Pre Show-Match

Lexx Anvil (C) vs Damien Lucas

Match 1 – 3 Way Dance

Thoroughbreds of Imperfection (TOI)jr member Jay Flyer (accompanied by

Valet Mirage)  VS Phil Phoenix VS Sensational David Evans

Match 2

Thoroughbreds of Imperfection (TOI) – Kriptic Keegan (1/2 of the OSPW

Tag-Team Champions) accompanied by Valet Mirage and his tag-team partner

Cassius Kutcher VS Shadokat (Of The Fallen)

Match 3

The Bonecrushers (Manny & Sway) accompanied by Manager Mr. Perez VS Tyger

Smith &Maximo Suave

Match 4

Thoroughbreds of Imperfection (TOI) – Cassius Kutcher (1/2 of the OSPW

Tag-Team Champions) accompanied by Valet Mirage & his tag-team partner

Kriptic Keegan VS Deacon (1/2 of The Fallen with Shado Kat)

Match 5

Gabriel Soul Jones (accompanied by Manager Junior White) VS Evan McLoud

Match 6

Lexx Anvil &MikeyEverynite (accompanied by Rev. Dave & Thunder of The



Damien Lucas & Big Vigo (accompanied by Mike McGee)

Match 7 – OSPW NY Title Match – 4-way dance

The Prodigy Eric Emanon (accompanied by Manager Frankie Villa) VS Dain the

pain jacobs vs Mr. Wrestling Chris West VS The Future Jeremiah Bradley (c)

(accompanied by Manager Junior White)

Match 8 – 6-Man Tag

OSPW TV Champion Papa Terry Kadillac,-

Who took the place of a ill DannyMagick in this match-  along with

“The Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang, and Mike McGee

(accompanied by Sensational David Evans and Manager Jaz Miles) 


The Bacardi Kid, Venemous, & Chazz Hectik

Match 9

The Unholy Ryot VS Trip (accompanied by Manager Franki Villa)

MAIN EVENT-match 10

OSPW Heavyweight Champion Brian Emanon VS Nasty Nick Nice

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