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Before the Show Started, Joey The Bruiser called Spot Monkeys Inc to the ring and presented them with The Wrestle Blast TV Tag Team of the Year Award. Bruiser also called out Maximum Enforcement and the Fallen to present them with the Match of The Year Award for there Cage Match at Civil War III


Match # 1

Eight Man Tag

Danny Magik / Papa Terry Kadillac/ Super Beast /Steve Davidson


Chance Taylor / Billy Fox / Curtis Lee Walker / Eric Emanon

Before this match started, we had a chance to get to know our OSPW NY Champion, Chance Taylor, just a bit better in a Black and Blue Interview with Joey the Bruiser Tenebruso, but the interview was interrupted by Danny Magick and OSPW Woman's Champion, Princess Raena.  After a few words between Champion and Challenger, the teams of both men came to the ring and the action was under way.  Between new-comer Curtis Lee Walker and Terry Kadillac, next in was Super Beast against Eric Emanon, another new-comer.  Both rookies fought very well, but no matter how hard they tried they just could not out do the size of Super Beast or the experience of Steve Davidson, Danny Magick and Terry Kadillac.  Chance Taylor and Billy Foxx once again showed us just how amazing they both can be with some high flying moonsaults and plancha's.  But in the end, it was Danny Magick who out witted the OSPW NY Champion Chance Taylor.  While the referee had his attention on the outside action, Magick nailed Taylor with a mini beer keg and scored the 1,2,3. 

The Winner's  

were the team of 

Terry Kadillac, Super Beast, Steve Davidson and Danny Magick

Match # 2

Singles Match

Titus Smith vs Horace White

In this bout, we had, making his in ring debut, Titus Smith against The Dark Knight Horace White.  The bell sounded and Titus began to bring the pain, it seemed no matter what Horace White tried to do, it just was not enough to even slow down his larger opponent. 

The Winner

with a crucifix slam into a DDT

Titus Smith

 Who told Horace White and the Crowd after

the match that God made pain, but he perfected it!

Match # 3

Singles Match

The Un Holy Ryot vs The Primal Warpath

In the third match of the night, we saw Ryot with manager, Damien Lucas go up against The Primal Warpath.  The bell rang, the action started and both men began taking it to the other surprising us all with some great technical action, some beautiful old school wrestling from two huge brawlers back and forth.  At one point, we saw Primal Warpath take Ryot off the top with a superplex, Ryot answered with a spine buster and then struck the ref in the back while his manager Damien Lucas distracted him.  Well, Lucas wound up on the floor when Shadokat appeared and laid him out.  Before this one was over, we saw Ryot kick out of Warpaths Electric Chair Drop and Warpath kicked out of Ryot's move known as the Ryot act.  This one ends when Warpath applied a submission hold with his shoulders on the mat and Ryot on top of him.  The ref counted the 1,2,3 and missed the fact that Ryot seemed to be tapping out at the same time. 

The Winner

by pin fall

The Unholy Ryot

Match # 4

Tag Team Match

The Bone Crushers vs Lites Out

Next we had the debut of team Lites Out, with manager Jay Moore against the Bone Crushers, with manager Big Jay.  Before the bell the Crushers attacked, but they found out quick that Go Time, Chris Laplante and partner Madman Derek James. were no joke.  Both teams fought back and forth for the first few moments of the match. Truly a battle of wills, but the Bone Crushers would show their size and strength advantage and just take the match away from team "Lites Out".  For the first time since the Bone Crushers arrived in OSPW, we saw them suplexed proving they can be taken off their feet, but it was not enough to just knock them down! 

The Winners

Sway and Mandingo

The Bone Crushers

Match # 5

Singles Match

The Sensational David Evans vs The Thrill Seeker Trip

David Evans hit the ring to take on Trip, but something was different. Instead of having his normal partner with him he had a new partner in Johnny Seven.  Evans told us he dropped the dead weight that was his partner off at the old folks home and picked up a winner,  they are known as "Synsational" Trip hit the ring with partner Brian Emanon and the action began.  We saw a terrific display of technical action by both Trip and Evans, neither man gaining any ground on the other.  But both men showing us some outstanding moves from drop kicks and tornado DDT's from David Evans only to be answered by a huge rolling powerbomb and a back stabber powerbomb as well! from Trip,  If not for Johnny Seven's distraction, Trip would have won this one, but in the end

The Winner

 The Sensational David Evans

Match # 6

OSPW Hardcore Title Match

Eric The Serial Killer Summerville vs the Misguided Misfit

The next match of the night was for the OSPW Hardcore Title.  It was deemed a come as you are street fight, Champion TSK against his partner the Misguided Misfit, in what he called a display of tough love.  We had a guest commentator for this match, in Flatline.  The match started when TSK, who claimed his arm was injured took his sling off and tried to choke out the Misfit from behind.  In and out of the ring action went, neither men hesitating to use a steel chair or two, but the champion TSK would find out that the Misfit seemed to have his number.  Just as it looked like we would have a title change, the Bone Crushers hit the ring and laid waste to the Misguided Misfit allowing TSK to score the victory. 

