OSPW Commissioner Tyger Smith opens the show by calling out Mike McGee and Mikey Everynight! Tyger stated he noticed some things on The Wrestling Wrapsheet on Facebook that he was a little aggravated about? Mike McGee was led to the ring by his Manager Jaz Miles of Miles of Entertainment. Everynight came out to the ring accompanied by Reverend Dave. Tyger explained he’s noticed McGee has stepped up his game but he has a problem with the new kid on the block Mikey Everynight. Tyger mentioned how McGee has made a name for himself over many years from hardcore wrestling and Mikey has not. That said, Tyger said right here, right now, NO DQ match.


1st Match

Mike McGee (accompanied by Manager Jaz Miles) VS Mikey Everynight – NO DISQUALIFICATION

These two immediately went at each other slugging it out until they made their way outside the ring. McGee tried to use a steel crutch on Mikey but missed and hit the post. Mikey got a hold of the crutch and wailed McGee in the back with it. Everynight, always willing to please, took a fan’s cane and hit McGee on the head with it. Jaz Miles decided since it was NO DQ he’d get involved too by hitting Mikey with some huge fists before Rev. Dave broke it up. Both men seemed to brawl equally back and forth outside of the ring. Once back inside, Everynight was able to toss in a chair to end the match with a chair stomp from the top rope onto McGee’s chest. OUCH! Naturally, Jaz Miles tried to pull the ref out, but was too late. After the match, McGee had some unkind words from a fan in the audience, OSPW Security did an excellent and quick job at keeping McGee at bay.


Next Up a Surprise In-Ring Black & Blue  Interview with Joey “The Bruiser” Tenebruso! Bruiser came out to notify the fans that OSPW NY Champion Ty Licious is “on the shelf” (injured and currently recovering from surgery for a 3-ligament shoulder tear after Brian Emanon placed him in a submission hold last show in a Champion VS Champion Match and as per MD’s request he will be out at least a year). Tyger Smith came in-ring with the NY Title in hand and explained to the audience a brief history of the NY Title, how it began, the ups-and-downs, and where it stands&ldots;.read on. Tyger mentioned that he personally hated the NY Title due to all the harm it’s caused many wrestlers in the past but he stated they would have a match to determine a new OSPW NY Champion. Bruiser always on his game, asked Tyger, “Everyone wants to know, what are the stipulations going to be?, Is there going to be a tournament?” Tyger stated, “The person that ends up holding the title by the end of the night will be a respected champion.” Mr. Perez shows up unexpectedly and interrupts Tyger Smith! Tyger Smith shouts, “I remember 6 months ago I told you to Take It Deep! We don’t do this anymore!” At that moment, The Bone-Crushers entered the OSPW Arena. As they entered the ring, Mr. Perez said softly, “6 months ago, you fired me, I finally found a new tag-team that wants me to manage them&ldots;again.” Manny & Sway immediately started a beat down on Tyger. Perez continued to talk to Tyger as if it were an everyday conversation as The Bone-Crushers splashed him in the turnbuckle. (Perez said he felt disrespected when other teams in the past would use him to win titles and then drop him.) The Bone-Crushers continued their beat down as a hush came over the crowd. Mr. Perez said, “Aww, what’s a matter?

Did I hurt your precious Tyger?” Tyger can Take it deep!


Match 2 

Triple Threat Match for the OSPW Television Championship

Mr. Wrestling Chris West (accompanied by Rev. Dave) VS Papa Terry Kadillac (accompanied by Nasty Nick Nice) 


Jeremiah Bradley Jones(C) -  (accompanied by Manager Junior White)


