Black and Blue Interview with Joey The Bruiser Tenebruso

Hans Gruber Challenge with Challenger Eric Emanon

Match # 1

Jr Heavyweight TV Title

Beat The Clock 15 Minute Time Limit

David Evans vs Kriptic Keegan vs Shadokat vs Chris Knieval

Match # 2

Tag Team Action

Doberman and Magic The Freeek vs The Davidson Brothers

Match # 3

Round 1 Tournament Match to Determine the next OSPW Woman's Champion

Kaitlin Diemond vs Jesse Belle

Match # 4

Fatal Fourway for the New York Title

Al Jihad vs Titus Smith vs Chance Taylor vs TSK


Commisioner's Corner with Big Jay

Guest / Tyger Smith

Match # 5

2 out of 3 falls for the Tag Team Titles

The Sons Of Thunder vs Diablo's Horde

Match # 6

Triple Threat Match

Misguided Misfit vs Trip vs Johnny Kadillac

Photos Coming Soon

Match # 7 

The Main Event

OSPW World Heavyweight Title Match

Five men Attempted to beat the clock and be the last man to score a pinfall or submission before the time ran out

Kwan Chang vs Primal Warpath vs Billy Foxx vs Papa Terry Kadillac vs Tyger Smith