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(The Emperor of Old SchoolTournament)


OSPW Commissioner Tyger Smith opens the show and had this to say while he’s accompanied to the ring by Mirage and Kriptic Keegan of TOI minus one tag-team partner Cassius Ikika Cutcher(OSPW Tag-Team Champions - Thoroughbreds of Imperfection)!  Here’s some quotes from Tyger Smith to the fans: “From the moment I came back, I made all of you a promise that I would never insult your intelligence.” “Earlier today, Kriptic and Mirage received a text stating Cassius was in a car accident and is in satisfactory condition at the hospital, prayers and best wishes are appreciated.” “That said, there was a championship tag-team match scheduled but due to the situation that will not happen and I apologize for that.” NO FURTHER DETAILS WERE PROVIDED. Tyger Smith also announced that OSPW will be doing a BEST SIGN CONTEST next show!


Match 1 

Mike McGee VS Nasty Nick Nice VS MikeyEverynight VS Trip (TheMad Hatter)

[Emperor of Old School Tournament 4-way Qualifying Match]

We got a huge clashing of styles in this match right off the bat, McGee the brawling veteran, Trip with an all-around style, Nick’s unpredictability, and Everynight’s amazing speed and aerialism. Trip seem to be enjoying himself right off the bat even while enduring some vicious chops from McGee outside the ring until Trip suplexed McGee on the floor mats outside much to the fans appreciation. In ring, Nick Nice planted a textbook Northern Lights suplex to Everynight almost obtaining the upset early. Mikey, as usual, was able to land some nice moves. Trip landed a spinning neckbreaker to McGee while planting McGee’s feet on the top rope before Everynight jumped from the top turnbuckle to break up the count. Nick ended up back in the ring going after Trip when a miss in the buckle cost him when he had to turn around and end up walking into Trip’s boot from a superkick. As Trip was covering Nick for the pin the bell rang ending the match due to a 10-minute time limit. Thus said, no contestant from this match was able to advance to the next round in the tournament. Trip became extremely frustrated and superkicked Nick once again. Everynight and McGee fought back to the locker room. No competitor in this match advances in the tournament.


Match 2 – Jeremiah Bradley (OSPW TV Champion)-accompanied by Manager Junior White


Retro Rex Atkins

[Emperor of Old School Tournament Qualifying Match]

As usual Jone’s Manager Junior White was bragging about how much money they make and complaining about his $7000 suit getting dirty and constantly requesting 20-second time-outs from the ref, this match was awesome! Jeremiah wasted no time attacking Rex before the bell to get the match started. This was basically two big guys beating the crap out of each other. Rex tossed Bradley outside to the floor then gave him a nice baseball slide to keep him out for a bit. Once Rex was outside the tables turned and Jeremiah ran Rex back first into the steel post, not once, but twice before throwing Rex into the ring to try to get the pin.Bradley then consistently whipped Rex from buckle-to-buckle before applying a rear naked choke. Rex came back with a flurry of chops that turned into a slugfest. Just when it seemed like Rex had the upper hand Jeremiah cut him off with a vicious back elbow. Rex recovered and came back with a huge bro kick as Jeremiah bounced out of the buckle. Rex went to the top buckle when Jeremiah made it to him just in time to stop him from jumping. The two went at it with fists flying, Rex shoved Bradley down to the mat. Atkins then went for a flying body press only to have Bradley reverse it into a pin while putting his feet on the ropes to get the dirty victory. Jeremiah Bradley advances in the tournament.