Jeremiah wasted no time going after Chris West in the buckle. West came back sending Bradley off the ropes only to be shoulder tackled. Kadillac watched and cheered Bradley on. West started to make a comeback when Kadillac cut him off and went after his leg. Terry then went over to Jeremiah in the buckle and told him, “What are you doing? I can’t do everything?!” Jeremiah ignored Terry and went back to work on West. Kadillac continued to yell so Bradley tossed him out of the ring. West went for a quick cover on Bradley and seemed to be doing a great job landing move after move and going for pinfalls but Bradley was able to keep kicking out. After Bradley planted a big boot to West on the mat, Kadillac came in with the title and hit Bradley in the back with it (ref wasn’t able to see the hit so didn’t call a DQ on Kadillac) then planted a leg drop on West while he was down. Kadillac told Bradley to end it with West so Bradley delivered his finishing standing rock-bottom. Terry then decided to turn around the ref and hug him so Nasty Nick could come in and inflict damage with a spear on Bradley while the ref wasn’t looking. This allowed Kadillac the victory and to become the new OSPW Television Champion.



While Bradley was sitting in the turnbuckle in disbelief after his loss of the title, Junior White jumped in the ring and started pointing the finger while stating, “Every show, there’s always someone getting screwed by someone.” Bradley grabbed the mic and demanded to speak to someone from OSPW Management right now. Thunder (Manager of The Fallen) & head of the Championship committee came out. Bradley stated he was the best on the roster and no one has been able to step up to him. He demanded Thunder to get him a rematch. Thunder stated, “Tyger is still in the back and in no shape to come out right now, so I came out for him. So what are you gonna do? Come out here and cry? I’ll tell you what, I’ll put you in the match tonight for the NY Title.”


3rd Match

Deacon (accompanied by Thunder) VS Mirage??? &ldots;.Wait &ldots;What??


Mirage (Former OSPW Women’s Champion) came to the ring with no kind words for Deacon or the fans. She mentioned how she was upset that her being stripped of the title was never formally addressed and that it really meant nothing to her because she is without a doubt the best out of all of the women that have ever been in OSPW. Then she moved onto Deacon by telling him he should be home one the couch like his retired brother Bishop.The OSPW Tag-Team Champions TOI (Thoroughbreds of Imperfection) were not having a match with Deacon because they were bored with him. As Deacon started to approach Mirage TOI’s music played as one-half of the tag champs Cassius Cutcher walked through the curtain with newest member of TOI The thoroughbred in training Jay Flyer. Deacon stood in attack mode when Cutcher’s tag-partner Kriptic bolted out of the audience to attack Deacon from behind. Kriptic stayed on his attack when Deacon had a quick moment to comeback but Keegan reversed it into a submission. Deacon took Kriptic to the buckle, sent him off the ropes to deliver a combination atomic drop/spinebuster, then a quick cover. Mirage pulled Kriptic towards the ropes allowing only a 2 count. Both men continued to go back and forth in the match seemingly stopping one another from being able to apply anything majorly effective before Deacon had a quick moment to spear Keegan to the mat. Keegan a veteran and quick thinker got his foot on the rope to break the count. As Keegan started to get his momentum back he jumped to the 2nd rope then in-air backwards with a falling reverse DDT to Deacon. He couldn’t get the cover on that one but always a quick thinker Keegan pulled a left-right jump off the top rope into a moonsault but missed. Mirage then jumped on the apron to distract the ref so Cutcher could choke Deacon. Kriptic whipped Deacon hard into the buckle but took a big boot to the face running. Deacon attempted a powerbomb, Kriptic escaped it, then Deacon went for another big boot but missed, Kriptic tried a roundhouse kick but missed,  Deacon then landed a spinning roundhouse or as he calls it the bishop kick! to the face of Kriptic to get the victory.


4th Match

OSPW Junior Television Championship Match

Lexx Anvil VS Damien Lucas (C)


Special Guest Referee: Shadokat

Lucas came to the ring barely being able to carry the case he locked Anvil’s Hammer in last show which Lucas blatantly stole. Anvil went on the attack right away applying holds to Lucas and a nice submission. Lucas pulled a couple of technical reversals but was unable to escape Lexx’s grip. Both men, throughout the course of the match continued to try to outwrestle one another before brawling on the outside. While outside Lexx found his hammer that seemingly gives him power. Lucas was perplexed when he went to the case and realized he could now lift it. Once back in the ring, Anvil applied a sleeper on Lucas to get the victory and become the new OSPW JR. Television Champion.


