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Match # 1 / Round 1

Emperor of Old School Tournament

 Kriptic Keegan vs Doberman vs Bishop

After all the announcements were made and the commentating team was in place we were ready for the opening match. The Match was a round one tournament match and even though it was the first match of the night, it was main event worthy.  Kriptic Keegan, Doberman and Bishop in this opening bout set the tone and pace for the night as it was action packed and excitement at its best between three world class athletes that pulled out all the stops to become the first emperor of old school and also a world title shot currently held by Tyger Smith. We saw several pinfall attempts, quick roll-ups, hard clotheslines, big boots and back suplexes. Bishop came close to winning when he locked Doberman in his checkmate submission but Kriptic broke the hold and captured the victory when Bishop missed a clothesline and was sent flying over the top rope to the arena floor.  Kriptic then delivered a CSI to Doberman and it was just enough for Keegan to pin him.

 The Winner 

Kriptic Keegan 

After the bell Kriptic added insult to injury as he attempted to take Bishops head off with a thunderous kick as Bishop tried to climb back into the ring.

Match # 2 / Round 1

Emperor of Old School Tournament

Damien Lucas vs Terry Kadillac vs TSK

In match two, also a round one tournament match we saw Damien Lucas and Hardcore Champ Papa Terry Kadillac lock up with a back and forth display of textbook chain wrestling.  It looked as if this triple threat would just be a singles match but music hit and out came Eric "TSK" Summerville who just returned from the Iraq War and he was announced as the third man in this bout.  TSK then stormed the ring and laid a beat down to Lucas and Kadillac. This match started with a technical wrestling feel and quickly became a slobber-knocker in record time. In and out of the ring bodies sprawled every where as all three men were in a fight for survival. Finally Papa Terry Kadillac would dump TSK out of the ring and lock Lucas in his Figure four cylinder leg lock and made Lucas tap out to win this match

The Winner 

OSPW Hardcore Champion

Papa Terry Kadillac

Match # 3

Tag Team Action

Southern Comfort vs UWC

In match three we had a brake from tournament action with a tag team bout featuring the OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion Tyger Smith and his Partner Titus Smith managed by Mr. Perez against Southern Comfort team of Curtis Lee Walker and his partner "The Hawaiian Warrior" E-Kike-A.  This match started after Tyger ran his mouth like only he can do and like he always does. The bell rang and the action was underway and the team of Southern Comfort seemed to have everything going their way until Mr. Perez interfered and changed the flow of the match.  You see when you fight the UWC you are always out numbered and you can bet they most likely have something up their sleeve or in their tights like a chain a fist pack a flashlight etc. One thing you can be sure of it will not be a fair fight as after the interference the UWC just took apart the younger team of Southern Comfort. Maybe just maybe if Perez was not allowed at ring side it would have been a different out come

The Winners 

Tyger and Titus Smith 

Of The

Under World Cartel

Match # 4 / Round 1

Emperor of Old School Tournament

 David Evans vs  Misguided Misfit vs Deacon

Tyger Smith and members of the UWC joined the Commentators table for this match and it was the third, round one tournament match of the night. The match was supposed to be David Evans vs Misguided Misfit vs Fallen Member Rebellion, who came to the ring led by Thunder and he had a knee brace on and walked with a crutch. They told us all how members of M.E. jumped Rebellion earlier in the parking lot and the doctor would not allow him to compete. However tournament stated that he was allowed to pick a replacement and that man was DEACON! Who came through the curtain and the crowd went nuts. At first it looked as if Evans and Misfit were sure of only one thing and that was, if either of them were going to win this match they would have to team up against Deacon to do it. The former two time OSPW World Champion was ready as he cut both Misfit and Evans off and took charge Quickly showing his dominance over his foes who resorted to eye gouges and choke holds to get the upper hand on the former 2 time World Champion.  The double teaming then started as Evans and Misfit delivered several leg drops and elbow drops but could not decide who should cover him for the victory.  This allowed Deacon to regain control all the while Tyger Smith was yelling from the announcers table with an offer of four thousand dollars to any man that could stop him from advancing in this tournament. All in all the three men in this match gave  us one to remember and before it was over Deacon blocked Evans twice from hitting him with his EKO and them speared Misfit out of the match and Finished Evans off with a Inverted  Fall From Grace Power Bomb!

 You're Winner 



Jaz Miles Interviews 

New York Champion

Rex Atkins

Next we had Jaz Miles conduct a very important interview with OSPW New York Champion Rex Atkins who came to the ring on crutches. He said he was sorry or that he felt sorry for all the fans that would not be seeing him in action tonight or for a long time to come. About five weeks ago Rex Atkins was in a car crash and suffered a broken femur bone "the largest bone in the human body" and all though he was lucky to survive the crash he will be out of action for what could be a year so. The fans will have to suffer by not seeing him and he had no choice but to surrender his OSPW New York Title Belt. OSPW Management had this to say we wish Mr. Atkins a Speedy Recovery and look forward to his return.

Match # 5 / Round 1

Emperor of Old School Tournament  

Kwan Chang vs Warpath vs Eric Emanon

In the fourth and final first round three way tournament match of the night we saw some of the hardest hitting action between Kwan and Warpath topped off by the high flying and comical antics of Spot Monkey Eric Emanon who knocked both Kwan and Warpath down by tossing banana peels into the ring. After the two larger men had beaten each other senseless they both slipped on the peels giving Emanon a moment to score a few risk taking aerial attacks to his larger opponents. As this fight raged on things got out of hand and the Ref lost all control and declared the match a Triple DQ. Warpath and Chang continued to fight all the way into the locker room while Eric Emanon found himself in a world of hurt when the UWC, all of them Tyger, Titus, The Bone Crushers and Perez jumped him in the ring and gave him a Severe Beating!

