Name: Bishop

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 240 Pounds

Home Town: Iron Island, Buffalo new York

Wrestling Debut: 2001

Specialty Signature Moves

Fisherman Suplex, Round House Titanium Kick,

Swinging neck - Breaker, Torture Rack


Title History


3 x OSPW Tag Team Champion

OSPW Television Champion


Check Mate (Cross face chicken Wing)

Bishop Bomb ( Falling Power Slam)

Crossbow : Submission  


 Bishop being a second Generation Wrestler, always strives to be the best. Trying to stay five moves ahead of his opponent. He adapted this attitude through playing Chess, which he won a couple of Medals in tournaments. Later on, Bishop took up Okinawan Ishanrya and Kick-Boxing and then Incorporated them into his Wrestling style. Anyone that has been in the Ring with Bishop will tell you, if you are ever in the Buckle, Pray for an elbow to the head and not the foot!

At Times, Bishop seems impervious to pain, he can quickly recover and turn things to his Favor. he Trains and tags with the Deacon. They are Collectively known as The Sons Of Thunder. Some People have said they maybe brothers and their father is a minister, but only they know for certain!