5th Match

Civil War 5-ON-5 Elimination Match

Team Magick 

(Danny Magick[Captain & 2012 OSPW Emperor], Jay Flyer (accompanied by Manager Mirage), 

 Sensational David Evans, Eric Emanon, and Gabriel Soul (accompanied by Manager Junior White) 


Team Bacardi

(Bacardi Kid[Captain], Mark Krieger, Venemous, Phil Phoenix, & Curtis Lee Walker)


Ok, right off the bat going into this match you have to realize there’s been some heat between Magick and Bacardi since Bacardi pinned Magick on his return debut to OSPW, this ended in security having to break the two up in ring after the match. Afterwards, Magick got in the ears of the OSPW execs and begged for a rematch. From what we’ve been told, at that time, OSPW Commissioner Tyger Smith told Magick to sign up for the Old School Tournament. Magick did, and won the tournament by pinning Bacardi after a beat down. Needless to say, no love lost for these two. Before the match, David Evans seemed to enjoy driving fans crazy as he kept blowing a whistle and informing everyone that he was the coach of the team. Magick and Venemous started the match. Magick immediately went to work with a headlock on Venemous. Venemous threw him off the ropes allowing Magick to nail him with a shoulder tackle. Magick took this opportunity to taunt the crowd by “pumping up” his muscle before ducking a leap frog and then running into a jumping roundhouse kick and huracarana. Venemous then immediately went for his finishing Tornado Bulldog off the top-rope when Magick threw him off into the buckle allowing him to give Venemous his finishing Hat Trick Maneuver.

1st Man Eliminated: Venemous

Bacardi Kid immediately jumped in to get his hands on Magick but Magick cleverly had his teammates surround him so Bacardi couldn’t touch him. Magick taunted Bacardi like a little kid and tagged out to Gabriel Soul. Gabriel Soul jumped in then changed his mind and tagged David Evans. Evans appeared hesitant to get in. He circled the ring with Bacardi, sized him up, then immediately tagged Jay Flyer in. Flyer appeared hesitant as well, pulled a quick judo roll, then tagged Eric Emanon in. Emanon ducked Bacardi’s lockup with a judo roll into his corner so he could repeatedly smack Flyer to tag him back in. Flyer insisted to Bacardi to tag in Krieger so Bacardi obliged. Krieger and Flyer went at each other like a house of fire. Flyer slapped on a fast necbreaker to Krieger. Krieger was able to slapback with a vicious inseguri and his finishing reverse powerbomb to eliminate Jay Flyer.

2nd Man Eliminated: Jay Flyer

Eric Emanon entered the ring full of rage while beating on Krieger. Emanon sent Krieger off the ropes allowing a blind tag. Krieger pulled the old “look-behind-you” trick for Emanon, when Eric turned around all he could see was Phoenix coming off the top rope for a cross body. Phoenix was on fire as he flew off the ropes and landed a beautifully placed dropkick to the face of Emanon. Eric being more experienced gave Phoenix a front-face stunner to stop his momentum. Phil showing a lot of heart came back on Emanon taking him to the buckle for a bulldog but missed. As Phil was trying to come out of the buckle, Emanon slapped on an in-air spike DDT to Phoenix, but didn’t get a pin. Phoenix came off the ropes when Emanon was able to pick him up for a finishing death valley driver into a neckbreaker on his knee.

3rd Man Eliminated: Phil Phoenix

Curtis Lee Walker entered the match and quickly applied his finishing impaler DDT to Emanon to get a pin.

4th Man Eliminated: Eric Emanon

Sensational David Evans came in and blew his whistle at Walker before applying his finishing RTO for a pin.

5th Man Eliminated: 

Curtis Lee Evans over-the-top-rope to the floor before pulling a suicide dive. Both men fought outside causing a double-countout.

