Pre Show Action

Fatal Fourway

Superbeast vs Troy The Boy Bucanan vs Dain The Pain vs The UnHoly Ryot

Match # 1

Tag Team Action

Damien Lucas and Hans Gruber vs  Jimmy Stitches and Mikey Everynight

Match # 2

Womans Title Match

Kaitlin Diemond vs Jesse Belle

Match # 3

Civil War VI Elimination 8 Man Tag Match

Bacardi Kid - Da latin Soldier - Titus Smith - Tyger Smith


McKinger - Eric Emanon - Brian Emanon - Chance Taylor

Match # 4

Jr TV Title Match

Kriptic Keegan vs Shadokat

Match # 5

Tag Team Action

Ikika and Kwan Chang vs TSK  and  Vickers

Match # 6

The Main Event

Civil War VI Elimination 8 Man Tag Match

Trip - Bishop - Deacon - Billy Foxx


Papa Terry Kadillac - David Evans - Nasty Nick Nice  - Rex Atkins

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