Pre show Match

Match # 1

Mike McGee (accompanied by Manager Jaz Miles) VS Mikey Everynight – NO DISQUALIFICATION

Match # 2

Triple Threat Match for the OSPW Television Championship

Mr. Wrestling Chris West (accompanied by Rev. Dave) VS Papa Terry Kadillac (accompanied by Nasty Nick Nice) 


Jeremiah Bradley Jones(C) -  (accompanied by Manager Junior White)

3rd Match

Deacon (accompanied by Thunder) VS Mirage??? &ldots;.Wait &ldots;What??

4th Match

OSPW Junior Television Championship Match

Lexx Anvil VS Damien Lucas (C)

Special Guest Referee: Shadokat

5th Match

Civil War 5-ON-5 Elimination Match

Team Magick 

(Danny Magick[Captain & 2012 OSPW Emperor], Jay Flyer (accompanied by Manager Mirage), 

 Sensational David Evans, Eric Emanon, and Gabriel Soul (accompanied by Manager Junior White) 


Team Bacardi

(Bacardi Kid[Captain], Mark Krieger, Venemous, Phil Phoenix, & Curtis Lee Walker)

Joey “The Bruiser” Tenebruso conducts a 2nd Black & Blue Interview In-Ring

6th Match

TOI (Thoroughbreds of Imperfection) Cassius Cutcher (One-half of the OSPWTag-Team Champions) accompanied by partner Kriptic Keegan, Manager

Mirage, and TOI member Jay Flyer 


Shadokat (accompanied by Manager Thunder)

7th Match 

3-Way Dance To determine the New OSPW NY Champion

Nasty Nick Nice VS Superbeast (accompanied by Rev. Dave) VS Jeremiah Bradley Jones (accompanied by Manager Junior White)

8th Match 


Brian Emanon (OSPW World Champion) and Emanon Army Member Patrick O'malley(accompanied by Manager Jackie Hop Sing,)


The Unholy Ryot (accompanied by Frankie Villa) and Trip