Dain The Pain VS Danny Magick VS Papa Terry Kadillac VS Mr. Wrestling Chris West

[Emperor of Old School Tournament Qualifying Match]

It seemed Danny Magick and Terry Kadillac had formed some sort of strategy at the start of this match to try and fluster Dain The Pain and Chris West by giving them both a simultaneous slap to the face. Magick and Kadillac slid out of the ring to discuss strategy. Dain the Pain attempted a false suicide dive to distract the two long enough for Chris West to football tackle both men from the ring apron to the floor. Once all four were back in the ring West and Pain gave Magick&Kadillac the old double noggin knocker. West went to high five Pain when Pain kicked West in the stomach to go for a finishing Stunner. West came back with a Japanese arm drag then attempting a pinfall to no avail. From this point on it was obvious it was every man for himself. Magick went after West in a fist-to-cuffs on the ropes and into the buckle. West reversed a whip to give Magick a belly-to-belly suplex. Dain broke up the pin, West tosses Dain out of the ring. Magick continues to go at it with West. Terry Kadillac methodically laid in wait to attack. Dain cutoff West’s attempt to pin Magick tossing West out of the ring so he could apply a Texas Cloverleaf on Magick. It appeared as if Magick was just about to tap when Terry Kadillac came in to cutoff Dain. Dain ends up giving Kadillac a stunner to go for a pin but in typical Kadillac style he was able to grab the rope to stop the count. Dain attempted a second pin when Magick cut him off by giving him a bodyslam and sending him out of the ring. West snuck in to try to get a pin by putting Magick in a schoolboy rollup but Magick sent him out of the ring as well.  Dain and West battled it out on the floor. Kadillac seemed groggy as he stood up, Magick took advantage and gave Kadillac his finishing widow’s peak maneuver he calls the Hat Trick to obtain the victory. Danny Magick advances in the tournament.


Match 4 – Kwan Chang (Accompanied by Manager Jaz Miles) VS Johnny Kadillac VS Sensational David Evans VS Gabriel Soul (Accompanied by Manager Junior White) VS The Bacardi Kid

[Emperor of Old School Tournament Qualifying Match]


Immediately this match looked like a playground full of bullies trying to take someone’s lunch money when all competitors repeatedly shoved Bacardi kid back and forth to each other. Bacardi immediately fired up and went after all four until Kwan Chang gave him a huge forearm in the back. The onslaught continued as the competitors kept going after Bacardi only to end up outside of the ring. Bacardi landed a huge suicide dive over the top rope onto all four competitors. Johnny Kadillac wasted no time getting Bacardi back into the ring to try to get a win. Evans, Soul, and Chang brawled outside. Kadillac went for a big elbow in the buckle but missed, Soul came in to apply a triple suplex to Bacardi, then Kwan Chang came in to try to steal the pin until Johnny Kadillac started to argue with him. Chang then cleared everyone in the ring to the floor so he could go after Bacardi. Jaz Miles as usual had to get in on it too by punching Bacardi in the head as soon as the ref wasn’t looking. Kadillac and Chang continued to argue over who was getting the pinfall which furthered on outside the ring. Gabriel got in the ring to try to get a pin on Bacardi, only to have Kadillac and Kwan break it up. Evans got back in and was taken out of the equation by Chang. Kadillac sent Bacardi off his shoulders into a vicious neckbreaker. Evans tried to sneak the pin,Kadillac pulled him off while they fought in the corner. Kwan snuck in for the pin but no luck. Chang sends Evans outside the ring, then plants a huge boot in Bacardi’s face. Kadillac goes after Chang when apparently Kwan had enough and gave Kadillac his patented Falcon Arrow. Evans and Soul attacked Kwan. Bacardi sends Evans, Kadillac, and Soul out of the ring. Kwan tries to take advantage while the ref isn’t looking and has Jaz bring in the Kendo stick. Jaz sizes up Bacardi and misses smacking Kwan right in the face with the Kendo stick. Kwan rolls out, Evans comes in, Bacardi tosses him into the ropes, Evans bounces back to Bacardi to receive a wicked Codebreaker allowing Bacardi the victory.

Bacardi Kid advances in the tournament.


