Black & Blue interview

OSPW's Defining Leverage 2 started with a video tribute and a ten bell salute to Macho Man Randy Savage.  Followed by a Black & Blue interview with hose Joey the Bruiser and his guest JC Money. who started by insulting the fans and then blamed Tyger Smith for dropping the ball loosing focus and allowing Deaon to put him down and out.So now that the UWC is dead, JC Money and the Emanon boyz have now joined together for the greater good and they said the greater good was to destroy your heroes and cleanse OSPW of the parasites, such as the fans and people of Buffalo, NY.


Woman's Title

Preshow Match

Jena Mya  vs  Dee Licious


This match would be between Dee Licious with Jaz Miles against Jena Mya for the OSPW Woman's title.  This match had a lot of action and even more interference from Jaz Miles, Kwan Chang and the Freak who was once again dressed like a jester.  Both Dee Licious and Jena Mya looked good and gave it their all to walk out the winner.  At one point during the match, Mirage joined the announcers team to say how much better she is than both the women in the title match.  In the end, your winner and new woman`s champion would be Jena Mya!!!  After the match Jaz Miles and Kwan Chang attempted to punish Dee Liciouse for loosing, but she was saved by her big brother, Ty Liciouse.


Match One

TOI  vs  Chris West, & Mikey Everynight

This next match was between Thoroughbreds of Imperfection with Mirage against Mikey Everynight and Chris West with Rev. Dave and it was for the #1 contendership to the OSPW tag team titles.  These two teams have been going round and round for months now, both teams looked to be in top form and gave it their best to win the chance to fight for the OSPW Tag Titles. Both teams appeared to be hungry as they fought with passion and ability, a level not seen from these four men since match one.  But, it would be the Thoroughbreds of Imperfection that would come out on top tonight as they gave West a Body bag finisher.  The winners...Thoroughbreds of Imperfection!!!


Match Two

Non title tag match 3 way

Damien Lucas  vs  Eric Emanon  vs  Shadokat

This next match would be a non title match between OSPW Jr. TV Champion Damien Lucas, Eric Emanon and Shadokat with Thunder.  This match began as a two on one when Emanon and Lucas attempted to gang up on Shadokat, who would have none of that as he quickly showed both his foes that he just might be a step or two better than them and he showed us all why he is the best high flyer in OSPW.  Lucas and Emanon took turns the whole match trying to ground the Kat and up each other, as all three men pulled out everything they had to win this one.  All these men looked truly impressive as each one of them came close to victory a time or two.  But, it would be Shadokat who would score the win over Damien Lucas and then challenge him to a casket match for his title at Wrestlefest 9.  Your winner...Shadokat!!!


Match Three

Talent Elite  vs  Dain the Pain & Gabriel Soul

Next up we saw a tag match between Talent Elite against Dain the Pain and Gabriel Soul with Thunder.  These four men wasted no time lighting things up as they put it all on the line.  From bell to bell with a fast paced, hard hitting action packed bout to say the least.  Soul and Pain worked well together with quick tags and well placed moves, but Kadillac and Nasty Nick Nice seemed to have their number as they out foxed them every step of the way with mind games and under handed tactics.  They worked the ring like a well oiled machine and found the formula to steal the victory from Soul and Pain as Kadillac scored the victory over Soul with a bit of help from Nasty Nick.  The winners...Talent Elite!!!


Match Four

Bradly  vs  Lexx

The next match was between the force Jeremiah Bradly against Lexx Anvil.  this match was a bit of a game of cat and mouse as Lexx Anvil used a hit and run offense that seemed to work at first.  Then the Force Bradly caught his smaller opponent and began to deliver the pain, but Lexx showed a lot of heart and fought on and fought hard.  It just would not be enough to overcome Bradly's size and power.  The winner in a great match... Jeremiah Bradly!!!


Match Five

T-Rex  vs  SOT

The next match would be for the OSPW Tag team titles between challengers T-Rex Express and champions the Sons of Thunder with Thunder.  This match was a true old school tag team wrestling classic match between two of the toughest and best teams in WNY today.  This match was a pleasure to watch, I felt as if I was being taught a lesson by four ring vets as they put on a tag team clinic for us all.  Truly tag team wrestling the way tag team wrestling was meant to be.  This match has to be in the running for match of the year as it had it all and left us wanting more.  I hope to see these two teams compete again.  Just when it looked like the Sons of Thunder had it won, the Thoroughbreds of Imperfection hit the ring and attacked T-Rex Express causing the DQ.  The winner of this match...T-Rex Express!!!  When it was all said and done, T-Rex won the match, TOI stole the belts, The SOT were still champions and all three teams will be in a tag team elimination shackles match at Wrestlefest  9


Match Six

Kwan Chang  vs  Punisher Vanslk  vs  Steve Kruz

Next up we saw a 3-way dance between the Emperor of Old School Kwan Chang, The Punisher VanSlyk and Mr. One Night Stand Steve Kruz.  This match was fantastic and one of the most entertaining matches of the night with non stop action, the hits were hard, the maneuvers incredible.  As Chang-Kruz- andThe Punisher gave us a modern day mat classic alive with emotion, and full of technical excellence.  I hope to see more from these men in the near future in OSPW.  Your winner...The Asian Nightmare Kwan Chang!!!


Match Seven

Venemous  vs  Vickers

This match was for the OSPW NY title between champion Nick Vickers with Thunder against new comer and ring rookie Venemous, who found himself in this match after Vickers original opponent had issues getting to the venue.  Both Venemous and Vickers came to win and in the end Nick Vickers proved to be the better man.  Your winner... OSPW NY Champion Nick Vickers!!!


Match Eight

Ty Licious  vs  Trip

For the OSPW World Heavyweight title, we saw champion Trip against Ty Licious.  This match started out with some mind games and a bit of off the wall fun as Ty Licious and Trip did their thing, both men trying to get into the head of the other, this seemed to be a battle neither man could win.  As far as the actual wrestling action, it was technically sound and entertaining to say the least and just as the action picked up and these two men gave us what we came to see and that's great wrestling at it's best.  Jc Money and Brian Emanon hit the ring and attacked Trip.  Ty Licious took Trips back and it became a two on two and this match for the title was deemed a no contest and the powers that be turned it into a tag match.


Match Nine

Brian Emanon, JC Money  vs  Trip, Ty Licious

The bell rang and the new tag match main event between Trip and Ty Licious against JC Money and Brian Emanon was underway as all four men waged war on each other in and out of the ring with some hard hitting action.  It seemed that JC Money and Brian Emanon had things going their way as they took Ty Licious apart with crisp double teamed and underhanded tactics when needed.  But the team of Trip and Ty would rally back and turn things around so much that JC Money and Brian Emanon would run to higher ground so to say as they refused to get back in the ring and were counted out.  Your winners... Trip and Ty Licious!!!  After the match Money and The Emanon boyz would attack Trip and Ty while they celebrated with the fans.  Trip and Ty were left laying and had to be helped out of the ring.

Thank you for coming and see you at the next event Wrestlefest 9!!  This has been the full report by David James.