By: David James

Ruthlezz VS Ryot

Round One Tournament Match

this was a second chance tournament match for a opportunity to become the next number one contender to face the world champion. Ryot was betrayed by Danny Christopher and Eva Vahteem along with his opponent for this match Ruthlezz ,who in this reporters opinion tried to end Ryot's career. The match went back and forth as Ryot not only had to fight Ruthlezz but also try to survive the outside interference of Eva and Danny.

In the end we saw


as the


and next to advance in the tournament

Rico Cruz and Doberman


The Davidson Brothers

This match began with the Davidsons crying over the fact that yet another good team tucked tail and did not show up to face them, and that they were taking the night off. The commissioner Big Jay told them they had to wrestle there opponents that he had set before them or they would be FIRED. After a near count out the match was under way. We saw the Davidsons lie cheat and steal their way through this match as they abused the five count to double team Rico Cruz and Doberman every step of the way. This one ends as the Davidsons get the pinfall victory over Rico Cruz but that was not good enough for them as they attacked Doberman and Cruz by placing them both into submission holds they call

( The meat grinder) and refusing to let go. SO Big J reversed the decision and awarded the match to the team of

Doberman and Rico Cruz by DQ

After the match the Davidsons asked thunder what he was going to do about it, and demanded yet again to be given a

Tag Title Shot

Title For Title Match

Glamorous Glenn Dillion



This match was to be a Title for Title match between The OSPW New York Champion Glenn Dillion and The OSPW Hardcore Champ TSK. In the past few shows both men have successfully defended there titles against each other and in the process brutalized one another. However this match was over before it began as the two champions beat the hell out of each other before the bell sounded. Order could not be restored to start the match so the commissioner had security brake them up and declared the match



said that some one would pay before the night was over


Six Pack - One Match


Greg Karma, William Fox, Terry Kadillac, Magic the Freak, and Primal Warpath

The winner of this match will advance in the number one contenders tournament. We saw an amazing array of talent in this match from the power of a Greg Karma or Primal Warpath, to the high flying of William Foxx or what I call amusement of the likes of Magic the Freak. The Wrestler I was truly impressed with was Papa Terry Kadillac. I feel he is one to keep your eye on this year in OSPW. The winner of the match and next to advance in the tournament was

Greg Karma

After the match Thunder dropped a bomb on us all when he announced his newest member to the group he manages known as The Fallen

The Ultimate Weapon

Kevin Rosier


The First installment of The Commissioners Corner

Interview Segment

  With your Host Big Jay

and his Guest

The OSPW Woman's Champion

  Ashleigh Vayda

 Vayda came out to the ring with her lawyer MR. Swartz. Big Jay began by asking Vayda a few questions, the first was did she think that there was any woman in OSPW that was good enough to take her on for the title? her answer was NO! The next question he had was are you ready to put that to the test tonight, as he introduced her challenger for the evening Cherry Bomb. so ready or not Ashleigh had a new challenger. Cherry Bomb who was just so happy to be here, turned out to be more than the champion expected as on more than one occasion we almost saw a new champion. This was a great match to say the least.

The winner by pinfall with the assist going to her lawyer for outside interference and Still

OSPW Woman's Champion

Ashleigh Vayda

I hope we get to see more of this

Incredible new comer

Cherry Bomb in OSPW

Danny Christopher and Chris West


 Spot Monkeys Inc.

The current OSPW GM Danny Christopher entered the ring to say a few words. Well any one that has heard him before knows he NEVER has only a few words to say. He told every one he needed to stay in shape for the on going tournament but their was only tag teams available to wrestle tonight so he asked MR. Wrestling Chris west to team with him tonight against any team. Spot Monkeys Inc. took the challenge. The match was off and running Trip seemed to be out Wrestling Chris West so West raked the eyes to take control of things. Mr. Wrestling has no problems when it comes to cheating Danny Christopher tagged in so did Brian Emanon and we saw some fantastic old school action between the two of them. Then two masked men showed up as they have been for several shows now and shoved Emanon off the top rope to the floor giving West and Christopher the upper hand. (someone needs to look into who these two are and what they want) The GM and MR. Wrestling could not agree upon who should make the pin to win the match and ended up turning on each other ( EGOS) Danny Christopher gave his finisher to west and left him to be finished off by the Monkeys so they did just that with a double team move for the victory

Your Winners

Spot Monkeys Inc.