Match 5 – Michael McKinger (Emanon Army Member accompanied by Jackie Hop Sing)


The Unholy Ryot (Accompanied by Manager Frankie Villa)

Grudge Match


As usual Ryot had the upper hand in this match right from the start, first with a powerful slam to McKinger, then with a double ax handle and huge back elbow right to McKinger’s chest. McKinger then started to come back on Ryot but decided he had to mock Ryot after every move then planted a huge inseguri in the buckle to drop the big man to the mat. McKinger tried repeatedly to put his finishing move on Ryot only to have it reversed. Ryot started to apply the chokeslam when Patrick O’Malley decided to interfere and cut the match short. They leveled Ryot with a nasty front Russian leg sweep, then decided to take their frustrations out on Villa by ripping off the hat that hides Villa’s face, then giving him a double-team spinning sidewalk slam. All of a sudden, of all people, Trip decides to come to Ryot’s aid with a chair and clears the ring. Trip offers his hand to Ryot, Ryot reluctantly shakes Trip’s hand. Side note: During the match Ryot took his frustration out on Jackie Hop Sing possibly causing him a concussion? on&ldots;.



Trip grabbed the mic to tell Kinger, O’Malley, and the fans he was screwed on a technicality earlier in the night and he was sick of it. He also stated he felt him and the fans were sick of the Emanon Army, and how they continuously try to take out his friend of 10 years (Ryot). From the sounds of the fans, they agreed. Trip threw out the challenge for Brian Emanon and any member of the Emanon Army to take on him and Ryot. Brian Emanon came out and accepted the challenge. Its Official: Trip and Ryot VS Brian Emanon & any member of the Emanon

Army (to be announced)


Match 6- Eric Emanon (Emanon Army) and Manager Jackie Hop Sing VS Venomous  and Phil Phoenix


Jackie Hop Sing still injured from earlier in the night when Ryot got his hands on him comes to the ring with huge ring gear on his head. Emanon and Phoenix would start out the match with good technical wrestling until Emanon decided he needed a break and rolled outside before tagging in Hop Sing. Hop Sing seemed ready for action jumping up and down like he was looking for a fight but offered his hand in friendship to Phoenix. Phoenix didn’t take the bait and laid into him immediately. Venomous tags in to get a piece of Hop Sing as well. Hop Sing manages to escape from Venomous for a moment after thumbing him in the eye, then he attempts to give Venomous a headbutt and realizes afterwards his head is still hurting from earlier in the night. Emanon then tags in with a vicious onslaught of moves to Venomous and showing no mercy. Hop Sing ends up tagging back into the ring where Phoenix starts to get an advantage. Eric decides to taunt Phoenix, Phoenix goes after Emanon on the apron, then gets back to Hop Sing. Eric Emanon gets frustrated and grabs Ring Announcer RJ Melville’s chair to attack Phoenix and Venomous causing his team to get disqualified. Tyger Smith comes to the ring, Eric yells at Tyger stating, “What are you gonna do?”, Smith says, “I’m gonna tell you to Take It Deep!” Smith then sends in the ring Manny and Sway of The Bonecrushers. These guys are just downright huge! Eric decides to take them on and starts throwing fists. Manny and Sway pick him up and give him the double-team reverse Dudley Drop. While Emanon is lying flat in the middle of the ring, The Bonecrushers decide to put Phoenix on their shoulders next to the top turnbuckle, Phoenix lands the big frog splash on Emanon. Hop Sing decides to enter the ring and try to make peace with the Bonecrushers, they give him the reverse splash in the corner, then a huge stinkface splash. Tyger grabs the mic and shouts, “You Took It Deep!”


