"Quest For the Crown"


Match # 1 

"Quest For the Crown" Round 1 match

Rex Atkins vs Trip

Before the first bell, but after the announcements were made, the commentators team took their places and the American Anthem played, the night began with a Black and Blue interview in which we saw acting Commissioner Danny Magick retire the Hardcore title and honor TSK with it! Now onto the first Emperor of old school tournament match between Rex Atkins and Trip with Mirage.  The action began in classic fashion as both men showed us they could do it old school.  Neither man had a true advantage over the other until Atkins took Trips leg out and went to work on it strong.  It looked as if Atkins would take this one, as it had to be only a matter of time before Trip would have to quit under the pain but Trip would dig down deep and finding a way to win with a surprise roll up for the victory to advance to Round two. 

Your Winner


Match # 2

"Quest For the Crown" Round 1 match

Kwan Chang vs TSK

Next up in tournament action we had Kwan Chang against TSK Eric Summerville. Kwan brought Jaz Miles and Mabus the Freak to the ring with him.  TSK brought his newly awarded OSPW hardcore title with him.  The action in this one started hot and heavy between the American hero TSK and Hong Kong's Asian nightmare Kwan Chang as both men brawled and beat each other down.  This had to be the hardest hitting match of the night, it looked as if TSK had Chang beat in a cobra clutch, but in the end it would be Kwan Chang who would be the victor after Mabus the Freak and Jaz Miles got involved.  Oh and did I mention the hard core belt shot to TSK's head by Chang. 

The winner and next man to advance

Kwan Chang

Match # 3 

Tag Team Action

The Shamrockers vs Mikey Everynight and Jimmy Stitches

Next up in tag action we had Michael Mckinger and Patrick O'Malley, the Shamrockers take on the team of Mikey Everynight and Jimmy Stitches.  The match began with the team of Stitches & Everynight flying around the ring with a quick hit and run in and out attack on the Shamrockers, but that only lasted so long as the larger team of the Shamrockers over powered and over took the other team to score the win. 

Your winners

The Shamrockers

After the bell Damien Lucas and Hans Gruber cleared the ring and delivered a beat down on Stitches & Everynight so Commissioner Danny Magick told Lucas his match would be now.

Match # 4

"Quest For the Crown" Round 1 match

Damien Lucas vs Nick Vickers

Next was another Round one tournament match between Damien Lucas with Hans Gruber at ringside against Nick Vickers who was making his OSPW debut.  This one began with a bit of flash and flare as Nick Vickers attempted to pose for the crowd,Damien Lucas wasted no time going on the attack, jumping his slightly larger foe from behind.  Vickers fought back but each time he would get the upper hand Hans Gruber would interject himself into the match.  Well, the numbers game proved too much for the tye dyed newcomer. 

The Winner

and next man to advance

Damien Lucas

Match # 5 

"Quest For the Crown" Round 1 match

Titus Smith vs Chance Taylor

Next up the final Round one tournament match between Titus Smith of the UWC and current OSPW New York Champ Chance Taylor.  This match was over even before it began as Titus attacked Taylor as he made his way to the ring.  The two men battled it out in and out of the ring with stiff kicks and closed fist shots.  Neither man seemed to care about a thing called the rules as they both refused to listen to the orders of the ref, who lost control of this match as Titus and Chance lost their tempers and had to be pulled apart by several referees and even a few wrestlers.  This one ends in a no contest decision.  Neither man advanced in the tournament.

Match # 6

3 - Way World Heavyweight Title Match

Tyger Smith vs Brian Emanon vs Billy Foxx

The next match and first main event of the night is a three way dance for the OSPW World Heavy weight Championship between Tyger Smith with Angel Smith, and Brian Emanon and champion Billy Foxx with manager Thunder.  The bell rang and the match was on as all three men locked up, followed by one reversal after the next and then the limit braking high flying began from Foxx not to be out done Brian Emanon went to the extreme a time or two.  As Tyger Smith clawed, scratched and kicked his way toward winning the title, all three men put out a fantastic effort in this one to be the one to win.  But in the end, the match broke down as Tyger Smith tossed the rules out and low blowed Foxx as Angel low blowed Emanon and then he kicked the ref in the face causing a DQ.  So this one ended in a DQ.

