By T. Raige

If you missed Civil War VII all I’m gonna say is WOW! What a show!!!Steel

Cage and all. So on that note&ldots;let’s get right to it!

Here we go---

Hamburg Volunteer Fire Company welcomed OSPW with open arms and a warm invite as volunteers directed traffic into the packed parking lot. It’s so nice to receive such a warm welcome at a new venue. As you entered the Fire Hall fans were able to view Fire Truck displays and learn the amazing history behind Hamburg Volunteer Fire Company. Then fans viewed the merchandise at the OSPW merchandise/admission table before walking into the arena to a beautiful structure we all know as &ldots;THE STEEL CAGE!!!


1st Match – Loser Must Retire from OSPW Buffalo area wrestling – Steel Cage – Tyger Smith VS Deacon OSPW wasted no time starting the show with Tyger Smith, Deacon, and OSPW Commissioner Danny Magick contract-in-hand entering the steel cage to make the match official. NOTE: Magick had mentioned during OSPW meetings that Tyger Smith originally refused to sign the contract, this is why the signing was done while Tyger and Deacon were in the cage so both men couldn’t make any excuses. Tyger Smith entered the ring to jeers from the fans, especially one fan in particular that I’ll embark on later in this article. Tyger appeared to have a cut above his brow before the match started. as he was hit by a handful of nickels that someone tossed at his face as he entered the cage. Due to that he attempted to sign the contract in his own blood. Magick finally got Tyger to sign the contract, Deacon signed immediately. As Magick exited the cage he called for a ref, when suddenly what was thought to be an OSPW Officer turned out to be former Referee Bruce Davis who then locked the steel cage and called for the bell. Instantly, Deacon and Tyger went at it, fists were flying, muscles were flaring, Smith knew his career was on the line and never gave up. Deacon kept coming back with a vengeance until Tyger had a moment to request the cage door to be opened after taking out a camera man that was inside the cage for close up shots, as both men ended up feuding down the steel steps to the outside. The Underworld Cartel came to ringside to assist Tyger with a brutal beating on Deacon using a sledgehammer, a steel chair and 2 different style ladders. Members of The Fallen ran to ringside to make it a fair fight. Finally, all members of both sides knew this was a feud that needed to end and let Deacon and Tyger finish it on their own. As Tyger and Deacon were ascending the outside of the cage to attack each other, both man grabbed hold of each other and used enough force to send them through a table setup on the outside cement floor. Both men stayed down longer than they usually would as they were exhausted at this point, it appeared both men suffered minor injuries from the entire match. As Deacon & Tyger made their way back inside the ring enveloped by the cage they continued to pound on each other with fists, forearms, and anything they could use to try to stop one another. Tyger had Deacon down and went to the top turnbuckle flying on his way down only to miss his target. Deacon took advantage, went to the top rope, and landed a big splash on Tyger to allow him the pinfall victory.



Tyger Smith showed once and for all that he knows this business we call professional wrestling and knows how to show proper respect as he told everyone of the OSPW fans that Deacon was the better man that night and that he does in fact respect him and thanked everyone in attendance for letting him entertain them for years. Tyger is a very respected and true professional inside and outside of the ring. OSPW and I’m sure many others would like to thank Tyger for giving everything in his matches, in his promos, and in his love for this business. Tyger, we respect you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. After the match: Tyger was about to leave the cage when Jeremiah Bradley stood in the cage doorway while Gabe Saint entered the cage to attack Tyger from behind. Jeremiah made sure no one was able to enter the cage by hanging on to a steel chair while Gabe attacked Tyger continuously with a steel crutch. Gabe went to the top rope and gave Tyger a huge frog splash. Members of The UWC kept making attempts to get in the ring only to have Jeremiah fend them off with the chair while Saint applied more punishment to Tyger. Finally, the UWC couldn’t take anymore and stormed the cage. Saint held the crutch to Smith’s throat using Tyger as a shield so he could escape out the cage door.

NOTE: Even though Tyger considered Buffalo to be his retirement match, he was still on contract to compete May 6th at Last Rights in Rochester against Gabe Saint.


2nd Match – OSPW NY Championship – Titus Smith (C) vs Nick Vickers with manager Thunder and newest fallen member Gabriel Soul at ringside. This match was what wrestling fans love. We saw both opponents use technical maneuvers, power moves, and aerial attacks. Titus Smith surprising everyone showed Vickers good sportsmanship with a handshake at the beginning of the match. Both opponents sized each other up and went back and forth evenly for quite some time until Titus planted a huge powerslam on Vickers. Vickers recovered and the race was on. Fans were excited through this match as just when you thought one man had the match won, the other would pull a surprise reversal or simply outsmart one another. It seemed the only way there would be a winner in this match would be by the other making that one mistake, which is what happened. Vickers was able to plant a huge boot to the face of Titus allowing him the victory to become New OSPW NY Champion. After the match: Titus grabbed the belt out of Vickers hands and stared at it intently for a few moments. Vickers stared on. Titus handed it back to Vickers, shook his hand, and raised Vickers arm.



