Black and Blue Interview

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Joey "The Bruiser" Tenebruso

After all the opening formalities, we saw a Black and Blue Interview with host Joey the Bruiser Tenebruso, with his first guest being Jaz Miles, who came to the ring with Kwan Chang, The Ninja, and Magic the Freak. After hearing Jaz try everything to get out of his match with Bishop to no avail!  We had a Ninja challenge answered by a masked Doberman.  The Ninja and Doberman had action going back and forth, only to have members of Maximum Enforcement lay waist to the Big Dog.  On to guest #2 Tyger Smith, who started with an apology to the fans, to the locker room,  and to the World Champion Deacon.  He then called Thunder to the ring for a personal apology.  Thunder's reply was, "if you are serious, I forgive you."  Tyger answered with an attempted Tyger bomb on Thunder showing his true intent. Thankfully Deacon, Bishop, and Rebellion, the Sons of Thunder chased Tyger and the Cartel out!  Thunder commanded Commissioner Big Jay to put Tyger Smith in the main event shackles match against Deacon. 

Now onto the first Match!

Match One

Woman's Battle Royal 

Title Match

Anna Rael

Amy Ash

Kaitlin Diemond


Princess Raena


Damien Lucas


Match one was a Woman's Battle Royal for the Woman's Championship. The participants were, Anna Rael, Amy Ash, and Kaitlin Diemond making her OSPW debut. Also debuting was Shay against current champion Princess Raena, but wait, that's not all.  Thunder introduced  Fallen member, making her return to OSPW in NYX!  She stands 6ft 6in and tips the scales at about 260lbs. Onto the action, no wait the match was interrupted by manager Damien Lucas who asked to be put in this match, he said if NYX could fight for men's titles in PA, then he wanted a shot against her.  Well, in record time Nyx eliminated Lucas first. In the beginning it looked as if nobody wanted a piece of Nyx, as they were battling amongst themselves.  Until , OSPW'S  8th wonder of the World began to stalk the smaller woman and eliminated Kaitlin Diemond. Then Raena sent Shay to the floor and the battle raged on.  A Three on one Assault ensued as Anna Rael, Princess Raena, and Amy Ash tried to take out Nyx.  Champion Raena suckered Anna Rael  and eliminated her as Nyx sent Amy Ash out leaving Champion Raena versus challenger Nyx, who just destroyed Raena with a huge choke bomb.  No matter how hard Raena tried, she could not over come the awesome power of Nyx. 

Your Winner

 and new 

OSPW Woman's Champion 


Who after the match sent out an open challenge. to any and all woman wrestlers! Thunder even said if TNA`s Awesome Kong wanted some then come get some!

Match Two

Singles Action

Danny Magick


Eric Emanon

Match two we saw Danny Magick, #1 contender for the OSPW NY title against New Spot Monkey member, Eric Emanon.  Danny called this a warm up match, and Since he was not facing Chance Taylor tonight, Emanon would be his Chance Taylor. Danny started this one with a sucker punch of sorts, just beating Eric Emanon down, landing half a dozen clotheslines, repeatedly taking Emanon's head off!  Emanon tried to mount a come back with a beautiful head scissors, and on more than one occasion Emanon almost pulled off the upset.  Danny Magick would finally end this one with the hat trick for the1,2,3.

The Winner 

Danny Magick

Match Three

3-Way Dance

Rex Atkins

Al Jihad

 Nick Paradise


Rex Atkins came to the ring first for match three, followed by Al Jihad and then Nick Paradise's music hit, but Nick is not who we saw, it was Jaz Miles who entered the ring and between him and Jihad they said Nick would not be here, and by looking at the to of them , you could just tell they had something to do with it!  This match became a one on one Battle, Atkins against Jihad and  it would be a no DQ match.  Atkins wasted no time and the action spilled out onto the floor and then back into the center of the ring.  Rex Atkins just dissecting Al Jihad, I mean out wrestling him every step of the way and just like that out of no where Jihad hits a super kick.  Everything turned around for him, it did not hurt that Jaz Miles grabbed Atkins leg, distracting him just enough for Jihad to set up for and hit his box cutter finisher. 

The winner and now 


Contender to the 


Al Jihad

Match Four

Tag Team Action

Tony Zucco and David Evans


Spot Monkeys Inc

{non-title match)

David Evans came to the ring to announce yet another new partner in grease lightening Tony Zucco!  They would face in a non-title match Spot Monkeys Inc.  The action started in Monkey fashion with bananas to the face of Zucco and Evans.  Trip and Evans got it on first back and forth a bit and then Emanon and Zucco mixed it up.  The Spot Monkeys winning out on both exchanges, and after some under handed tactics Zucco and Evans took the advantage for a brief moment.  The Monkeys would have none of it for too long as they out maneuvered their opponents and then the Monkey games began as they challenged Evans and Zucco to a chicken fight that ended badly for Evans and Zucco.  In this writers opinion, if the monkeys do not take their title reign more seriously, they are in jeopardy of being beat by a more serious wrestling tag team!  If the belts were on the line, they could have lost them in this match with all their monkeying around, cause in the end it was the team of Zucco and Evans who out smarted the monkeys with  some help from Danny Magick. 

