By: David James

Match # 1

 Billy Brooks vs Rex Atkins

In the show opener, we saw new comer Billy Brooks against Rex Atkins. The action was back and forth at first, with a good exchange between both wrestlers. The edge was with Atkins having just a bit more experience, not to mention the help he received from the High Rollers society members of Ashleigh Vayda and leader Black Jack Phoenix. Both men gave a great showing, with Atkins delivering a perfectly done DVD for the pinfall victory. Black Jack Phoenix thought it would be fun to add insult to injury, lucky for Brooks, Greg Karma made the save.

Match # 2

 Six Man Scramble for the TV title

Johnny Swift vs Al Jihad vs Kazz

vs Loose Screw vs TSK vs Trip

This match was scheduled to be a five way number one contender's match for the OSPW TV Title. However before this match could get underway, the TV Champ, Trip appeared with something to say. Not only did he ask the commissioner to let him put the title on the line, he also brought Rae-Rae back with him to ringside. So now this match would be a Six way, one fall to the finish, with Trip's title on the line. Swift and Jihad started the match off with a fantastic display of speed and technique. Swift brings in Kazz with a tag, who makes his presence known with a amazing display of power over Jihad who with a quick double boot to the face of Kazz turns the tide, leaving both men looking to make a tag. In comes Trip only to be met by the truly terrifying Lose Screw. The Champ, found himself on the bad end of a beating. TSK gets the tag and continues the beat down on Trip. With so many explosive elements in this match the action got a bit out of control. This one ends with a 1 2 3 pinfall victory, after an assist from Rex Atkins.

 your winner and new


Television Champion

 Al Jihad

Match # 3

Dangerboy vs Robert Ezekyo vs Tyger Smith

This match was a 3-way dance and a

shackles match qualifier!

we saw

Dangerboy facing off against Robert Ezekyo and Tyger Smith. The match gets under way with a triple collar and Elbow tie up, then a double team by Tyger and Dangerboy to Ezekyo. There friendship however would not last for long, with the masked man finding himself in the ring all alone after clearing it one way or the other. All three of these men were putting it ALL on the line in this match for a shot at the world title. the high light came when we saw all three combatants fly threw the air off the top rope in what appeared to be 3 way super German suplex WOW, that is one for the highlight real. In the end your winner and shackles match qualifier for The OSPW world heavyweight title Tyger Smith

with a

Pumphandle Tombstone Piledriver on Dangerboy

Match # 4

Superbeast vs Mike McGee

For the

OSPW Hardcore Title

For the Hardcore title we saw aging champ, McGee against the In Human monstrosity Superbeast. As always a match not for the weak of heart,

 "Hardcore Never Is"

McGee would take control early or so it seemed inside outside all over the ring and ringside areas, hitting beast with what ever was within his reach. But the younger larger challenger would not be stopped, landing a few hard shots to the champs head with a metal garbage can. McGee now finding himself in a world of trouble, busted open with the crimson flow and trying to hold on to his title, only to find it slowly slipping away as his lifes energy ran down his face from the gash in his forehead. In the final moments Superbeast would not only blind mike with powder to the eyes but also hit him with a version of a full nelson slam. The winner and new OSPW Hard Core Champion Superbeast. Trip came out to help his old buddy McGee only to be

x-factored by the now bloody blinded beaten former champ. what's up there

Wrestling Fans?

Match # 5

Greg Karma vs Black Jack Phoenix

This was another shackles match qualifier and grudge mach between former partners. We already saw Tyger Smith qualify earlier, and rumor has it Ryot has a spot as well for pinning Deacon at winter warfare. There is the bell and the match is under way Karma wastes no time showing his strength advantage but that did not last long, with Blackjack proving to be Abel to out whit and out maneuver his opponent every step of the way. Each time Karma would rally, Atkins or Vayda would get involved with a distraction or interference of some kind. Finally this apparent numbers game would ware down the power house known as Greg Karma, putting him in a perfect position for the clothesline from hell delivered by Black Jack Phoenix for the win!


