By: David James


Dark Match

 Magic the Freak vs The Canadian Thriller

This was a OSPW Contract match, we saw Magic the freak against The Canadian Thriller. Magic a kind of freaky Clown and the Thriller a Lumberjack from Canada or so it seemed. This was a entertaining match by both Wrestlers. The match ended in a no-contest, when powertrip lead by Glenn Dillion interrupted the match, wiping out everyone and taking the ring hostage. Dillion refused to leave the ring until he got a re-match for the OSPW World Title held by Deacon. So out came Big Jay the OSPW commissioner and Danny Magik the General Manager of Old School Pro. After a brief debate between all involved and a Horrible rendition of the Iraq National Anthem by new comer Kenny Casanova. The call was made to give Dillion a re-match. In the main event it will be Dillion vs Magik vs Jihad vs Smith vs Phoenix against the Champion in a 6 man elimination shackles match!! with special guest, outside ring enforcer Kevin Rosier.

Now welcome to

Civil War II

 take it away Buffalo Tom!

Match # 1

 Johnny Kadillac vs Johnny Swift

We saw the new commer Kadillac along with his papa at ringside, facing off against an old school pro wrestling regular for the past year or so at least in Swift. This writer was truly impressed by the high flying and technical ability of both competitors. this one ends when Johnny Kadillac submits to a Texas cloverleaf applied by Johnny Swift. He would however, pay for his win when Papa Terry Kadillac would hit him with his own pumpkin Archie,

 (now in the possession of the kadillacs)

 with this win Swift has

moved up in the OSPW rankings.

Match # 2

 Flatline vs Primal Warpath

This match is another installment of a feud between Warpath and the General Manager`s Group. This feud has been ongoing for several months now. Two very unpredictable wrestlers in action here. Early on Warpath would take an obvious power advantage, only to be caught off guard by Flatline's speed. It appeared that the aerial assassin just might take the bigger man out. He however had just a little help from his valet Eve, and delivered a running chair shot to the head of Warpath. Lucky for the big man the Ref, saw it all. The winner by DQ Primal Warpath, who in the end lays out Flatline with a Demon drop across a steel chair. Then Warpath lets everyone know that he took Ryot out earlier as well. So it looks like the man in paint just might have gotten a bit of pay back after all

Two Down One To Go!

Match # 3

Robert Ezekyo vs Kazz

 In the past few months we have seen Ezekyo taking on Tyger Smith of the Den. The feud has now moved on to include Kazz it seems. One would have to wonder how many more members of the Den will the Masiah of Malice go after? The match gets underway between two fantastic mat technicians this one seemingly could have gone either way. This was truly a wonderful example of Old School style wrestling. From arm drags, and super kicks to Drop kicks and suplexes. In the end it was Kazz with a cradle driver or the Horror Show as he calls it for the victory. With this win maybe he will climb the rankings soon

 you can bet

 the OSPW

Championship Committee Was Watching.

Match # 4

  Doberman vs TSK vs Nick Paradise

This match starts with a interruption by Nick Paradise just as Doberman and TSK were about to lock up. Some how Nick Paradise of power trip worms his way into the match. Neither one of his opponents waisted much time in welcoming him into the Match, with a double team beat down. Paradise would then roll out for a breather, allowing TSK and the Dog Man to do battle one on one for a moment or two. One thing was certain in this match Doberman had no problem overpowering either of his foes. It looked as if the big dog had it won when he landed a awesome Polish Hammer to the chest of TSK, who managed to put his foot on the bottom rope in time to save himself from the pin. I have to wonder how the referee could see that, but missed the foreign object that TSK struck not only the Doberman with but Paradise as well. Both men were stunned long enough for TSK to get the 1,2,3 over the dog.

