  Now onto the action.  In this match we saw back and forth old school jr. weight action at its best as both Everynight and Lucas pulled out all the stops with a great blending of submission style wrestling and high flying, hard hitting, risk taking action.  Both men were hoping to be the man to capture the number one contenders spot, but it would be Mikey who would pull the rabbit out of his hat, so to speak and win this one by count out.

 Your winner

Mickey Everynight


Match four

Fatal Fourway Flag Match

Kwan Chang  vs  Al Jihad  vs  Bacardi Kid  vs  TSK

Next up we saw OSPW's first flag match and it was a big one.  A four way elimination flag match between from Baghdad, Iraq Al Jihad, The Asian nightmare Kwan Chang, UWC's own The Bacardi Kid and OSPW's American Hero TSK Eric Summerville.  This match started as all four men just picked each other apart inside and outside of the ring.  This one was more of a fight than anything else as no man held anything back.  Bodies spilling everywhere, bone and flesh hitting steel several times, whether it was a ring post or the steel barriers that sit between the wrestlers and the fans.  The first flag to fall was flag UWC by Eric Summerville, followed by the flag of China by Al Jihad.  After that Jeremiah Bradly entered the ring and grabbed Summerviller but to all our shock, Al Jihad took his own flag down and handed it to Eric Summerville in doing so eliminated himself.  Your winner...TSK Eric Summerville!!!  Who then took the mic and stood tall with Al Jihad and Jeremiah Bradly.  TSK told us all how he loved America, but did not love the fans or being their American puppet, and that They all could have stopped what was about to happen if they were better Americans, as we watched Bradly and Jihad attempt to burn Old Gory.  Just then The Guardian Angel Gabriel Soul and Nick Vickers made the save and the crowd gave them a deafening chant of USA! USA!


Match five

Tag Team Title Match

Kriptic Keegan  and Ikika  vs  SOT (Deacon and Bishop)

To open the second half of this event we had an OSPW world heavyweight tag team title match between the team of Ikika and Kriptic Keegan against Champions Bishop and Deacon, The Sons of Thunder with manager Thunder at ringside.  Keegan and Ikika attempted to play mind games with the SOT's as they argued with the fans and slowly made their way into the ring, but as everyone knows you can not win at mind games against the Sons of Thunder.  The action began as Kriptic tried to out manuever Deacon with quickness and technical wrestling.  Keegan soon found out that Deacon is just as good at technical wrestling as he is, and that he could not match them power of Deacon.  And then the Sons of Thunder, Bishop and Deacon went to work with fast tags and beautiful double teams, like the learning tree. but it was clear that Ikika and Keegan came to play as they fought tooth and nail and trapped Deacon in the ring with a series of double teams of their own.  As they came very close to becoming tag team champions, but on this night it was not going to happen for them.  Just like so many other tag teams over the better part of the last decade, Keegan and Ikika could not find the formula it takes to beat the Sons of Thunder.  I feel this match could be a contender for match of the year.  Your winner and still OSPW Tag Team Champions with a thunder struck double team kick to Ikika for the win..Bishop and Deacon, The Sons of Thunder!!!  I sure hope we get to see these teams go at it agina real soon.  After the match,  OSPW NY Champion Titus Smith and his buddy The Bacardi Kid stepped up and challenged the SOT's and they said yes.  So it will happen on October 23rd at OSPW's Legacy 6 event.


MAtch six

Terry Kadillac  vs  DAin the Pain

Next up we say Papa Terry Kadilack go one on one with Dain the Pain and I have to say this match proved to be truly entertaining from start to finish as both of these men gave it all they had in a back and forth battle of style and wits that left us wanting more.  But, in the end it would be the cunningness of Terry Kadillac that would win out as he made all the right moves to put Dain the Pain in the figure four cylinder submission.  The winner by submission....Terry Kadillac!!!


Match seven

New York Title Match

Rex Atkins  vs  Billy Foxx  vs  Titus Smith

The next bout up was a 3-way between Rex Atkins, Billy Foxx with Thunder at ringside and the OSPW NY Champion Titus Smith for the title.  The bell rang  and the action began, it looked as if Titus had things going his way but NO! it was Billy Foxx who turned it all around on both Smith and Atkins with his fast paced high flying flip and kick style but he would soon find out when you are dealing with guys like Rex and Titus that style will only get you so far.  The action in this one was all over the place at times,  If you blinked you missed something.  All three men came close more than a time or two  winning this match.  It became a matter of who had more left in the tank.  It would be Titus Smith with a hard right and roll up and hand on the middle rope for extra measure.  The winner and

still OSPW NY Champion...Titus Smith!!!



Match eight

Woman's Title Match

Dee Licious  vs  Jesse Belle

Up next we saw an OSPW woman`s title match between Dee Licious with Jaz Miles against OSPW Woman`s Champion and member of the Fallen Jesse Belle with manager Thunder and special friend Mikey Everynight at ringside.  This match started out to be one of the best technical wrestling matches that we have seen in the woman's division in a long time.  Then it became a bit nasty as both women tossed out the rules for a minute and the fists began flying, not to mention a hair whip or two.  But in the end it would be wrestling that would win this one as Jesse Belle landed a northern lights suplex on Dee Licious from the top and second ropes.  Your winner and still OSPW Woman's Champion...Jesse Belle!!!


Match nine

World Title Action

Trip   vs   Tyger Smith

Now the main event for the OSPW Would heavyweight title and the unsanctioned N.E.W. tap out title, it would be title for title between Trip and Tyger Smith, man against man, all others barred from ring side, which meant no managers.  The bell rang and the fight was on and what a fight it was as both men went toe to toe with hard strikes , chock holds, and stiff kicks also submission attempts and all of that in the first few moments of this match.  Both men just punishing one another like they owed each other money for far too long.  It was amazing just how much pain these two men seemed to take and keep getting up.  And then just like that it was over as Tyger Smith caught Trip with what looked like a shining wizard kick and covered for the one, two, three.  The winner and still OSPW World Heavyweight Champion...Tyger Smith!!!  After the match Tyger told Trip this was his last shot and Trip said he would be back no matter what and the fans chanted Trip! Trip! Thank you to all who came out and see you next time!  This has been the show report by David James

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