Match # 1

8 man Tag Match

Danny Magik / Papa Kadillac / Super Beast / Steve Davidson


Chance Taylor / Billy Fox / Eric Emanon / Curtis Lee Walker

Match # 2

Titus Smith ( of The Underworld Cartel ) vs Horace White

Match # 3

The Unholy Ryot vs The Primal Warpath

Match # 4

The Bone Crushers vs Lites Out

Match # 5

The Sensational David Evans vs The Thrill Seeker Trip

Match # 6

OSPW Hardcore Title Match

TSK (Champion) vs The Misguided Misfit


OSPW World Champion


reveals new t -shirt at intermission

Tyger Smith of the (UWC)  was not to happy with this development

Match # 7

OSPW TV Title Bout

2 on 1 Handicap Match

Rex Atkins and Nick Paradise vs TV Champion (Bishop)

Match # 8

Shadokat vs Tyger Smith ( of The Under World Cartel )

Match # 9

Johnny Seven vs The Extreme Brian Emanon

The Main Event

The Asian Nightmare (Kwan Chang) vs The OSPW World Champion (Deacon)