6th and 7th Man Eliminated: 

Mark Krieger & Sensational David Evans Bacardi Kid & Gabriel Soul entered the ring. Soul went to town on Bacardi before landing a huge powerslam in the center of the ring. Soul made sure Bacardi was staying down, went for the pin, then lifted off before the count of 3 and offered Bacardi to Magick. Magick came in and kicked Bacardi while he was down so he could add insult to injury by doing a “Magickarooni” which backfired when Kid nipped up unexpectedly and took the boots to Magick. Soul came into help, Bacardi gave him a clothesline, Magick came at him and got clotheslined as well, Soul tried again only to be knocked out of the ring. Magick slugged Bacardi then tried to give him his finishing Hat Trick maneuver, Bacardi slid out of it allowing him to pick Magick up into a fallaway slam. Bacardi went for a rollup pin, no luck, then into a small package which got broken up by Soul. Soul went for a clothesline on Bacardi, Bacardi ducked it and put Soul into a samoan drop sending him outside to the floor. Bacardi picked up Magick to send him off the ropes for a back body drop. Magick kicked Bacardi in the face, then chopped his throat giving him an opportunity to go for a rollup pin. While pinning Bacardi, Magick put his feet on the ropes while Gabriel pushed down on Magick’s feet as well. Referee didn’t see it and counted 3 on Bacardi Kid allowing Team Magick the win.


Joey “The Bruiser” Tenebruso conducts a 2nd Black & Blue Interview In-Ring


Bruiser started by introducing the audience to Chazz Hecktik from San Antonio, Texas. Before Bruiser could get a question out TOI came to the ring and Jay Flyer attacked Hecktik. The OSPW Tag-Team Champions Kriptic and Cassius attacked as well while Mirage watched on. Cassius picked Hecktik up in electric chair drop position while Kriptic flew from the top rope and applied a mid-air bulldog. Bruiser screamed on the mic for someone in the back to come help but no one came to Chazz’s rescue. Mirage then pulled out a body bag, Flyer went to the top rope but the Champs told him no and instructed him to put the beaten Hecktik in the bag where he was carried back to the dressing rooms. No one has been able to reach Hecktik yet for comment. TOI refused to be interviewed.



Jihad grabbed the mic to tell the fans why he’s been gone for the last 18 months with a simple explanation of, “I went home. To Iraq.” Then he stated he wanted to thank the fans? Jihad has been known to be one of the most hated in OSPW. He kept thanking the fans and the USA for what the US did in Iraq. Then he angrily told the fans thank you for terrorizing the young and the innocent in Iraq and doing more damage to his country in a shorter time than Saddam Hussein did his entire reign. The crowd immediately started USA chants. Tyger Smith comes to the ring&ldots; Tyger said, “I think we’ve heard enough.” As Tyger got more heated he even apologized to Jihad for the fact that we had to defend an entire country and others, then told Jihad to get out of the ring and let the show continue. Jihad started to step out then turned around and told Tyger he wasn’t leaving. Jihad also mentioned to Tyger that he is nothing to the fans and he should Take It Deep. Tyger stated he should do something about it and said he would find a partner and challenge The Bone-Crushers. Thunder then grabbed the mic and explained to Tyger that since he is the Commissioner he cannot wrestle as per OSPW policy. Tyger said,

“Then I quit, because I have to big (expletive) that need to Take It Deep!”


