The full show write up for OSPW`s

Commentators: The John, Robert Ezekyo, & Joey “The Bruiser” Tenebruso


New Commissioner? No Anvil’s Allowed? 3 Stages of Hell Match? &ldots;Read on!


Joey “The Bruiser” Tenebruso’s Black & Blue interview starts the show&ldots;

Bruiser mentioned come Wrestlefest it will be 10 years of OSPW.

He also mentioned Tyger Smith steps down as OSPW Commissioner to step back into the squared circle.

Bruiser calls (Manager of The Fallen) and Championship committee member Thunder to the ring for an interview. Tenebruso questioned Thunder about Tyger Smith’s position and to find out who the new OSPW Commissioner is. Thunder stated they will have a temporary Commissioner for the evening when he was interrupted by Papa Terry Kadillac, Sensational David Evans, and Nasty Nick Nice. David Evans stole the mic from Bruiser and stated that the Talent Elite had a heavyweight title shot for the night. Nick seemed to get upset with this and grabbed the mic stating his name was on the contract for the heavyweight title shot and that he was done with

Evans and Kadillac then exited to the locker room.



OSPW Jr. TV Title Match (As per acting Commissioner Lexx Anvil’s Hammer is

banned from ringside)

Lexx Anvil (C) vs Damien Lucas

This match started out with a few simple tests of strength before becoming more physical when Damien Lucas blatantly sent a blatantly illegal nut-shot to Anvil in front of the referee! The ref immediately called for the bell. After the bell rung, Mike McGee entered the ring to help Lucas with a beatdown on Lexx. MikeyEverynite stormed the ring and scared McGee and Lucas to the floor.

Winner of the match by disqualification: Lexx Anvil.


Match 1 – 3 Way Dance

Thoroughbreds of Imperfection (TOI)jr member Jay Flyer (accompanied by

Valet Mirage)  VS Phil Phoenix VS Sensational David Evans

I personally was really excited about this match due to the fact we have 3 high-flying ariel acrobats in the ring of what I believed to be of equal caliber. A main event in any arena as far as I’m concerned. Yeah, I said it, now on with the report! Evans of course had some choice words and whistle blowing much to the crowds dismay before the match started. After the bell, all 3 men immediately went after each other until it became every man for himself. Evans was actually shining quite nice in the beginning with precision timing and veteran skills. Flyer teamed up with Evans for a moment when he irish whipped Evans from the buckle into Phoenix in the other buckle when Evans monkey flipped Phoenix to land onto Flyer. Flyer and Evans went after Phoenix to be sent over the top rop to the floor. Phoenix ascended with the plancha over the top rope. Phoenix stayed on Flyer attacking inside the ring while Evans stayed outside on the floor blowing his whistle. Evans and Flyer continued an onslaught on Phoenix until they started to disagree. Phoenix took advantage by coming off the top rope onto both men then giving his finisher to Flyer. Evans tossed Phoenix and covered Flyer for the pin.

Winner: Sensational David Evans


Match 2

Thoroughbreds of Imperfection (TOI) – Kriptic Keegan (1/2 of the OSPW

Tag-Team Champions) accompanied by Valet Mirage and his tag-team partner

Cassius Kutcher VS Shadokat (Of The Fallen)

If you’ve never seen these two wrestle before there was no problem telling there is no love lost between both of them as Kriptic wasted no time attacking Shadokat in the buckle to start the match as Shado was pointing to the big screen in honor of a fallen loved one. The action was back and forth. You could almost tell both opponents knew when to anticipate each other’s moves but you just knew it had to be one mistake to declare a winner. Shadokat lands a big move on Keegan. Keegan lands a big move on Shadokat. Still, close calls but no pinfall. Shadokat picked Keegan up into a torture rack not once, but twice, only causing Keegans boot to knock down the referee. While Shadokat was checking on the ref, Keegan snuck behind for a rollup w en Damien Lucas came out with a referee shirt on and counted the 1,2,3. Kutcher, Keegan, Flyer, & Lucas all put the boots to Shadokat showing no mercy. Shadokat regained enough strength to get all four men off of him so he could pick up Jay Flyer and plant his finishing maneuver on him.

