Black and Blue Interview with Joey The Bruiser Tenebruso

Hans Gruber Challenge with Challenger Eric Emanon

After all the opening announcements from Buffalo Tom the announcing team of Danny Magick, Jaz Miles, Joey the Bruiser Tenebruso, Thunder and Rev Dave were in place at the table. We had a new comer to OSPW, A former American Idol try out and current Americas got Talent Hopeful oh and did I mention he is also a Pro Wrestler. His name is The Southern Rocker Charlie Vanzant and he gave us a fantastic rendition of The National Anthem. Now on to the Black and Blue interview that became a Gruber Challenge. After Joey the Bruiser greeted us all and then introduced Hans Gruber to the ring for the Challenge, Hans stated that the Challenge is simply his way to prove to OSPW over and over that he is the Greatest Athlete in the world and that the challenge would be jumping jacks.  The challenger would be Spot Monkey Eric Emanon, who did a good job making fun of Gruber but paid for it dearly in the end. The challenge started and both men stood side by side to see who could do the most jumping jacks well after about 5 Gruber, jumped behind Emanon and locked him in a full-nelson and continued to do jumping jacks with him and then drove him face first to the ring floor and Hans then did about 4 more jacks and declared himself once again the winner of the Gruber Challenge. Then South Buffalo's own Trip made his way out on stage to announce that he had his eyes on a champions shiny gold belt but would not say which one and before the night was over he would let that champ know just what he wanted and by the way Gruber you are not my father!

Match # 1

Jr Heavyweight TV Title

Beat The Clock 15 Minute Time Limit

David Evans vs Kriptic Keegan vs Shadokat vs Chris Knieval

Match one a 4-way 15 minute beat the clock JR heavyweight TV Title  match between four of the best in OSPW today. This was an interesting match if  I must say so myself. You see the last man to score a pinfall or submission before the time ran out would be the next champ and only that final pinfall or submission mattered. The action in this match was nothing but amazing in and out of the ring we saw fast paced and  high flying action at its best. We saw multiple pinfall's made by Evans, Shadokat and  Knieval before the time ran out but  remember the title would only officially change hands at the end of the 15 minutes. The man that scored the most current fall at that time would be the champion and with about 3 minutes or less in the match Kriptic Keegan scored his first and only pinfall over Shadokat.  Then while Knieval and Evans took the fight to the locker room Keegan hit Shadokat not only with a steel chair but followed it up with a CSI  Kick to his scull. Keegan then unmasked the Kat luckily for Shadow, Deacon slid  into the ring and covered his head and Then Keegan and Deacon exchanged some heavy blows closed fists and chops until the time ran out.

 The Winner and New

OSPW Jr Heavyweight TV Champion

Kriptic Keegan

Match # 2

Tag Team Action

Match two was a tag match between Maximum Enforcement members Doberman and Magic the Freeek who would like to be called Mabus now and Scott and Steve the Davidson Brothers.  The bell rang and it was all  Davidsons as they waisted no time doing what they do and that's cutting off the ring and double teaming  the Freeek throughout the match.  Mabus has to have the hardest head in wrestling today as I have never seen some one take so many shots to the head and still get up. Finally and thank god for us all the Davidsons put us out of our misery when they hit their black hole double team and finished the clown for the win.

The Winners

 Scott and Steve

 The Davidson Brothers

  After the match Rebellion came to the ring with a steel garbage can to take revenge on Doberman and M.E. but Maximum Enforcements watch dog wanted none of it as he pushed his all ready beat down partner The Freeek in the path of Rebellion. Then Rebellion smashed him directly in the head followed by a full nelson slam and a rear naked choke hold.  I have a feeling Rebellion has just started to unleash his rage on the members of M.E.

Match # 3

Round 1 Tournament Match to Determine the next OSPW Woman's Champion

Kaitlin Diemond vs Jesse Belle

Next we had a round one tournament match to find a new OSPW Woman's Champion. This was not the first time we have seen Diemond and Belle go one on one and last time Diemond walked away with the win, would it be different on this night. The bell sounded and the match was on and what a match it was as these two woman put on one of the best matches I have seen in the woman's division all year.  this match could be considered for match of the year as both Diemond and Belle fought tooth and nail to try to advance to the next round.  In the end

The Winner

would be once again 

Kaitlin Diemond 

The Anti Diva

Match # 4

Fatal Fourway for the New York Title

Al Jihad vs Titus Smith vs Chance Taylor vs TSK

Then we had a fatal 4-way for the vacant OSPW New York Title between Jihad, TSK, Titus Smith and Chance Taylor.  After the bell rang  the fists began to fly as all four men waged war  to try to become the new OSPW NY Champion as former champ Rex Atkins had to surrender the gold due to injury. According to Joey the Bruiser, Atkins may have been released from the active roster since then but more on that subject later, now back to the match. TSK, Jihad, Titus, and Taylor literally took each other to H. E. double hockey sticks  and back in a battle of power and wits between four tougher than tough men as all four of them found themselves in a heap at ringside after Chance Taylor did a plancha over the top rope and crashed down on the other three men. After that Jihad crawled back into the ring followed by TSK the American Solider  and TSK  then covered the anti extremist Jihad for the victory.