and shackles match


Black Jack Phoenix

Match # 6

Warpath vs Magic

For The

 New York Title

This match was suppose to be a handicap match putting Primal Warpath against Flatline and Ryot, by order of the General Manager and OSPW New York Champ Danny Magik. If Warpath could beat them then he would get a rematch for the title. At first warpath put up a good fight and at times seemed to be holding his own with the grewsome twosome of Ryot and Flatline. Then when it seemed warpath was finished, Danny Magik slid in the ring, letting everyone know that he decided that warpath could have his rematch and it is right now. Magik thinking he had this one in the bag, only to loose it after Warpath finds his second wind landing a demon drop on the champ. This brought in Danny's boys for the save with a steel chair shot to the challenger and a DDT for the Ref. The Official ruling on this one is your winner by DQ,

Primal Warpath

Magik Retains the Title!

 Warpath has vowed to hunt Magik, Ryot and Flatline down

like dogs no matter what!

Match # 7

Power trip vs the Killer Steves vs The Davidsons

For The

OSPW Tag Titles

This was a triple threat tag match for the OSPW tag titles. We saw the team of Power Trip consisting of Nick Paradise Partnered with Sir Adam Sabre, squaring off against the teams of the Killer Steves who made there long awaited debut in OSPW, and the Champs Scott and Steve the Davidsons. Paradise and Studly Steve started the action, back and forth they went pretty evenly matched. Paradise lands a beautiful arm drag to get the advantage then tags in partner Sir Adam Sabre who go's right to work, only to have the studly one escape him with a tag to Steve Davidson. Steve out whits Sabre and the Ref to allow some under handed double teaming to go on. Scot Davidson tags in and begins to dissect Sabre with every move. Only by pure luck the big Englishman makes a tag bringing in Mr. one night stand Steve Kruz, who takes the boots to the Davidsons right away. At one point Kruz tried pinning everyone including his own partner. Unfortunately this one brakes out of control and ends in a no contest decision, yes I said the Ref. threw this one out!



Tag Team Champions

 The Davidsons Brothers

Match # 8

Amy Ash vs Ashleigh Vayda


Women's Title Match

For the OSPW Women's Championship we saw Amy Ash and Champion Ashleigh Vayda in one of the most interesting women's bouts in OSPW history. We saw a truly amazing display of chain style wrestling from both ladies. In the end the champ, was just to much for the challenger. Vayda was to strong, to smart and had two to many helpers at ringside, in the form of Blackjack and Atkins.

winner and still OSPW women's Champion

Ashleigh Vayda

after the match The High Rollers Society revealed yet another member

surprise surprise

 It was

Mike McGee

Match # 9

The Main Event

Glamorous Glenn Dillion vs Deacon

In a 15 ft steel Cage

  for the

OSPW World Title

Glenn Dillion enters the cage first with the stolen OSPW world title in hand. Then the true OSPW world Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the cage, lead by Thunder,Rebellion and newest member of the Fallen the Doberman Scotty Roberts. Bishop was sitting front row to witness, in this writers opinion the greatest main event ever in OSPW. Once the action started both men wasted no time literally beating the hell out of each other. The crowd at times was deafening. The way these two Men tried to kill one another, it was clear they truly hated each other. Nothing but pure hatred could explain the way they put each other into the steel cage time and time again. A few highlights that stand out in this match is when Dillion attempted to climb the cage for the win, only to be stopped when Deacon took him off the top rope with a thunderous powerbomb. Then Deacon perched himself on top of the 15 foot high cage, and leaped off landing a superfly splash, he calls Golgatha's Hill. After the splash, Deacon crawled to the door kicking Dillion away as he tried to stop him with no luck.

Your Winner

and still

OSPW World Heavyweight Champion


after the match Jazz miles from wrestle blast TV had a few words for all. It seems to me that Jazz has made some kind of alliance with Dillion.

See you all next time at


Civil War II

April 29th

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