Match # 1

Mike McGee VS Nasty Nick Nice VS MikeyEverynight VS Trip (TheMad Hatter)

[Emperor of Old School Tournament 4-way Qualifying Match]

Match # 2

eremiah Bradley (OSPW TV Champion)-accompanied by Manager Junior White VS Retro Rex Atkins

[Emperor of Old School Tournament Qualifying Match]

Match # 3


Dain The Pain VS Danny Magick VS Papa Terry Kadillac VS Mr. Wrestling Chris West

[Emperor of Old School Tournament Qualifying Match]

Match # 4

Kwan Chang (Accompanied by Manager Jaz Miles) VS Johnny Kadillac VS Sensational David Evans 


Gabriel Soul (Accompanied by Manager Junior White) VS The Bacardi Kid

[Emperor of Old School Tournament Qualifying Match]

Match # 5

Michael McKinger (Emanon Army Member accompanied by Jackie Hop Sing)


The Unholy Ryot (Accompanied by Manager Frankie Villa)

Grudge Match

Match # 6

Eric Emanon (Emanon Army) and Manager Jackie Hop Sing VS Venomous  and Phil Phoenix

Match # 7

Kriptic Keegan (1 ½ of OSPW Tag-Team Champions a/k/a Thoroughbreds of Imperfection (TOI) 

accompanied by Mirage and Jay Flyer (replacement partner for the evening) 


The Fallen - Shadokat and Deacon (accompanied by Manager Thunder)

Match # 8

The Bacardi Kid advances to face Jeremiah Bradley (OSPW Television Champion)

Accompanied by Manager Junior White

Match # 9

(Tournament Final) 

 Danny Magick VS The Bacardi Kid

Match # 10

Lexx Anvil VS Damien Lucas 

(OSPW JR Television Champion) 

Title Match

Match # 11

OSPW World Champion Brian Emanon (accompanied by Manager Jackie Hop Sing)


OSPW NY Champion Ty Licious

Champion VS Champion Match for the OSPW World Title