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Match one

JR TV title / Flyer   vs  Emanon

Awakening 9 opened up with a fantastic demo from members of Master Chong's

World Class Tae Kwon Do, Mister Bauer and Mister Russo.  Followed yu the

first match up between Jay Flyer and Eric Emanon for the OSPW Jr TV title.

 This match went from zero to sixty as Flyer and Emanon gave us non stop

action in and out of the ring, back and forth they would go.  It was any

mans match to win, then as we have seen so many times before The House of

"M" pulled a fast one and captured the victory.  Thye winner and new OSPW

Jr TV Champion... Jay Flyer!!!


Match two

3 on 2 handicap match

McGee / Venemous / Spades   vs  SOF

Next up a three on two handicap tag match between Mike McGee, Venomous and

Jack of Spades verses The Sons of Fortune, Chist WEst and Mikey Everynight

with manager Lanny Repman.  The action in this one was a bit

uunconventionalo but mostly old school in heart as these two teams battled

it out.  All five men gave it their all in a true test of wills in what

turned out to be a real nail biter of a match and a crowd pleaser of a

fight for sure.  Your winners....The Sons of Misfortune!!!


Match three

Lucas  vs  Doink

Next up we had a real surprise to OSPW as Damien Lucas faced off against

Doink the Clown.  This truly was a fun filled match up to say the least

for young and old alike as Doink put a smile on the faces of us all.  As

Lucas and Doink put on a true entertaining wrestling clinic, some old

school action between two fantastic competitors.  Lucas would steal the

victory with a roll up and not one but both feet on the ropes.  The

winner...Damien Lucas!!!


Match four

Mandrake/ Tyger   vs  A Nasty Sensation

A Nasty Sensation reunite and find themselves facing OSPW Chapmion Tommy

Mandrake teaming up with Tyger Smith.  But before the action, it seemed

that everyone in the ring wanted to go into business for themselves,

calling people out, making matches and so on.  Since when did the inmates

run the assylum?  Now to the action.  This one started with some classic

back and forth technical wrestling action, then quickly turned into a bit

of a slug fest, then slowy swung back around to some well thought out tag

team wrestling.  All four men looked to be on top of their game, Nasty

Sensation had things going their way over Tyger and then just like that

Mandrake came in like a house of fire setting up an awesome double team

that finally found a winner.  Your winners...the team of Tyger Smith and

OSPW NY Champion Tommy Mandrake!!!


Match five

Trip  vs  Ryot

Next up for the #1 contenders spot at OSWP's Wrestlefest it was Trip

verses Ryot.  The crowd seemed heavy in favor of Ryot before the bell.

Now to the action between two of the best in OSPW history.  These two men

gave it their all as they showed us one hell of a classic old school match

up mixed with just a touch of new school flare.  All in all, this match

was one the highlights of the night thus far, ending in a flash of poetic

brilliance as Trip towmstoned Ryot for the victory.  Your



Match six

Kwan  vs  Keegan

Next up we had the Asian Noghtmare Kwan Chang against Kriptic Keegan of

the new UWC.  This one began with a whole lot more jaw jacking than

anything else, followed by some truly amazing action from both Keegan and

Chang.  Both men proved to be top competitors, but Kwan Chang would prove

to be just a little too much for Keegan to overcome proving that some

times size does matter.  The winner....Kwan Chang!!!


Match seven

TV title

Foxx   vs  Lexx

Next we saw an OSPW TN title match between challenger Lexx Anvil and

Champion Billy Foxx.  This one started out fast paced and hard hitting,

both men seemed to be closely matched as they fought well and gave us a

few magical moments.  It will be Billy Foxx and The House of "M" who would

steal the victory.  The winner and still OSPW TV Champion...Billy Foxx!!!


Match eight

3 way

Fate   vs  Soldier  vs  Shadokat

Next up was a 3-way dance between Xavier Fate, Latin Soldier and Shadokat.

 Before the bell Deacon was attacked at ringside by Cassius Cutcher.  Now

to the match at hand.  This one was hot and heavy ith lightening like

action in and out of thye ring.  All three men pulling out all the stops

to overcome each other and be called the victor.  It was perfectly clear

who the fans loved, they stood strongly behind Shadokat.  It was any man's

match to be had but it would be Shadokat who would score the win in this

truly incredible match up.  Your winner....Shadokat!!!


Match nine

Main event

Cutcher  vs  Deacon

Now the main event for te OSPW World Heavy Weight Championship between

Champion Cassius Cutcher and challenger the Sons of Thunder Deacon.  This

one started hot, as neither man waisted any time taking it to the other

like two bulls they locked up and went to war.  After being bested in a

test of strength Cutcher attempted to slow things down and play mind games

with Dweacon, he quickly found out he could not win like that.  Either

these two big men went back and forth with some of the best old school

wrestling action we have seen in some time showing us all with out a doubt

why they are the main event tongihty.  As the fight raged on fatigue began

to set in on both Champion and challender, but the hundreds in attendence

would breath new life into Deacon as they chanted his name.  The Champion

was not done yet, but it seemed no matter what he threw at Deacon, it was

not enough.  With both men now running on empty Cutcher cause a

distraction for the ref, hit Deacon with the title belt and scored the 1,

2, 3 like her has done so many times before.  But OSPW Commissioner Bishop

came out and restarted the match and the fight raged on until finally

Deacon locked Cutcher in a cloverleaf submission for the victory and the

fans went wild!  Your winner and new OSPW Champion Deacon!!!

This has been the full show report by David James.