The winners by DQ

 Evans and Zucco

Match Five

4 on 4 Elimination

Misguided Misfit

Lites Out




Bone Crushers

Steve Davidson


This match was a classic OSPW 4 on 4 Civil War elimination match, Team Misfit against Team TSK.  The teams consisted of Flatline and Lites Out with Captain, Misguided Misfit against Steve Davidson and the Bone Crushers with Captain TSK.  TSK started against Misfit, but Misfit tagged Flatline in and Flatline and TSK took it to each other, closed fists and low blows, why the referee did not DQ someone is beyond me.  Next we had one of the Bone Crushers tag in against a member of Lites Out Derek James who was double teamed by the Crushers bringing in Chris Laplante. Now  with all four men in the ring, there was  some hard hitting but slow going action.  All four men spilled out onto the floor and the referee had no choice but to throw out both teams, by a double count out.   Steve Davidson and Misfit locked up next, the match picked up from this point and Davidson found himself eliminated by Misfit.   TSK then  found himself all alone against Misfit and Flatline and after a great back and forth battle, TSK eliminated Misfit, making this a one on one match.  The OSPW Hard Core Champ TSK against Flatline and what a match up it was, truly amazing action.  In the end it was Flatline pinning TSK after hitting a split legged moonsault.  Flatline was beaten down after the match by TSK, Misfit and Steve Davidson by orders of Big Jay!  Rumor has it during intermission, Big Jay sold the Bone Crushers contracts to the Under World Cartel.

Match Six

TV Title Match

Jaz Miles




For all of us whoever wanted to see Jaz Miles get his back side kicked, well heres your chance, and for anyone that missed it, shame on you.  The bell sounded and at first it was a game of chase as Jaz Miles did all he could to avoid Bishop, Jaz used every asset at his disposal to just try and survive against OSPW's longest reigning singles Champion Bishop, who just took apart Miles with extreme pleasure.  Jaz Miles had Magic the Freak, the Ninja and Al Jihad, who all got physically involved, Deacon put a stop to that quickly as he was watching his brothers back.  Commissioner Big Jay had to get involved after Jaz Miles spit green mist into the Ref's eyes and then laid him out right as Bishop locked in his check mate submission hold. Jaz Miles cried and screamed like a little baby and tapped out fast.  Big Jay called for the bell and announced the end of his alliance with Jaz Miles. 

Your Winner

and still OSPW TV Champion 


Match Seven

6 Man Tag Match

Terry Kadillac 

Titus Smith 

Loose Screw


Horace White

Curtis Lee Walker



After all the introductions were made, the team of Loose Screw, Terry Kadillac and Titus Smith,  found themselves on the not so fun end of a triple Big Country Dance.  This match had a variety of styles from the monstrous power of Loose Screw or the technical ability and strength of Titus Smith to the showmanship of Terry Kadillac and Curtis Lee Walker onto the speed and heart of Horace White and Shadokat.  At one point Shadokat dove off the top rope to the floor taking out just about everyone including his own team. The action was non stop and full of energy, all six men put up a great fight.  In the end it would be Terry Kadillac who would fall to the high flying attack of Shadokat. 

The Winners 

 Horace White, Curtis Lee Walker and Shadokat

  After the bell

Manager Damien Lucas hit Shadokat with a low blow and was chased off by Warpath back towards the locker room, only to be greeted by The Un Holy Ryot in a face to face stare down as Manger Damien Lucas hid behind his Animal!

Match Eight

Main Event

6 Man Shackles Match

The Primal Warpath

The UnHoly Ryot

Tyger Smith

Kwan Chang

Chance Taylor



This match truly had it all, six of wrestlings top stars OSPW has to offer in one match for the OSPW World Heavy Weight Title.  After all men involved made their entrances and had been locked in their shackles it would be Ryot locking up with World Champion Deacon to start things off. Deacon and Ryot put a technical wrestling clinic on with back and forth chain wrestling until the Champion attacked Tyger Smith who was still shackled.  Ryot attacked the champion from behind and Kwan Chang was released and entered the match, it quickly became a two on one situation, and at times a three on one as Ryot and Kwan held Deacon in the corner Tyger was shackled to.  After The Champion took a Beating in the Corner Ryot and Kwan both attempted one cover after another but they could just not hold the champion down for a three count.  Next in was Primal Warpath who came in like a house of fire saving Deacon and evening the odds.  At one point manager Damien Lucas took a shot on Deacon, Commissioner Big Jay had to send Lucas back to the locker room.  As the battle raged on in and out of the ring, Chance Taylor was next to enter the match and Deacon and Chance double teamed Kwan. While this was going on Ryot pinned Warpath and then Ryot was counted out when Warpath pulled him from the ring and kept him from beating the ten count.  Then Tyger Smith entered the match but tried to attack Thunder again, but was stopped by Deacon and the four men that were left really waged war on each other.  In and out of the ring with suplexes, flying elbow drops, brain busters, super kicks, truly an amazing display of athleticism and intestinal fortitude by all four men.  Then Kwan Chang eliminated Chance Taylor by submission with a dragon clutch sleeper.  Things did not look well for Deacon as he was left to face his two greatest challengers ever.  All three men pushed it to the limits for the opportunity to be called the OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion .  It looked as if Deacon had things going his way, ready to take Kwan Chang out, and then Tyger Smith hit him in the back with a steel chair leaving the ref no choice but to DQ him, but also leaving Deacon laid out and at the mercy of Kwan Chang. However Kwan  took too long going for his move instead he taunted the crowd,  feeling he had Deacon right where he wanted him, And was then rolled up by Deacon for the 1, 2, 3. 

The Winner

and still 

OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion 


After the match Kwan Chang laid out the Champion with three shots of his kendo stick and even took a shot on Bishop.

 So until next time,

 This has been the OSPW Official show report by David James

see you all July 19th for