Match 7

 Kriptic Keegan (1 ½ of OSPW Tag-Team Champions a/k/a Thoroughbreds of Imperfection (TOI) accompanied by Mirage) and Jay Flyer (replacement partner for the evening) VS The Fallen - Shadokat and Deacon

(accompanied by Manager Thunder)


Keegan and Shado start off the match with a test of strength. Keegan makes quick work of Shadokat then tags in Jay Flyer. Shadokat then taught Flyer a lesson or two with some fast ducking, then off the ropes to give Flyer a hurricanrana. While Flyer and Keegan discussed strategy on the floor outside Shadokat landed a body press from the top rope. Deacon then followed with a double ax-handle to Kriptic. The Fallen continued with several double-team maneuvers in the ring, double back-elbows, classic Learning tree double-team, and Shadokat’s baseball slide to Flyer’s face while he’s hanging upside down in the turnbuckle. Mirage decides to step onto the apron in an attempt to break up a pin,Shadokat grabs her by the hair. Shado then decides she’s not worth it and lets her go. Mirage makes a fast decision and grabs as much hair as she can on Shadokat’s head to drop him to the mat on his back. Flyer comes back around to get the upper hand for a bit and plants a vicious over-the-top-rope-to-the-apron dropkick to Shadokat’s face. Keegan and Flyer continue with a vicious onslaught of double-team moves on Shadokat in the buckles and off the ropes. Shadokat finally makes the tag to Deacon. Deacon comes in to give Flyer a a bishop like roundhouse kick followed by a huge spinning sidewalk slam. Keegan cuts off the pin. Keegan sends Deacon out of the ring. Keegan lifts Shadokat onto his shoulders while Flyer heads to the top turnbuckle. Shadokat wiggles out, shoves Kriptic into the buckle. Flyer attempts a flying dropkick but gets kicked in the face by Shadokat on the way down. Deacon makes his way back into the ring and takes Kriptic out of the equation. Deacon holds flyer in the center of the ring in power bomb position while Shadokat lands the big elbow off the top rope at the same time (They call this the Demon slayer) to allow them the victory and a shot at the OSPW Tag-Team Championship.


Match 8

(Tournament continues) 

The Bacardi Kid advances to face Jeremiah Bradley (OSPW Television Champion)

Accompanied by Manager Junior White

Side Note:

[Danny Magick has received a bye due to the first match ending in a time-limit draw.

 ( Magick will face the winner of this match)


Bacardi started the match by getting the fans clapping. Bradley wanted no part of it and mocked Bacardi’s infamous entrance dance before shoving Bacardi. Bacardi kept his cool and tied up with Bradley. Bradley shoved him hard back into the buckle before posing much to the crowds disapproval. Bacardi went for quick pins and a bodyslam, but no success. Bradley decided to work Bacardi’s back as much as possible which seemed almost to the point of injury. Jeremiah even went so far as to tell the audience how to properly bodyslam which cost him for a moment when Bacardi got back up and was able to land a big splash onto Bradley’s back from the top rope. Bacardi had enough in him for the moment and lifted the big man off his feet by bodyslamming Bradley to the mat while the crowd cheered on. Bradley rolled out of the ring but Bacardi wasn’t having it and went after him. Jeremiah tried to send Bacardi into the steel post but Bacardi reversed it. Bradley went down like a ton of bricks. Bacardi rolled in the ring before the 10-count to obtain the victory. BRADLEY ATTACKS!!! – It appeared Bradley had an open wound above his eye after the match from the steel post so he didn’t take to Bacardi to kindly as he and Junior White decided to enter the ring and carry a beatdown on the Bacardi Kid with a steel chair to his back. Junior White got in on the action by giving Bacardi a flying front roundhouse kick with Bradley immediately following it up with a world’s strongest slam. Danny Magick heads down to the ring&ldots;. Bacardi Kid advances in the tournament to face Danny Magick in the final match


Match 9

(Tournament Final) 

 Danny Magick VS The Bacardi Kid

Danny Magick wastes no time and comes straight to the ring demanding the ref to ring the bell then goes for the cover on Bacardi. Bacardi still injured kicks out. Magick starts attacking with fists to Bacardi’s head. Bacardi sends Magick off the rops for a clothesline, Magick ducks thenbgoes for a flying body press. Bacardi catches Magick midair then collapses while holding his back. Magick takes advantage and gives Bacardi his finishing maneuver The Hat Trick to get the 1,2,3 and become the 2012 Emperor of Old School. OSPW Commissioner Tyger Smith enters the ring and reluctantly hands Danny Magickhis earned cape, scepter, and OSPW Crown. [Side Note: No one is sure what was said after the match but Magick and Tyger exchanged a few words while the music was playing. Magick was laughing and saying sarcastically to Tyger, “This couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. What was that about Take It Deep?”]