Your Winner

Billy Foxx

As Emanon was screwed and Tyger Smith was suspended for 30 days


Match # 7

Tag Team Title Match /  with a Guest Referee

A Nasty Sensation vs The Sons Of Thunder

Next up we saw the team of a Nasty Sensation David Evans and Nasty Nick Nice take on the Sons of Thunder Bishop and Deacon with manager Thunder for the OSPW Tag team titles.  This match had a special guest ref in the form of Rex Atkins.  The match started as Deacon and Evans went to lock up, Evans wasted no time cheating with a rake to the eyes.  After that it all broke loose as the Sons of Thunder took both Evans and Nice to the outside and beat them around the arena.  The team of a Nasty Sensation would finally take control over the match for a brief moment with a few under handed tactics.  It would not take long for the Champions to begin to dominate the challengers with well executed double teams and over powering technical attack.  It seemed Deacon and Bishop had this one going their way as they delivered a devastating beast slayer to Nasty Nick Nice.  Deacon covered but at that moment Papa Terry Kadillac attacked Thunder at ring side.  This drew Bishop to his father's defense as Ref Rex Atkins attacked Deacon with a death valley driver and made a fast three count as Evans covered Deacon to win the match and the titles. 

The winners and new OSPW Tag team Champions a Nasty Sensation!!  Billy Foxx came to the Sons aid only to suffer a beat down from Atkins and Evans And Nice. the fallen recovered and chased Atkins Evans and Nice back to the locker room where they had to be pulled apart.

Match # 8

Round 2 

Quest For The Crown Match

Kwan Chang vs Trip

Next up was Round two in the tournament between Kwan Chang and Trip.  This started with a hard hitting attack from Kwan Chang to Trip and Trip answered back blow for blow.  The two men fought on kick for kick, hold for hold in an amazing battle of wills.  Trip found himself distracted one too many times with Jaz Miles and Mabus the Freak at ringside.  This gave Kwan Chang the upper hand for a good portion of the match and almost the victory too boot.  But some how some way the mad hatter of OSPW found a way to overcome the pain and the odds as he made Kwan Chang tap out.  After Mabus the freak hit Kwan in the head with a kendo stick shot meant for Trip.  Advancing to the final round,

 The Winner


After the match Damien Lucas attacked Trip with a steel pry bar to the knee.

Match # 9

  Tag Team Action

Mabus The Freeek and Kriptic Keegan vs Eric Emanon and Shadokat

Next we had a tag team match between the teams of Kriptic Keegan with Mabus the freak against Shadokat and Eric Emanon.  This one started when Shadokat told Kriptic that he was granted the right to name Keegan`s partner and as you now know, it was Mabus the freeeek. Also if Shadokat could score the pin in this match he would get a title shot at Keegan.  The action in this one was interesting to say the least, full of some hard hitting and at times death defying moves by all four men.  But in the end it would be Shadokat who would pin the freeek after a Shadofalls Splash. 

Your Winner

Shadokat and Eric Emanon

Match # 10

Quest For The Crown 

Tournament Final

Damien Lucas vs Trip vs Papa Terry Kadillac

Now the final round of the Emperor of Old School tournament and the main event between Damien Lucas, Trip who came to ring against doctors orders and the current Emperor Terry Kadillac.  Before the action, the acting Commissioner made a match for Civil WAR VI between the Sons of Thunder, Billy Foxx and a partner to be named against a Nasty Sensation, Rex Atkins and a partner of their choice. Now onto the match and what a match it was as an injured Trip tried to survive and get revenge on Lucas at the same time, while Lucas tried to convince Kadillac to double team the mad hatter every chance he could and as Kadillac went to work on winning this match by any way possible.  In the end it would be Trip who found the way to win the match and become the new Emperor of Old School and earn a world title shot.  After the match Deacon and Billy Foxx of the Fallen came to the ring and asked Trip to join them and Bishop on team Thunder at Civil War VI and his answer was yes!!  And he also asked Foxx for a shot at Wrestlefest VIII for the OSPW World Heavy weight title.  Thank you to all in attendance.  This has been the official show report by David James.  See you all next time on April 24th at Civil War VI!!!

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