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PSI Tyger Smith/ Mirage/ Cutcher

Welcome to OSPW Aftermath 9!!  Calling the action would be Robert Ezekyo and Mike McGee.  First things up we had a word from the new UWC lead by Tyger Smith, who was joined by Kriptic Keegan and the JR TV Champ Eric Emanon.  They told us they had a new member to tell us about, only to be interrupted by Mirage, who called Smith out on who he has brought into the UWC thus far.  To sum it up, Mirage took Tygers list and picked names off it and that name would be Carlos Santiago, the new member of the UWC and we found out that Tyger and his rookie will face members of the House of "M" in December.  Then we had a visit from our new OSPW World heavyweight champion Cassius Cutcher, who shared with us his thoughts on the locker room, he gave us a look at his new title, all the while he bullied announcer RJ.  This brought out Ryot and OSPW Commissioner Bishop, who told the Champ he had a match tonight,

So it would be Ryot vs Cutcher in a title rematch!

Match one

JR TV title

Jack OFF Spades  vs  Eric Emanon

The first match of the night would be between the Jack of Spades against Eric Emanon and it would be for the OSPW JR TV title.  This match was technically sound and full of high energy as Eric Emanon owned the ring no matter what tricks the Jack of Spades tossed at him.  The Champ would continue to find a way to one up his foe, both men fought a great fight.

Your winner 

and still OSPW JR TV Champion...

Eric Emanon!!!

Match two

Jay Flyer  vs  Tommy Mandrake

Next up in match two, we had House of "M" member Jay Flyer with Mirage, against Society of Madness member Tommy Mandrake.  The crowd clearly loved Tommy Mandrake and make no mistake they had no love for Flyer, but onethings for sure the fans surely fueled the fight between these two young men.  This match was action packed and entertaining as these two men fought hard and fought well giving us all they had.  This may have been anunder card match, but no one could tell from the way Tommy Mandrake and Jay Flyer got it done. 

Your winner would be the Lost Boy 

Tommy Mandrake, 

who came close to becoming the next victim of the House of "M".

Match three

TV title

Billy Foxx   vs  Titus Smith

Next up the House of "M" rolled on as TV title holder Billy Foxx put his title on the line against Titus Smith`s #1 contendership.  So it was on, we had a match of epic proportion as these two heavyweights brought their "A" game for sure with some well thought out hard hitting back and forth old school wrestling action.  We even had Jessie Bell and Mirage almost come to blows at ringside.  This was any mans match to win and both men truly wanted it.  I, for one, could not get enough, but it was clear Foxx had more then he wanted as he nailed Titus with the TV title belt causing the DQ and then the House of "M" attacked.  But Titus Smith would have none of it, he would not be the next victim as he fought back and brought the pain holding his own against members of the House. 

Your winner by DQ...

Titus Smith!!!

Match four

Damien Lucas   vs  Anarchy

Next up we had Damien Lucas of Diablos Horde and House of "M" against Society of Madness member Anarchy.  This match was full of back and forth   wrestling action as both men put in a hard days work to come out on top  In this one, either man could have found himself the victor, it was just that close.  But it would be Damien Lucas, who would methodically fight his way to the win. 

Your Winner...

Damien Lucas

Match five

Tag titles

25 to Life   vs  The Fallen

This next match was for the OSPW Tag team titles, the challengers would be Elmo and JD, 25 to Life set to face the Champs Shadokat and Deacon, The Fallen.  25 to Life wasted no time as they attacked the Champs during their entrance this did not fare well for the challengers as Deacon and Shado turned it around quickly showing everyone just why they are the best team running today.  With an attempt to take the Champs off their game, Mirage and Lucas sat at ring side, shortly after this 25 to Life took the upper hand briefly trapping Shadokat in the ring.  At this point the fans known as the children of The Fallen to Shadokat and Deacon brought the noise, they insighted the Fallen to rally back as they seemed to draw off the energy of the fans to overcome the odds and hit the Deamon slayer for the victory. 

Your winners and still OSPW Tag team Champions...

The Fallen!!!

Match six

ME  vs  UWC

Next we saw under lucha rules, a tag match between Venomous and Kwan Chang members of Maximum Enforcement, once again without manager Jaz Miles against the new UWC Tyger Smith and Kriptic Keegan.  This match was fast paced and a bit intense, full of some inovative and interesting action. All four men proved to be up for the challenge as all four men brought the fight. The tag team division in OSPW is truly HEATING up, I for one was entertained and at times amazed by these four men.  These two teams brought something special to the ring on this night.  Hopefully we will see more from them soon.  In the end your winners would be the team of Tyger Smith and Kriptic Keegan, the new UWC!!! 

After the match Kwan Chang gave the new recruit of the UWC a welcome to the Bizz kid!

as he layed him out hard!

Match seven

Xavier Fate  vs  Trip

Then we had making his OSPW debut Xavier Fate against Trip.  This match was over before it began when Trip tossed Fate a bag of peanut butter M & M's and rolled him up.  OSPW Commissioner Bishop restarted the match and it was on, we saw a battle, a fight between two true ring warriors, who just lit each other up in one of the hardest fought match ups of the night.  I for one was not surprised when this one ended in submission when Trip locked  Fate up and caused him to tap out. 

Your winner...OSPW's mad hatter Trip!!! 

Mirage was seen at ringside scouting what appeared to be Trip.

Match Eight

Six man tag

Kadillac & Rich Kids   vs  NNN & Sons of Fortune

This next match was full of it!!  What it was turned out to be a whole lot of action, a whole lot of attitude and a whole lot of fun as these two teams  entertained us all in what may have been the sleeper match of the night as the crowd reacted loud and constant.  West, Everynight and Nick Nice electrified the ring with every move, the Rich Kids along with Kadillac fueled the fire. This match had all the ear marks of a fantastic story tellers match, when it was all said and done the story told would be one of heart ache for the Sons of Fortune as Kadillac and the Rich Kids would steal the win. 

The winners...

the team of Terry Kadillac and The Rich Kids!!!

Match nine

World Heavyweight title

Ryot   vs  Cutcher


Now your Main Event!  An OSPW World Heavyweight championship rematch between Ryot and Cassius Cutcher.  This match started as nothing more than a slug-fest between two bulls, it was clear that neither man seemed ready to continue this pace as the fight was taking its toll on both men.  Back and forth these two huge men took the fight to one another, the crowd was clearly behind former champion Ryot, just as it looked as if he would regain the gold, Cutcher made the one move that would save him, he hit Ryot with the title belt in front of the ref causing the DQ.  But Commissioner Bishop would not allow this.  He restarted the match and stated this match will end in a pin or submission.  So the fight raged on only to find its winner to be and still your

OSPW World Heavyweight Champion...

Cassius Cutcher!!!


Thank you for joining us.  This has been the full show report by David

James.  See you next time November 2 at Legacy 9!!