The Winner 

and still 

OSPW Hardcore Champion

Eric the Serial Killer Summerville


  After the match

Flatline attacked the Hardcore Champion and saved the Misfit

Match # 7

OSPW TV Title Match

2 on 1 Handicap Match

Rex Atkins and Nick Paradise vs Bishop

This match had a couple of surprises, a masked Mexican ref and then we learned it would be Rex Atkins and his hated rival, Nick Paradise teaming up in a two on one handicap match against OSPW TV Champion Bishop for the title.  All three men made their entrances and Rex wasted no time turning on Nick Paradise, so this match kind of looked like a 3-way dance.  All three men taking it to each other, but the only man that could be pinned was Bishop, if the title was to change hands.  During the match Jaz Miles made the comment that if Bishop should keep the title he would take Bishop on!  Both Atkins and Paradise took it to the champion, but could not get the job done while fighting each other over who would make the pin. Bishop pulled all the stops out and even delivered an elbow drop off the ropes! 

The Winner

 and still OSPW TV Champion


  After the match, the masked ref hit Bishop with a box cutter and revealed himself to be Al Jihad!  But as Jihad and manager Jaz Miles tried to celebrate, their party was ended when Thunder reminded Jaz Miles that he now had to face Bishop at the next OSPW event on

May 3rd

Match # 8

Singles Match

Shadokat vs Tyger Smith

In the next match, we had a student against teacher, Buffalo's own Shadokat against Tyger Smith.  Tyger was in no mood as earlier in the night Deacon pissed him off when he showed the fans his new shirt that read like this "Tyger Smith Sucks".  Shadokat took the mic to thank the fans and management of OSPW and vowed  win, loose, or draw, Tyger Smith would pay for bad mouthing Buffalo, NY.  Tyger Smith was greeted by a deafening chant of Tyger Sucks!!  And the match was underway for the meaning less UWC Title.  Shadokat wasted no time with lightening like speed striking Smith with one move after the next, but Tyger would quickly turn it all around with a little help from his huge brother Titus Smith. Things just continued to get worse and worse for Shadokat.  After going to the well once too often, Shadokat missed a frog splash and was locked in the TDK and tapped out to Tyger Smith. 

The Winner 

by submission

Tyger Smith

 Who was sent back to the locker room with another chant of

"Tyger Sucks"

Match# 9

Johnny Seven vs Brian Emanon

In this bout, we had Johnny Seven match up against Brian Emanon, in the on-going feud with the teams of Synsational and OSPW Tag team Champs. Spot Monkeys Inc.  The bell sounded and Brian Emanon spent too much time monkeying around and paid for it as Johnny Seven came to fight.  For most of this match, Johnny Seven had everything going his way and every time Emanon would get what looked to be a lucky shot or move in, Seven would cut him off by any manner he could.  The ref had a hard time keeping his eyes on the action, he was too distracted with the corner men on the outside.  Referee Al Scott took his eyes off the action one too many times and found himself looking up at the lights when he collided with Brian Emanon.  At this point in the match, Johnny Seven tried to put the finishing touch on Emanon with a steel chair shot only to have his head kicked off by Trip, followed by a swanten bomb from Emanon for the victory. 

The Winner

Brian Emanon

Match # 10

The Main Event

OSPW World Heavyweight Title Bout

 Kwan Chang vs Deacon

Now onto the main event, for the first time ever in singles competition, The Asian Nightmare Kwan Chang challenging the Sons Of Thunder, Deacon, the OSPW World Heavyweight Champion for all the marbles!  The official for this match would be OSPW head ref Bruce Davis.  The bell sounded as Kwan and Deacon stood in the center of the ring chest to chest, nose to nose, then it erupted into a back and forth beat down, with neither man backing down, it was just a true slug  fest.  The ref broke it up and then Deacon and Kwan locked up and jockeyed for position it was Deacon who came out on top with a standing side head lock.  Kwan tried to escape, but was cut off and then cut down by the champion.  The action spilled outside the ring as Deacon sent Kwan over the top rope with a tremendous clothesline and then followed him out and just bashed the challengers head off the steal barrier and then the ring apron repeatedly.  The champion would soon find himself in a world of hurt after the Ninja bodyguard of Jaz Miles grabbed his leg, Kwan then took advantage of the distraction and went to work on Deacon with savage like kicks, not only did the champ have to deal with Kwan, but the continued interference from Jaz and the Ninja.  Ref Bruce Davis really had his hands full, keeping everyone in control.  If you missed this match, you truly missed a battle of the titans, worthy to be in the running for match of the year in my book.  Both men wanted it, but only one man would walk away the champion.  Kwan locked in the dragon clutch submission only to have it broken when Deacon dragged him to the ropes.  Deacon would then turn the tables on Kwan, and hit a big spine buster, only good enough for a 2 count.  Then Kwan hit a side effect sit out powerbomb on Deacon, that was only good for a 2 count.  This match could have been won by either man at any moment.  Kwan went for a rude awakening, only to be blocked and then reversed into a DDT, after which Deacon would lock in the DDS for the victory, or so it seemed.  As Kwan called out "I quit", but the ref was not in position to hear as he was distracted by the Ninja.  Deacon would then release the hold, only to find himself on the end of a low blow and in the clutches of Kwan Chang once again.  Jaz Miles then attempted to strike Deacon with a Kendo stick, but missed and hit Kwan instead.  Deacon wasted no time as Bishop was pulling Jaz off the apron, Deacon speared Kwan, and then climbed to the top rope, leaping off with Golgatha's Hill on Kwan for the 1,2,3. 

The Winner

and still 

OSPW World Heavyweight Champion



This had been the official  show report by

David James




For Venturing out on a Very Stormy Night


See You on May 3, 2008