Your Winner

by pinfall and new

 OSPW New York Champion 

Eric "TSK" Summerville

After the match while TSK was basking in the chants of USA from the crowd, Jihad struck and laid out the New Champion.


Commissioner's Corner with Big Jay

Guest / Tyger Smith

OSPW`s Commissioner Big Jay took a few moments to wish a boy from the crowd a Happy 6th birthday. Well that boy got a surprise when OSPW World champ Tyger Smith and UWC members Titus and Perez came out and dumped water on the kid and sent him crying from the ring. He said how dare Big Jay waist his interview time with this junk. The champ then went on to say it was only a matter of time before the UWC would have all the gold in OSPW and take total charge of things. Well Big Jay did not agree so Perez and Titus attempted to bully him and pushed a few times until the Commissioner had enough and suspended then both from the next OSPW event on June 20th. Tyger will have to go it all alone at Generation Gap!

Match # 5

2 out of 3 falls for the Tag Team Titles

To start the second half of the night we saw a two out of three fall tag Title match between the challengers Bishop and Deacon,  "The Sons of Thunder" and Champions Diablo's Horde team of Loose Screw and  Do to Ryot being on Lock down at the mental hospital Manager Damien Lucas was forced once again to compete in one of the most technically sound matches of the night. The Sons of Thunder upset Lucas right away as they handed out fruit roll ups to the crowd and the chant of fruit roll up rang out. The match started as the SOT trapped Lucas in the ring  and went to work on him in classic Sons of Thunder fashion as they man-handled him over and over. Putting him in a learning tree was the nicest thing they did to him while Loose Screw watched on while running in time after time to save his partner. The first fall ended when Loose Screw pushed the referee and caused a DQ so the first fall went to the SOT. Onto fall two as Loose Screw go's to war against Deacon and Bishop and let me tell you all three men hit each other with everything they had from clotheslines and big elbows  to round house kicks and Boston crab submissions, until Deacon was caught with a low blow followed up by a choke slam from Loose Screw to end fall two. The third fall started as Deacon was still down and Lucas tagged the back of loose Screw and quickly ran into the ring in hopes of taking out a fallen Deacon but Deacon would soon catch Lucas up for a spinebuster followed up with a DDS and Leg Drop from Bishop for the third and Final fall victory to the match. Deacon and Bishop grabbed the belts as Buffalo Tom announced them the NEW OSPW World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions as the crowd went wild only to have Commissioner Big Jay remind  every one that the first fall was won by a DQ and The Titles can not change hands by DQ.

 so Winners of

 The Match were Bishop and Deacon of The Sons of Thunder

 but still 

OSPW Tag Champions 

Diablo's Horde

Because of the DQ First Fall

The Crowd was not happy!

Match # 6

Triple Threat Match

The Next match of the night was a 3-way dance between Misguided Misfit, Trip and making his return to action in OSPW Johnny Kadillac. This match was fast and furious as all three men thrilled the crowd with high impact moves bone braking strikes and technical submission holds at there best. This match had it all and then some and the crowd let them know it. I for one would love to see more from all three of these guys in OSPW Action. Kadillac, Misfit and Trip kept the crowd on the edge of its seat and finally put them on their feet.

Your Winner

 By Submission


Match # 7 

The Main Event

OSPW World Heavyweight Title Match

.   IN  The Main Event we saw Kwan Chang, Primal Warpath, Billy Foxx, Terry Kadillac and OSPW World Heavyweight Champion Tyger Smith, in a 20 minute beat the clock match. Only the last pinfall or submission would  count and make one of them "The Champion".  This match was off the hook and action packed to say the least. The bell sounded and the pin attempts began as all five men tried to win with a roll up right off the bat. However every one was too fresh for that so the beat down was underway in which we saw several  pinfall's and the balance of power changed as the match went on.  I did not understand why the referee allowed so many managers and corner men to stay at ringside and get involved in the action.  This match already had five combatants beating the stuffing out of each other with chairs sticks eraser-boards and  flashlights all over the building but that's not to say this match did not see some of  the best wrestling in it as well because we witnessed German-suplexes, figure-four leg-locks, moonsaults, suicide dives, chops kicks and body slams as all five men waged war at civil war five to become the Champion. Remember the only victory that mattered in this one is the final fall nearing the 20 minute time limit. It looked as if Billy Foxx would become the New OSPW World Heavyweight Champion but as the final seconds slipped away Tyger Smith and the UWC would take the hopes of the fans, the fallen and the limit Billy Foxx all away when he hit Foxx in the head with a kendo stick and pinned Kwan Chang to retain the gold.

The Winner

and still

 OSPW World Heavyweight Champion 

Tyger Smith 

After the action Trip crashed the party and super kicked OSPW Hardcore Champion Terry Kadillac hoping to make a statement and send the message that he wants the Hardcore Title. Tyger Smith however took offence and challenged Trip to take him on at Generation Gap on June 20th since he wanted to get in Tyger`s ring then do it then for the World Title, if you can take the makeup off and be a man! So it will happen Trip versus Tyger for The

OSPW World Heavyweight Championship 

See you all then 

this has been the official show report by David James

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