Match 10

Lexx Anvil VS Damien Lucas (OSPW JR Television Champion) 

Title Match

Right before the match starts, OSPW Commissioner Tyger Smith tells the fans he’s tired of Damien Lucas winning his matches by cheating and getting disqualified and makes the match a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH. It appeared Damien Lucas formed a strategy right from the start to keep Lexx Anvil chain wrestling from one move to another apparently in hopes Anvil wouldn’t be able to grab a weapon, even though Anvil always carries a huge thor-like hammer with him to the ring. This was good technical wrestling but Lucas seemed pre-occupied. Lucas then fled out of the ring through the walkway curtain, Lexxfollowed, both men vanished behind the curtain. A loud thump was heard and Lexx came through the curtain holding his head. Lucas came out with what looked like a double-sized metal briefcase and smacked it on Anvil’s back. Lucas then proceeded to take a big rusty chain out of the box and tried to put Lexx’s hammer into it but the hammer was too heavy for Lucas. Lucas pushed the hammer with his foot into the box and locked it shut with the chain and a padlock. Lucas then continued to carry on with his technical wrestling approach until Anvil gave him a belly-to-belly suplex. Anvil, instead of trying to go for a pin, went right back to the suitcase to try to get his hammer out. Lucas took advantage and stayed on Lexx long enough to slap his finisher, a spinning reverse neckbreaker on him to get the win and retain his title.


Match 11

OSPW World Champion Brian Emanon (accompanied by Manager Jackie Hop Sing)


OSPW NY Champion Ty Licious

Champion VS Champion Match for the OSPW World Title

Once again, the overly flamboyant Ty Licious came to ringside with treats in tow for the fans in the way of candy and necklaces to which the fans ate up&ldots;literally. Jackie Hop Sing came through the curtain with bandages wrapped around his head after taking a brutal beating throughout the night. Emanon looked solid as ever and determined as he approached the squared circle.  Ty seemed to feel sorry for Hop Sing and mentioned to the fans that Hop Sing had a booboo and proceeded to kiss him on the cheek. Once the bell rang, Ty stated he didn’t want to lock up with Emanon because Emanon looked too angry. Ty then offered a game of mercy, Emanon put his hand up then punched Ty in the face. Ty got upset and shouted, “Let’s fight!” Emanon tangled up with the flamboyant one only to have Ty smack him on his behind. Emanon told the ref it was sexual harassment. Emanon then planted some nasty forearms to Ty’s head. Ty came back sending Emanon to the buckle before giving him the infamous 10-count punches. Emanon planted one downstairs sending Ty to the mat on his back. Emanon slapped on a submission, after a few moments Ty was out. Emanon and Ty go back and forth for a bit before Emanon sends him to the ropes, Ty rolls Emanon up into a small package. Emanon kicks out and takes Ty down with a huge clothesline, dropkicks, and over-the-top leg drop into a pin attempt, Ty reverses with a crucifix pin but no luck. The two battle back and forth long enough for Ty to end up landing a flying football tackle off the ropes before heading to the outside to the top turnbuckle and descending to the mat with hang time to land the big elbow. Unfortunately, for Ty it only gets a 2-count and Ty gets frustrated. Emanon pulls out a desperation spinning spinebuster but only a 2-count for Emanon. Ty goes for an O’Connor roll-up pin, once again, 2-count. Emanon quick as lightning slaps on a front-face Codebreaker before applying his finishing triangle submission to get the win and retain his OSPW World Title. Side Note: Emanon while applying the submission kept shouting, “Just like Trip!”


Remember BEST SIGN CONTEST at Civil War 8, April 21st! See you there!

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