Full Results

Pre Show Match

Fatal Fourway

Superbeast vs Troy The Boy Bucanan vs Dain The Pain vs The UnHoly Ryot

After the Announcements and Americas Anthem played, the night began with a  fatal four way match between Troy "The Boy" Buchanon, Dain "The Pain", Super  Beast and "The Unholy" Ryot. This match started as all four men attempted to  feel each other out with a test of strength and power that spilled in and  out of the ring. In the ring Superbeast squashed Dain "The Pain" while  Ryot beat Troy from pillar to post on the out side. Buchanon would  suffer a deep cut on his forearm, which bled uncontrollably until he was forced to  be taken out of the match, to be patched up by OSPW`s Medical staff, As the  battle raged on between the remaining three men. In the end it would be  Ryot who scored the pinfall victory over Dain "The Pain" to win the match.

Match # 1

Tag Team Action

Damien Lucas and Hans Gruber vs  Jimmy Stitches and Mikey Everynight

 Next up we had a tag match between Damien Lucas and Hans Gruber, against  the team of "Stitches and Everynight". This match started and it was ALL Hans  Gruber, who tossed both Stitches and Every-night around the ring like  rag dolls. It looked as if this match would have ended quickly if not for  Damien Lucas tagging himself in and evening up the odds for the other team.  "Stitches Everynight" came very close  to winning this match with a few quick tags and  stylish double teams on Lucas. This brought Hans Gruber in with an extra  long tag rope (Later found out to be a "German" tag rope) this match ended  with a Roll of the Dice and a Das Boot.

The Winners of the  match

Damien Lucas and Hans Gruber

Match # 2

Woman's Title Match

Kaitlin Diemond vs Jesse Belle

The Next match of the night was an OSPW Woman's Title match between former  champ Kaitlin Diemond and Current Champ and Member of the Fallen, Jesse Belle  with manager Thunder. The bell rang and the fight was on as the champ began  to over power and out maneuver the challenger with flying drop kicks and  arm drags. However, this did not last long as Diemond out smarted Belle and then  began a beat down of her own. As Belle was taking a beating behind Thunders  back, Damien Lucas appeared just for a moment (One has to wonder why?), and  then out of no where Jesse Belle landed a perfect Northern-Lights Suplex to  score the victory.

Your Winner

and still OSPW Woman's Champion 

Jesse Belle

Match # 3

Civil War VI Elimination 8 Man Tag Match

Bacardi Kid - Da Latin Soldier - Titus Smith - Tyger Smith


McKinger - Eric Emanon - Brian Emanon - Chance Taylor

Before the next match Joey the Bruiser was called to the ring to interview  someone. We soon found out it was the UWC, who thought they would have a  bit of fun at everyone's expense by belittling OSPW, while pretending to be  cheap copies of wrestling legends and down playing their opponents.  The match began and we saw a beautiful exchange of technical wrestling  action from all eight men. The "spit" then hit the fan as the action  spilled out of the ring. All eight men battled in and out until the  eliminations began. First to go was the Bacardi Kid of the UWC, followed  by the "Shamrocker" Michael McKinger of "Team Taylor" and then "Da Latin  Soldier". Next to be eliminated were Chance Taylor and Titus Smith as they  beat each other to the back and failed to make it back to the ring in time.  Eric Emanon was the next one sent to the back after being pinned  by Tyger Smith, making this match a one on one between Tyger and Brian  Emanon. It would be Emanon, in the end, who would score the pinfall and become the  "sole survivor" of his team and winner of this match.

Match # 4

Jr TV Title Match

Kriptic Keegan vs Shadokat

Next up we had a match that was a long time coming, between OSPW JR TV  Champion Kriptic Keegan and Member of The Fallen, ShadoKat with Manager  Thunder at his side, for the title. The bell rang and the match was underway, with hard  hitting, high flying OSPW action at its best. Both men gave it their all in attempt to  leave as the rightful champion. Just when it looked as if one of these men had the  win, the other would counter and the fight went on. In the end it would be  ShadoKat who would be victorious via "The Ninth Life" and become the new OSPW JR TV  Champion. After the match Billy Foxx and Deacon came to the ring to celebrate with ShadoKat.  Deacon found and brought ShadoKat's son from the crowd to his father at ringside,  where ShadoKat took his mask (the mask that Keegan stole over a year ago), and  honored his son with it. Again.

Your winner 

and new

OSPW JR TV Champion


Match # 5

Tag Team Action

Ikika and Kwan Chang vs TSK  and  Vickers

 The next match up was a tag match featuring members of Maximum Enforcement  Kwan Chang and Ikika, against "The American Hero" TSK and Nick Vickers. The  action began before the bell as Kwan and Ikika attempted a sneak attack  from behind but TSK and Vickers turned it around quickly. The action in  this one was hard hitting to say the least as all four men brawled it out  for most of the match back and forth. They fought on, but on this night Kwan  Chang and Ikika would prove to be the better team. Of coarse, it did not  hurt that they had Jaz Miles and Mabus the Freeek ringside. They both  interfered every chance they could before the match was over. Thunder  was seen scouting the match but in the end The Winners

would be the team  of Maximum Enforcement.

Match # 6

The Main Event

Civil War VI Elimination 8 Man Tag Match

Trip - Bishop - Deacon - Billy Foxx


Papa Terry Kadillac - David Evans - Nasty Nick Nice  - Rex Atkins

Next up was the MAIN EVENT, an eight man elimination tag match between  "Talent Elite", with the members being Captain Rex Atkins, Papa Terry Kadillac, and  the current OSPW Tag Champs, A Nasty Sensation. Their opponents, "Team Thunder"  with the members being  Captained by Deacon were Bishop and fellow Fallen Member,  the current OSPW World Heavyweight Champ Billy Foxx along with Trip the  Current Emperor of Old School.  Now to the action, and what action it was, as  we saw a fantastic display of technical wrestling out of Deacon and Nasty  Nick Nice followed by Trip and David Evans. The action continued on and  World Champ Billy Foxx found himself trapped in no mans land, as Team "Talent  Elite" went to work. All four members picked apart the champ. Foxx fought  on and he fought hard, as he finally made a tag to his team that lead to a  four way "Learning Tree". This spelled the beginning of the end for talent  elite as Trip eliminated Nasty Nick followed by Billy Foxx taking out  David Evans. Bishop sent Terry Kadillac packing with a "Bishop Bomb",  leaving Rex Atkins all alone. Deacon tagged in and Atkins tried to flee but  in the attempt to run back to the locker-room he was blocked by Bishop and Trip.  As he back peddled from them, Billy Foxx tossed him back into  the ring  where Deacon awaited and finished him with  a "Spear".

Your Winners  of the match,

with a clean sweep victory, The Sons of Thunder, Trip, and Billy  Foxx of  "Team Thunder"!  

Thank you and see you next time, June 12th, at OSPW's Defining Leverage  This has been the full show report by David James.