Report: By David James

Match # 1

Johnny Swift


Rex  Atkins

Johnny Swift entered the ring first and waited for the entrance of OSPW newcomer Rex Atkins. From the beginning the crowd was on the side of Swift and his pumpkin Archie. Johnny was frustrating Atkins early with a counter for every move that he made, until Rex gave Mr. Swift a good finger poke to the eyes and a swift kick between the legs. The Kick seem to rub Johnny the wrong way and after he recovered he used a rendition of the Boston Crab on Mr. Atkins and the newcomer had no choice but to Tap Out .

Match # 2

For the Vacant OSPW T.V.Title

Robert Ezekeo VS Trip

Trip entered the OSPW Arena accompanied by the lovely Rae Rae. When Robert Ezekeo came out, he refused to get into the ring at first. Trip Immediately went to work on Ezekeo, with his hopes set on the TV. Title. But Ezekeo fought back with some dirty tactics, in which found trip on the verge of defeat., with the Help of Nigel Bennett in Ezekeo's corner. Ezekeo however made a huge mistake by hitting on Rae Rae when trip was down. This did not sit well with Trip and he dug down deep and finished off his opponent with a over the top rope Summersault slam and it was all over 1,2,3

OSPW New T.V. Champion


Hollywood Hotspot

Your Host: Glamours Glenn Dillion With Guest Johnny Swift

The Hollywood Hot spot started with Glen Dillion, entering the ring with part of his group the Power trip with Nick Paradise and a Giant from Germany. Johnny Swift was introduced and Dillion went to work letting him know that he is to busy of a man to be watching his match which took place earlier in the show. Johnny just stood there with a look as if to say how could you not watch my match. Dillion then insulted Mr. Swift some more and presented him with a new Pumpkin and wanted to smash it over his head. Dillion then grabbed Archie out of Johnny's hand and he threw him out of the ring. he then called his hench men into the ring to beat down Johnny. But as I have said before Don't mess with Archie! Johnny Swift turned the tables on Nick Paradise and then made the Big German Pay Right where it hurts the most.

Match # 3

Brian Emanon VS Matt Bomboy

This Match pitted 2 Wrestlers with High Flying Maneuvers in there Arsenal. Bomboy got the upper hand in this match with a series of power kicks to the chest of Emanon and then laid him out after he was whipped to the corner. Bomboy countered the charging Emanon with a reverse leap frog, followed up with a high boot to the head. Brian Emanon showed a enormous amount of stamina in this match, and in the end after being picked up for a slam by Bomboy, Maneuvered himself into rolling his opponent into a small package for the Victory.

this is a match I would not mine seeing again!

Your Winner

Brian Emanon

Match # 4

Fourway OSPW Tag Team Title

The Davidsons (Scott & Steve)


Tygers Den ( Tyger Smith & Kazz)


The Sons Of Thunder (Deacon & Bishop)


Greg Karma & Jason Phoenix

This Match started out as a triple threat. The Davidson's entered the ring first, followed by The Tygers Den team of Tyger Smith and kazz. then the undisputed and undefeated champs The Sons Of Thunder entered the ring. Right before the match started, Joey the Bruiser delivered a box ringside to the Sons of Thunder. Inside the box was a mailbox and a Cowboy Hat. Deacon and Bishop were not to happy of the contents of that box. Then the music hit of a tag team from the sons past, Blackjack Phoenix and Greg karma. A three way triple threat just turned into a four way dance, compliments of OSPW General manager Danny Magic. My Guess is there was at least 2000 pounds in the squared circle and the action was intense at times. Whenever someone tried to make a pin, they were stomped on by at least 3 or 4 wrestlers. The rules in a Four Way match, is whoever makes a pin first are the victors. Every Team was gunning for the Son's Titles and it showed by the action in and outside of the ring. While the Davidson Brothers (Scott & Steve) were double teaming Greg karma in the ring, there was a brawl going on in SOT'S corner, members of Power Trip led by Glenn Dillion invaded the match and attacked the sons from behind. All the wrestlers from the match piled into that corner. While the ref was trying to restore order, The Davidsons were beating down Mr. karma and ended up finishing him off with his own mailbox to the head. In a stunning Upset

The Team of Scott & Steve

(The Davidsons) are the New


Tag Team


Match # 5

OSPW Hardcore Title

Anthony Kingdom James VS Mike McGee

Upon Entering the ring first, Anthony Kingdom James accused OSPW of not believing in his word of salvation and the Fans agreed with OSPW and let Kingdom hear it. Mcgee and James started the match exchanging fist to each others heads and then it got ugly from there. Chairs, Garbage Cans and crutches were used on each other, until both wrestlers were on there last legs. Then a table appeared in the ring and with both wrestlers on the top rope, they both came down crashing through the table, as time expired in the match as they both just laid there. The match was a Draw and

Mike McGee

retained his

Hardcore Title

Match # 6

For The vacant OSPW New York Title

Nick Paradise VS Warpath

Early on in this Match, The action was one sided. Warpath was treating Paradise like a punching bag and throwing him around like a rag doll. Nick Paradise ended up getting in a few good shots of his own, including a off the top rope, flying Head Butt. But in the end Paradise went to the top rope one to many times and Warpath caught him on his shoulders and quickly planted him face first with a Power Slam and that was all she wrote for Mr. Paradise of Power Trip.

Warpath is your new OSPW

New York Champion

Match # 7

OSPW Women's Title

Ashley Vayda VS Luscious Lily

The Champ Luscious Lily had her hands full in this match. She was taking on a Veteran in Ashley Vayda, who had taken some time off from the squared circle. Back and forth they were punishing each other until Lily faked a knee injury that required the Doctor to come to the ring. While Lily was being examined she managed to get to her feet and then leveled the Doctor and caught Ashley off guard and finished her off with a Gut Buster like maneuver.

And Still

OSPW Women's Champ

Luscious Lily

Match # 8

OSPW World Heavyweight Title

The First ever OSPW World Heavyweight Title Match, saw Glamours Glenn Dillion of Power Trip Vs Deacon of SOT. Earlier in the day, names were drawn from everyone in the locker room, to have a chance at the new world Heavyweight Title. Mr. Dillion of power trip Interfered earlier in the Fourway tag match for the OSPW Tag Belts and caused the Sons to lose there Belts. I was surprised to see him even show up for this match. Dillion came to the ring with Nick Paradise and Deacon came out with Bishop and Thunder. Deacon Flew into the ring and Dillion ran out. While Deacon was removing his jacket, Dillion attacked him from behind and the match was on. Dillion had the upper hand early with his suprise attack, but Deacon was out for revenge and regained the upper hand in the match, right after Dillion shoved Thunder. Daddy's Disapline was being applied to Mr. Dillion and it looked like he was done, but the ref was being occupied from stopping Paradise from entering the ring and ended up barring Him, Bishop and Thunder from ringside. Dillion regained control again with the help of a Masked man that appeared and he slipped him a chain that found it's way on the side of Deacon's Head. Dillion then went up top to finish Deacon off, and as he was ready to make a big splash, his leg was grabbed by that same masked man and that gave Deacon enough time to get up and grab Dillion and plant him face first into the mat from the second rope, in what is know as Dillion's Finisher

 (The Final Cut)

A rendition of the Diamond Cutter. Deacon had the last Word, using his opponents finisher to win the


World Heavyweight Title

"Pay back Mr. Dillion Pay Back"