Match # 6

Tag Team  / Title Match

 Shadokat and Chance Taylor  vs  Diablo's Horde

Team Of

The UnHoly Ryot and Loose Screw

With Manager / Damien Lucas

In the next match we saw the team of Shadokat and Chance Taylor managed by Thunder taking on the OSPW Tag Team Champions Ryot and Loose Screw of Diablo's Horde managed by Damien Lucas. The bell sounded and the match was a go as Shadokat attempted to out maneuver Ryot with his speed and high flying ability. He managed to do so long enough to tag in Chance Taylor who was more of a match for Ryot.  Taylor then went to work on Ryot's knee only to be cut off and man handled by loose Screw as he made the save for his team. Taylor and Shadokat put up a great effort to defeat the Horde but it was not enough. In the end Shadokat would be pinned by Loose Screw after missing a high risk splash from the top rope The loose one then  followed with a choke slam while Taylor was held at bay by Ryot on the outside of the ring

 The Winners

And still 

OSPW Tag Team Champions 

Diablo's Horde Team Of

The UnHoly Ryot and Loose Screw

Match # 7 / Round 2 

Emperor of Old School Tournament  

 Kriptic Keegan vs Deacon

In The First Round two tournament match we would see Kriptic Keegan and Deacon go head to head and Papa Terry Kadillac would get a buy into the final round. Keegan entered the ring and waited for his opponent to be announced and it was in fact Deacon who rushed the ring not waiting for his introduction and attacked Kriptic. The two men exchanged some heavy blows and Keegan cut Deacon off as he attempted an Irish whip as he reversed it and landed a beautiful spin kick. However it was not enough to keep Deacon down as he quickly over powered his foe and began handing out some pain with well placed forearm smashes and clotheslines that turned Kriptic inside out. Deacon then followed with a huge side walk slam that Keegan tried to block. In this match the two men put on a clinic and Keegan fought back and scored a few shots of his own, one of which was a fantastic standing Moon Sault that paid off big with a two and a half count that almost finished this match.  Deacon however kicked out just in time and with some new life Kriptic wasted no time going back to the attack placing Deacon on the top rope and it looked as if he was going to attempt to end this match by hitting a frankenstein'er on him.  Deacon however blocked the attempt and brought Kriptic Keegan off the Top Rope with a Fall from Grace Power Bomb for the win.

 You're Winner 


At This point Tyger Smith raised the bounty to "Six Thousand Dollars" to who ever could stop Deacon. Shadokat entered the ring and splashed Kriptic after the match just to remind him that he was still here.

Match # 8

Robert Ezekyo vs Trip

Next we saw a grudge match between Robert Ezekyo led to the ring by Amy Ash and Trip who came to the ring playing his games and having a bit of fun with the fans as he has come to do. This match started with a great display of back and forth chain style wrestling shown by both men but when it looked as if Trip was getting the better of Ezekyo the Messiah of Malice changed the tempo of things as he chose to use a few dirty tactics.  On top of that Amy Ash getting involved with some outside interference did not help Trip's chances either. Trip however would not be stopped as he pushed through the pain that Robert Ezekyo was dealing out on him. At one point Trip risked it all with a senton plancha off the ring apron to the floor onto Ezekyo. Trip finally would capture the win after locking on a submission hold that he refused to break after being warned several times by the ref. I have to wonder just why Trip was not Disqualified but in the end

Your Winner

Would be


Match # 9

The Main Event / Tournament Final

The Crowning of The First 

Emperor of Old School

Papa Terry Kadillac vs Deacon

Next up was The Main Event and the Finals of the Emperor of Old School Tournament Between a well rested OSPW Hardcore Champion Terry Kadillac and Deacon who had two hard fought matches and beat three tough men to reach the finals. Now let's find out who would be crowned the first ever Emperor of Old School and win the right to challenge Tyger Smith for the OSPW World Heavyweight Championship. Before the action was underway Tyger Smith Mr. Perez and Jaz Miles pooled their cash together and offered Ten Thousand dollars to the person that could stop Deacon. The Match started and Deacon wasted no time out wrestling and over powering Kadillac only to be stopped in his tracks as Kadillac raked his eyes. No matter how big or strong you are an eye rack will stop you every time. Kadillac followed the eye rake with an all out assault on Deacon's legs hoping to finish him with his figure four cylinder leg lock.  Deacon however would manage to battle back through the pain and fatigue of the night and locked Terry Kadillac in the DDS. It only took a few seconds for Kadillac to scream I QUIT! But the Ref Bruce Davis was out of position keeping Danny Magick out of the ring. You see a few month's ago Magick suffered a broken arm in a match against Kadillac. Deacon then released the hold and went to get the referee's attention only to be shoved from behind by Kadillac, sending him head first into the ref. They crashed together head to head. The ref went down and Kadillac then locked Deacon into his figure four cylinder leg lock.  Deacon would not give up and Danny Magick entered the ring and turned them over putting the pressure on Kadillac and off Deacon. At this point Kadillac tapped out again but Deacon broke the hold realizing the ref was still out. Deacon then picked Kadillac up as Danny Magick Blasted him in the head with a loaded running forearm that looked to be meant for Kadillac who then covered Deacon just as the ref came to and counted the 1-2-3.

While fallen members Bishop, Shadokat, and Billy Foxx chased Magick out of the ring and picked up the ten inch steel wrench that that was used to beat Deacon!

The Winner 

And First Ever 

Emperor of Old School 

Papa Terry Kadillac 

After the match Tyger Smith was heard saying sorry I left my money in my other Tights when Kadillac and even Magick tried to claim the Ten Thousand Dollars from him.

  See you all next time at Civil War V 

This has been the full Show Report by David James




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