By: David James


Honors The Legends

Before the matches, OSPW honored the first class of Honorary OSPW Hall of Fame Members and OSPW Legends Class of 2007. These legends include No Class Bobby Bass, The Destroyer, The Missing Link and the Butcher Chuck Simpson. Champion Black Jack Phoenix even tried to give one of the legends his award personally since he said he looked up to this man, No Class Bobby Bass. Bass not only insulted the champ, but along with the Butcher Chuck Simpson, attacked the OSPW World Champion. The disrespect to the champ by Simpson and Bass turned into a title match that took place later in the show.

Match 1

5-Way Elimination

The opening match up was a five way elimination match featuring Chris Laplante, Terry Kadillac, Nick Paradise, one half of the Spot Monkeys,Inc,Trip and being lead to the ring by Thunder, The Doberman. The bell sounded after Jaz Miles had the shock of his life when Thunder revealed that members of Maximum Enforcement grabbed the wrong guy! The action in this one was hot and heavy in and out of the ring. We saw suplexes, body slams and even a plancha or two. The first to be eliminated was Papa Kadillac by Nick Paradise, who then was taken out by Trip. Not only did Trip pin Nick Paradise but then he hit Chris Laplante with Trips end and pinned him leaving it a one on one with Trip and Doberman. For reasons not yet known, Punk Princess Raena hit Trip with a chair just as it looked like he had the victory. Doberman gets the pinfall victory.

Your Winner


Match 2

 Everyone thought they would see the Samoan Bone Crushers against The Davidson's, but due to an injury to Steve Davidson, The Davidsons announced a very hearth-felt farewell, as the Team Retired. Now facing the Samoans would be fan favorites Rico Cruz teaming with Robert Ezekyo. Ezekyo tried to take the legs away from the huge Samoan Sway with no luck! Rico Cruz tagged in only to be destroyed by the larger of the Samoans, Mandingo. In the end after a double head butt by the Samoans to Ezekyo followed up by a combination sit out powerbomb falling head butt double team maneuver.

The Winners

The Samoan Bone Crushers!

Match 3

Was a 3 Way Dance and the Final Match of the #1 Contenders Tournament First man in the ring was Danny Christopher followed by Greg Karma and then Rounded off by Kazz. This one starts with Kazz and Karma showing no love lost for Danny Christopher as they both double teamed the smaller man. We saw many double teams in this match as all three men took turns pairing up in an attempt to take each other out.

The Winner

and the new number one contender for the

OSPW World Heavy Weight Title

The Man Known As Kazz!

Match 4

Al Jihad with Dillion vs Dewy Robertson The Missing Link with Thunder. This match started with Glenn Dillion and Al Jihad crying the blues as they always do. Well the crying was just starting as Al Jihad's opponent was announced being lead to the ring by Thunder, was Dewy Robertson The Missing Link. Al Jihad found himself in a world of hurt as the legendary Missing Link took him apart in true Old School Fashion. Even Dillion felt the wrath of the legend before he finished Jihad off with a falling slam.

Your winner

Dewy Robertson

The Missing Link!!

Match 5

Krystal Banks vs Ashleigh Vayda Woman's Title Match this was the first of two title matches of the night. Both the Champion Ashleigh Vayda and the challenger Krystal Banks stopping at nothing to be the one to come away from this bout with the OSPW Women's title around their waist. In one of the best woman's title matches in a long time. The Match ended when Banks hit Vayda with a neck breaker to score the pin to become the new

OSPW Women's Champion

Your Winner

Krystal Banks


Coin Toss For War Games

At the first intermission we saw a coin toss between Team SOT and team ME to determine who would have the first advantage in the War Games match. Representing for each team would be Managers Jaz Miles and Thunder along with captains Dillion and Deacon accompanied by Co-Captains McGee and Bishop. Tossing the coin would be Legend No Class Bobby Bass, Bass asked for a coin and Dillion just so happened to have one. Bass tossed the coin and Dillion called it in the air his choice was heads and surprise surprise it was heads or that's what Bobby Bass said it was, as he was the only man in the ring that actually got a look at the coin. Buffalo Tom asked if he was sure it was heads, Bass then asked if he was being called a liar? No one wanted to accuse a legend of lying but it sure looked shady to me. Following the coin toss, Deacon and Bass were seen exchanging some heated words back in the locker room area over the whole situation!

Match 6

Ryot vs Kwan Chang

This match had all the makings to be on the list of match of the year. Even before it began, the bell sounded and the action was underway. Ryot showed Kwan early on that he was the stronger man in this match, something Kwan is not used to. But the more experienced Kwan Chang found more than one way to out smart Ryot. In the end, after a long hard fought battle it was Kwan Chang hitting what he calls

"The Near Death Experience" To Defeat Ryot.


The Asian Nightmare

Kwan Chang

Match 7

The First Main Event

OSPW World Title Match

With Bobby Bass in the corner of

The Butcher Chuck Simpson vs Black Jack Phoenix.

The Champion Black Jack Phoenix wasted no time taking it to Simpson in hopes to not only keep his title but to get five minutes in the ring with No Class Bobby Bass. The Butcher used every dirty trick in the book and came real close to becoming the new OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion. Just when it looked as if Black Jack would retain his title after leveling Simpson with an explosive clothesline from Hell, No Class Bobby Bass would involve himself by putting the Butcher's foot on the rope and slipping a pair of brass knuckles to the Butcher. But it all back fired when the champ beat the Butcher to the punch and knocked Simpson out with his own knuckles!

The Winner and Still

OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion

Black Jack Phoenix

After the bell, the Butcher and Bass beat down the Champ and Chris Laplante tried to help but was only beat down as well.

Match 8

The Main Event

A four on four Battle Inside a Fifteen Foot High

Steel Cage

Team SOT vs Team ME

Team Captains started the match and for the first five minutes Deacon tried to end Dillion's career. After that the entry order went like this Mike McGee then Bishop followed by TSK then Billy Fox finishing up with Rex Atkins and Brian Emanon. All eight men in this match held nothing back as they literally waged war on each other. In a fight for survival, Brian Emanon and Billy Fox left the crowd in awe as on more than one occasion they flew off the top of the cage with missile drop kicks and senton bomb splashes. Not to be out done, Deacon and Bishop just dominated the other team every chance they could working together in a number of double team maneuvers. One of which was done to Glenn Dillion, as the SOT delivered a double DDT off the second and top ropes. I found out after the match that the ropes broke as Deacon and Bishop delivered the double super DDT to Dillion. In the end, it was Team ME with a shocking upset victory. Order of elimination went as follows. Deacon took out TSK with a Texas clover leaf submission, Glenn Dillion eliminated Billy Fox and then Brian Emanon, Bishop made Rex Atkins tap out in a torture rack only to have Mike McGee knock him out with a shot to the head with a golf club. Deacon was then left to fight a two on one against McGee and Dillion. Deacon found himself in a reverse cobra clutch like move applied by Dillion. Deacon's mother known as Lighting seen enough and took the towel away from Thunder and threw it in eliminating Deacon.

The Winners

Team ME survived by Dillion and McGee

The shock of the night was after the win Dillion laid out McGee and called Terry Kadillac to the ring. They made some sort of deal with the commissioner Big Jay.

Kadillac pinned McGee and

the Kadillacs are now OSPW Tag Champs

This has been the official OSPW show Report By

OLD School Pro Wrestlings

Reporter: David James

See you all at the next OSPW Event

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