Titus grabbed the mic after the match and told the OSPW fans he hopes everyone was entertained but he was, and I quote, “Done.” Fans listened in disbelief after seeing such an entertaining match. Veteran Commentator from The Black & Blue Review, Joey The Bruiser Tenebruso headed to the aisleway to get an exclusive interview. Bruiser asked the fans if they wanted Titus to retire? The fans said No. Titus asked the fans, “Do you really want me to come back? If you want me to stay I’ll stay.” The fans cheered, Titus stated, “Ok, I’ll stay.”


3rd Match – 6-Man Tag-Match

Thoroughbreds of Imperfection (Cassius Kutcher & Kriptic Keegan) & ?????

(accompanied by Mirage)


Mikey Everynight, Chris West, & Phil Phoenix

As TOI entered the walkway, Mirage made it a very clear point to let the fans know they weren’t appreciated. She also took the liberty of letting everyone know that the match didn’t need to be a 6-man tag because her boys could beat their opponents 2-on-3. OSPW Commissioner Danny Magick stepped in to announce the rules have been set, the contract was signed, and The Thoroughbreds could not change the rules or the contract agreement the day of the event, and that they would have to bring out a partner or they would automatically lose. The music hit and their third partner was Venomous. The match got off to a good start when fan-favorites Mikey Everynight, Phil Phoenix, and Chris West went on what I like to call “An All-out Wrestling Spree” with some high-flying, mystifying, and flat-out smash mouth wrestling moves to get the fans pumped. Kutcher, Keegan, and Venomous regained their thoughts and Kutcher entered the ring to stop the momentum. Keegan and Kutcher applied some nice double-team moves working effectively as a tag-team. NOTE: At this time The Thoroughbreds of Imperfection are the #1 Contenders for the OSPW Tag-Team Titles. The team of Everynight, West, and Phoenix came back in with a vengeance, Phil Phoenix was lightning quick as he attempted a few pinfall attempts, West landed his usual power moves, and Mikey continued his speedy onslaught until Keegan and Kutcher broke it up again. It seemed at this point, Kutcher was getting frustrated with their teammate and wouldn’t tag Venomous while he was in the ring. Basically, Venomous was fed to the wolves, after he was pinned by Mikey Everynight from a Shooting Star Splash from the top turnbuckle, winners of the match West Everynight and Phil Phoenix, the Thoroughbreds beat Venomous down then applied their finishing maneuver,The Body bag and left him lying in the dust.



4th Match – OSPW Womens Championship Dee Licious (accompanied by Jaz Miles, Da-Freak, & Mr. Adonis) VS Jena Mya (C) I could basically say this match appeared to be 4-on-2 from the beginning. Jena Mya came to the ring a fighting champion only to be encountered with an onslaught of constant distractions every time she obtained a pinfall on Dee Licious. Dee took every opportunity to sneak in cheap shots while Jaz, Da-Freak, or Mr. Adonis were distracting the ref. Jena had a strong presence in this match by continuously getting back on her feet and coming back with a vengeance by landing just about every move she attempted at full force. Jena grabbed Dee off guard when she came flying out of the buckle to land a vicious ninja kick to the head of Dee. The ref counted to two, when Mr. Adonis got up on the apron, Jena stood up and slapped the taste out of his mouth. This didn’t help as Dee Licious rolled her up for the pin while putting her feet on the ropes to become the New OSPW Womens Champion! this match had to be one of the best womans matches in OSPW History and could be up for match of the Year.



5th Match – JC Money vs Eric Emanon JC came to the ring with mic in hand asking to fight Brian Emanon even though he knew Brian was not in the building. JC continued to request the presence of Brian Emanon to the ring and said he wouldn’t leave until Brian showed up. Suddenly, a Brian Emanon look-a-like emerged from the curtain making a mockery of Brian Emanon. JC Money laughed hysterically and went along with the charade. Eric Emanon stormed the ring and the match was under way. All-in-all this turned out to be a total slugfest from the start. Eric Emanon always a performer in the ring, as well as JC showed the crowd what they were made of by swiveling their way beyond each other’s attacks one after the other. In the end, JC went for his metal flashlight that he carried to the ring to attack Eric with it. Eric reversed the role and got hold of the light but after thinking about using it, he dropped it, giving JC an opportunity to strike, as he did, then landed a huge hang-time frog splash on Emanon to get the pinfall. After the match: Eric looked very confused, somewhat bewildered, as if he was wondering if he made the wrong decision by not using the flashlight when he had the opportunity. Money and Emanon exchanged a look or two that has me wondering...