6th Match

TOI (Thoroughbreds of Imperfection) Cassius Cutcher (One-half of the OSPWTag-Team Champions) accompanied by partner Kriptic Keegan, Manager

Mirage, and TOI member Jay Flyer 


Shadokat (accompanied by Manager Thunder)


Both men started the match trying to outsmart each other until Cutcher literally shoved Shadokat out of the ring. Shadokat, always a high flyer got the upper hand while outside then went from the top turnbuckle to the floor onto Cutcher. Cassius seemed to make a nice comeback before the crowd started a Shadokat chant. Shado was able to slap on a hurricanrana to Cutcher but only a 2-count. Cutcher shoved Shadokat onto the ropes and told him angrily, “Your done!” before sending him to the ropes and attempting a spinebuster. Shado reversed it into a DDT then went back to the top rope. Mirage entered the ring to check on Cutcher, then rolled him out of harm’s way. Mirage stood up and got in Shadokat’s face with some choice words before attempting to smack the masked man but missing. Shadokat picked her up in torture rack position but Cutcher kicked him in the stomach causing him to drop Mirage to the mat. Shadokat wins by DQ. TOI then brings the bodybag into the ring again, double suplexShadokat onto it, then the champs lift Jay Flyer to do a huge splash onto Shado. As they were about to wrap Shado up in the bodybag, members of The Family of the Fallen, Deacon and Lexx Anvil stormed the ring. TOI bailed.


7th Match 

3-Way Dance To determine the New OSPW NY Champion

Nasty Nick Nice VS Superbeast (accompanied by Rev. Dave) VS Jeremiah Bradley Jones (accompanied by Manager Junior White)


Note: Ty Licious had to surrender the title due to injury from his match

with Brian Emanon last event causing him to undergo extensive surgery on

his shoulder. At this time, MD’s have stated he may be out of action for up to one year.


Ok&ldots;what’s to say besides these 3 big dudes just got in the ring and  used one powerhouse move after another while jockeying for position into a pinfall. At one point, Nice scolded Bradley asking him basically why he wasn’t up to par. Superbeast took advantage at the right moment and tried to take out Bradley. Bradley ended up getting Beast out of the ring. Nasty Nick took over on Bradley. Bradley was able to hit Nick with a surprise running big boot to the face. Superbeast decided to get creative and came back into the ring wearing green Hulk hands and putting the punches to Bradley and Nice. Nick made a comeback when Beast missed a splash on Bradley in the buckle by giving him a knee/shin combo to the face, then a 2nd rope boot to the back of the head on Beast. Bradley pushed Nick out of the ring and pinned Beast to become the new champion. Terry Kadillac was no where to be see the whole match?

Beast gave the ref a hug after the match then punched him with the Hulk hands.


8th Match 


Brian Emanon (OSPW World Champion) and Emanon Army Member Patrick O'malley(accompanied by Manager Jackie Hop Sing,)


The Unholy Ryot (accompanied by Frankie Villa) and Trip

Trip & Emanon started the match right away going after each other. Trip got the upper hand, then tagged in Ryot. Emanon tagged in Omalley. Ryot& Trip worked well as a tag-team for a bit continuously working on Omalley for a bit. Ryot tried to wear Omalley down but Omalley came back and was able to tag to Emanon. Emanon & Omalley also worked well as a tag-team working on Ryot until Ryot was able to plant a huge spinebuster on Omalley applying moves to Trip while taunting Ryot. Ryot finally got the tag and went to town on Omalley then giving him a huge choke slam. Emanon came in illegally, so did Trip and they went at it.Omalley slid back into the ring and gave Ryot his skull crushing finale, Trip superkicked him. Ryot kept working on Emanon with some huge fists but Brian was able to strike back when Trip decided to turn and superkick Ryot in the face. Emanon made the pin for the win. To add insult to injury Trip decided to superkick Ryot again while The Emanon Army continued to hold Ryot down and beat on him. Trip joined in and so did Ryot’s Manager Frankie Villa by wrapping a chair around Ryot’s head.

Bruiser calls Trip out! Joey Tenebruso yells to Trip, “Trip, no! You get in the ring right now! We’ve got questions!” Ryot chased him back thru the curtain. Bruiser stated, “I’ve been with this company for over 8 years. I know about everything that’s happened in the past with Trip and his injuries and this is not the Trip I know. June 2nd at Defining Leverage I’m gonna get some answers!” Will see.


Until Next Time&ldots;&ldots;. This has been Tyler Raige for David James with the

full show report! See you Next time at OSPW`s