"The South Park Spark"

Christopher West

Career Highlights:

2006 Wrestleblast TV Rookie of the Year

UW Tag Team Champ w/Superbeast


Name: Chris West

Hometown: "The city of no illusions" Buffalo,NY

Debut: 2006

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 301 lbs


Big Bang (Pump Handle Powerbomb)

S.P.S. (Crossface Variation)

Special Delivery (Clothesline from Hell)


Chris West was trained at the Old School Dojo along side many OSPW stars. After being lost for so long, Chris returned to OSPW with purpose. He is quick and agile for a man his size and has an incredible arsenal of wrestling moves to bring to the squared circle. A man of the people, Chris West has put the entire WNY region on his back and has promised to bring them to the promised land of professional wrestling. West is truly the "Comeback Kid" and makes it clear every time he steps foot in the ring.