6th Match – 5-ON-5 Elimination

Team Bishop (Bishop, Lex Anvil, Shadokat, Gabriel Soul, Dain The Pain)


Team Foxx(Billy Foxx, Papa Terry Kadillac, Nasty Nick Nice, Jeremiah Bradley, Damien Lucas)


This match had everything but the kitchen sink thrown in. Bishop led his team right from the moment the bell was rung, as did Billy Foxx, captain of his team. After a scramble of moves that came from all different directions, Lex Anvil eliminated Nasty Nick Nice, Jeremiah Bradley eliminated Lex Anvil, Bradley was DQ’ed, after Bishop and Bradley had a huge matchup in the center of the ring Bishop also landed a round house kick that rocked bradley and counted a quick 3 count himself, leting bradley know he could beaten him, Shadokat and Damien Lucas were counted out as they fought on the floor back to the locker room,Lucas upset by this attacked the ref. and another had to take his place, Terry Kadillac eliminated Dain The Pain, Gabriel Soul eliminated Terry Kadillac, Billy Foxx eliminated Gabriel Soul, Bishop eliminated Billy Foxx. with a well placed round house kick. Bishop was left as last man standing and winner for his team.


Match 7 – Punisher Vanslyk vs Steve Kruz Last time we saw Punisher Vanslyk he just came to the ring and threw everyone out, then left, Steve Kruz happened to be one of those people that got thrown. Kruz took on the contract to face Vanslyk in which I believe turned out to be one of the highlight matches of the evening. Punisher displayed tons of power throughout the match as Kruz displayed quickness, and dexterity when counter maneuvering Vanslyk’s vicious attacks. Kruz proved he had tons of heart as he continuously used every ounce of strength he had to keep from being pinned by the behemoth Vanslyk. Punisher took every opportunity to try and break Kruz’s momentum by exiting the ring and going for brief “walks” while the ref ordered him back in the ring. The refs words went in one ear and out the other for Punisher as he wanted no part of being told what to do. Kruz made sure his opponent was going to get back in the ring by chasing him in, which almost cost him the match at one point. In the end, Kruz was able to pull it off and obtain the victory. Good match!


Match 8 – MAIN EVENT

OSPW Champion Trip (accompanied by Jena Mya & Joey “The Bruiser” Tenebruso


Emperor of Old School Kwan Chang (accompanied by Jaz Miles, Mr. Adonis, Dee Licious, & Da-Freak)

I’m gonna get right to the point with this one! Kwan Chang & Trip have quietly been at each other’s throats for years. I believe both men walked into this match wanting to end the silent rage once and for all. Kwan had a look of determination on his face as if to say, “Belt or no belt, I’m walking out of here a winner even if I lose.” Trip, as usual, got the fans in the mood before the bell rang. Both men stared each other down from across the ring. Trip took an unusual strategy and asked Kwan to start the match by kicking him in his ribs. Kwan obliged. Trip shook it off and actually laughed a little about it, then told Kwan to do it again. Kwan obliged. Kwan continued to oblige as he grew tired of Trip’s antics. Chang planted martial arts kick after martial arts kick to Trip’s back and skull. Trip recovered and the match was back in swing. Jaz Miles made continuous efforts once again to distract the ref but Joey The Bruiser was always there to diffuse it. Kwan tried to end the match quickly with his finishing falcon arrow but Trip wiggled out of it. At times, between Jena Mya, Mr. Adonis, Dee Licious, Bruiser, DaFreak, and Jaz Miles being outside the ring it was a little hard to keep up with the action inside the squared circle. There seemed to be as much going on outside as inside sometimes. Kwan Chang kept coming back at Trip with nasty maneuvers that would school an average person. Trip took the punishment, and each time, gathered enough strength to brush himself off and get back up. Kwan didn’t appear frustrated but still look determined that he wanted to achieve a final result. Trip was able to apply a huge superkick to Chang and go for the pin, but Jaz pulled Trip off from outside of the ring before the count of 3. Trip superkicked Jaz to the floor. Chang rolled out of the ring. Trip pulled Jaz into the ring long enough for Jaz to create his usual distraction so Chang could attack from behind. Unfortunately for Chang the plan backfired as Trip was able to lock on his finishing submission hold. Chang would not tap but passed out from the hold as his arm dropped 3 times causing the ref to call for the bell and award the decision to Trip. Still OSPW Champion Trip.


After the match: Anyone that knows any history behind Wrestleblast TV knows Joey The Bruiser has been taking verbal abuse from Jaz Miles for years. Trip grabbed hold of Jaz and dragged him into the ring for his just due. Jena Mya took it upon herself to give Jaz the slap across the face he deserved. And then we come to Bruiser, with a big smile on his face like a kid in a candy store. Bruiser pulled his infamous black and blue review glove out of his pocket, put it on, and blasted Jaz in the face with a five-finger smash. Bruiser looked like he just won the lottery.


What a fun show&ldots;

Thank You to the fans of OSPW!

Until next time&ldots; this has been  The Civil War VII Show Report By

T. Raige see you all next time at Tyger Smiths last rights May 6th then

Defining Leverage 2 on June 4th!