After the match the Davidsons hit the ring and attacked

Spot Monkeys Inc.

OSPW TV Title Match

Al Jihad VS Bishop

The Television title match started with a round of boos for the challenger Al Jihad. Then a deafening cheer of crowd approval for the Champion Bishop. Al Jihad attacked quickly while Bishop`s back was turned and really started to work the champ, over good. Jihad could not keep him down for long as Bishop struck back hard unloading with one move after another it looked as he had everything going his way until he missed Jihad with his titanium roundhouse kick. This almost cost him everything as it opened up the opportunity for AL Jihad to strike with his box cutter maneuver a (RKO) like move but Jihad spent way to much time gloating over what he had done and found himself stretched out across the shoulders of the TV Champion in a Torture rack submission hold the winner and still OSPW Television Champion


Nick Paradise VS Jake O'Rielly

  This was the final first round number one contenders tournament match. We saw Nick Paradise square off against Jake O'Rielly, a new comer to OSPW. Paradise had the crowd behind him in this match all the way. O'Rielly just seemed to anger the crowed even before the match began. The two men pulled out all the stops in what I would call a classic old school style match. A truly impressive showing of the talent OSPW has to offer.

Your winner and the final man to advance on to round two Nick Paradise

I look forward to seeing these two men go at it again hopefully real soon


Kayotic Youth


Highrollers Society

For the OSPW Tag Team gold that turned out to be a handicap match when one half of the champions Rex Atkins had trouble making it to the Arena. His partner Mike McGee had to defend the belts alone against Kazz and Kriptic. The team known as Kayotic Youth who systematically took Mike McGee apart one double team move after another. Some how the Cagey old veteran dug down deep to consistently kick out and survive the Butt kicking of his lifetime. If it was not for the rookie Kriptic's HOT temper, as he got his team Disqualified by hitting McGee with one of the Title Belts we would have seen

New Tag Champions

The Winners and still

OSPW Tag TEAM Champions

Mike McGee And Rex Atkins

 The Main Event

Buffalo Bull Rope Match

for the


 Deacon the undefeated, undisputed, seemingly un stoppable Champion for the last year and a half, putting it all on the line against Black Jack Phoenix, A large raw boned relentless WWE hopeful in a Buffalo Bull Rope Match. These Two men have proven themselves time and again to have all the tools it takes to beat anybody on any given night. The action was intense to say the least, with neither man holding nothing back. The champ busted open the challenger early in the bout with a shot to his head with the cowbell, but before it was all over both men would be busted. It looked as if Deacon had everything going his way as he dragged Blackjack around the ring touching one corner then the next but behind the champions back the challenger was touching the corners as-well. After both men rounded the third corner, Deacon was headed to victory, but it became a match of Tug Of War. Out side the ring The fallen looked on as they stood guard. All of a sudden, M. E. (Maximum Enforcement) lead by Jaz Miles attacked, The Fallen from behind and with no one left on guard Glenn Dillion jumped onto the ring apron to stop Deacon from reaching the final corner. Then TSK joined Dillion and it looked as if he was going to stop Dillion, BUT NO! TSK and Dillion hit the Champion at the same time turning him away from victory and right into a nasty clothesline from HELL, that nearly took Deacon's head off. The Challenger ( BlackJack Phoenix) then landed in the last corner to win the match and become

The New

OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion

This has been the official OSPW show Report By

OLD School Pro Wrestlings

Reporter: David James

See you all at the next

OSPW Event