The winner

Eric the Serial Killer Summerville


Now in contention for the Hard core Title

Match # 5

 Civil war II

5 on 5 Elimination match

The Teams were

Trip, Karma, Brooks, Inferno and Kriptic


Atkins, McGee, Superbeast, Sabre and Kwan Chang

The action started even before the bell rang, when trip attacked McGee. Both teams finally settled into there corners and it was Sabre locking up with Brooks to start this one off. Every wrestler had more than their share of time, to show case his talents. This match may have set a new OSPW record for longest time in one match. The first to be eliminated was Sir Adam Sabre by submission thanks to trip. Next to go was Billy Brooks, he was pinned by Rex Atkins. Then we saw Kriptic on the loosing end to Kwan Chang, who also made inferno tap out. We now had a 2 on 4 match up, but not for long as Karma would pin Kwan , only to find himself taken out of this one by Super Beast with a chair shot. Trip wasted no time hitting a super kick to finish Super beast's time in this match. Now it was a two on one as Atkins and McGee try to eliminate South Buffalos own Trip. We saw Trip put up an impressive fight only to be put away after his former friend Mike McGee would blind tag Atkins and finish Trip off with a version of a pedigree.

the winners for team Atkins

Mike McGee and Rex Atkins.

Match # 6

 Amy Ash vs Ashleigh Vayda

2 out of 3 fall for the

OSPW women's Title

This match was for the OSPW Woman's title, a two out of three falls between challenger Amy Ash and Champion Ashleigh Vayda. A truly impressive match to say the least, by both women. Vayda would score the first fall with an amazing display of power, when she hit what looked like a Bishop bomb on Ash for the pin. Amy Ash would come back quickly with a beautiful roll up for the second fall, to even the score. Ashleigh Vayda, not too happy being pinned, turns it up a notch landing a face first sidewalk slam and the victory.

The Winner and still

OSPW Woman's


Ashleigh Vayda

Match # 7

 The Killer Steves vs The Davidsons

for the

OSPW Tag Titles

For the OSPW Tag Team Gold it was the Killer Steves against the Davidson Brothers. Steve Kruz and Scott Davidson locked up to get things started. Both teams were jockeying back and forth fighting for position. The tag champs would be the first to strike an apparent advantage with the first of many double team maneuvers. All four men spill out to floor but not for long. The Davidsons maintain control of the match as they seem to just dissect the Steves with one double team after the other. Finally the Killer Steves come to life and show that they just might be contenders after all. The action ends up out side the ring once again turning into a pair six brawl all the way to the locker room. This one ends in a double count out, neither team scoring the victory

Still the OSPW Tag Team Champions

Scott and Steve

The Davidsons Brothers

Match # 8

 6 man elimination shackles match

Main Event

for the

OSPW World Title

 Another amazing match and another first for OSPW History.

(the never before seen 6 man elimination shackles match)

 with special guest ring side enforcer Kevin Rosier. We saw Tyger Smith, Glenn Dillion, Al Jihad, Black Jack Phoenix and Danny Magik, challenge the champion Deacon. Magik and Deacon started the match while all others remained shackled to the ring posts. The action was under way with an incredible display of technical ability from Deacon on to Magik. This was true old school wrestling at its best. The first Wrestler to be released was Glenn Dillion. This match quickly turned into a two on one handicap match not in the champs favor. Next to enter was Al Jihad now it was a three on one beat down as Deacon was shackled to a now empty ring post by his three foes. Lucky for the Champ, Tyger Smith was released in time to chase off or beat on the unholy three-some giving Deacon a breather. After Breaking out of the shackles Deacon would pin Dillion first, hitting a diamond cutter to finish him just as Black Jack entered the ring. Seven seconds later Blackjack pinned Tyger Smith after landing a hard lariat for the pin. Shortly after that Al Jihad gets DQ-ED leaving Black Jack and Magik taking turns trying to finish off Deacon. It seemed that Black Jack and Deacon were focused on facing each other. Every time Magik entered the mix both Deacon or Black Jack would take him down hard just to continue beating on each other. Then as it looked like the champion was beat after being leveled by a clothesline from hell, Dillion would reappear hitting Black Jack with a chain and busting him open. Then on what must have been total instinct, Deacon crawled across the ring to pin Black Jack. then their was two, the same two that started this match would now finish it. Danny Magik sensing victory picked up Deacon and called for his finisher the hat trick only to have it countered. magik found himself now locked in Deacon's submission hold, known as Daddy's Disciplined. Magik could do nothing but submit. Your winner and still OSPW World heavy weight champion DEACON!

After the match Tyger Smith took a microphone and voiced the opinions of all the talent that has filtered into OSPW in the past year, from N.E.W. the event ended with a face to face stand off between twenty OSPW Wrestlers and twelve N.E.W. guys. Tyger declared war as Deacon answered him by saying the only thing stopping you is FEAR!!!

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June 10th