Winner: Kriptic Keegan


Match 3

The Bonecrushers (Manny & Sway) accompanied by Manager Mr. Perez VS Tyger

Smith &Maximo Suave

Tyger Smith steps down as OSPW Commissioner to settle a score with The Bonecrushers. and Mr. Perez was named acting commissioner, Plain and simple The Bonecrushers are just huge, nasty, and one hell of a challenge for anyone that gets in their way. The Bonecrushers took turns manhandling Tyger for a bit. Smith finally got enough adrenaline back when he tagged his hand-picked partner Maximo Suave into the ring. Suave came in ready for action and turned on Tyger by giving him an impaler DDT. Mr. Perez stood on the apron salivating.

Winners: The Bonecrushers

After the match: Maximo grabs the mic and asks Tyger to remember their past from years ago when he asked to be in UWC and Tyger told him he lacked talent. Mr. Perez took over on the mic telling Tyger he knew he was going to call Maximo so he called first and not only that but he also needed to announce that he was the NEW OSPW COMMISSIONER! Tyger stood up to chants from the crowd yelling, “Welcome back!” Tyger stated next month at Wrestlefest 10 he will do whatever it takes to have a match between him and &ldots;.. then thanked the crowd for welcoming him back. He exited to the locker room to chants of “Tyger, Tyger!”


Match 4

Thoroughbreds of Imperfection (TOI) – Cassius Kutcher (1/2 of the OSPW

Tag-Team Champions) accompanied by Valet Mirage & his tag-team partner

Kriptic Keegan VS Deacon (1/2 of The Fallen with Shado Kat)

As I stated before with Kriptic&Shadokat there was no love lost between these two either. Kutcher & Deacon attempted to lock up in tests of strength when Deacon showed more power on the third try by tossing Kutcher backwards and out of the ring. Kutcher then tested Deacon with a game of mercy before running his shoulder into the stomach of Deacon. Deacon came back with a big clothesline in the buckle. Kutcher quickly lifted his boot to Deacon’s face as he attempted a second clothesline in the buckle. Kutcher then sent Deacon to the outside of the ring so he and Mirage could distract the ref long enough for Kriptic to apply more damage to Deacon outside the ring. Kutcher decided to showoff by doing pushups in the ring. Kutcher sent Deacon into the ropes allowing Deacon to land a roundhouse kick in honor of his brother Bishop and then a huge spear to Kutcher. Not enough for a pinfall though. The action ended up outside on the cement floor. Deacon charged at Cassius, Cassius applied a finisher on the floor. Deacon made it to the ring but not soon enough when the ref ended it on a double countout.

Winner: A Draw by double countout

After the match: Cassius, Kriptic, Jay Flyer, & Mirage attempted to put Deacon into their now infamous body bag when Shadokat wasted no time storming the ring to save his partner of The Fallen. Mr. Perez comes out and m kes his first order as new OSPW Commissioner First, he tells everyone in the ring not to touch each other. Second, he states the animosity going on the ring gave him a great idea to make the company money at Wrestlefest 10 by scheduling a 3 STAGES OF HELL MATCH between The Fallen & TOI but he will not state what the stages are until they are in the ring at Wrestlefest 10.

That is going to be AWESOME!


Match 5

Gabriel Soul Jones (accompanied by Manager Junior White) VS Evan McLoud

Gabriel Soul still somewhat new to OSPW is looking to be in great shape and ready to take on all comers. Evan McLoud appeared to get the crowd into the match while Soul sized him up. McLoud came off the ropes trying to shoulder tackle Soul to no avail. McLoud told Soul he’ll give him an opportunity to knock him down. As Soul came off the ropes McLoud would simply move to the side giving his opponent no opportunity. Soul became frustrated. Junior White even got in on the action when the ref wasn’t looking once Gabriel did get the upper hand and was able to distract the ref. McLoud came back with a huge neckbreaker on Soul and then a spear. Junior White jumped onto the apron to interrupt McLoud’spinfall. McLoud grabbed White and clocked him with a fist sending White to the floor. Gabriel Soul took advantage when he snuck up from behind and landed brass knuckles to McLoud’s face without the ref noticing giving Soul the victory.

Winner: Gabriel Soul Jones


Intermission Interruption

OSPW Heavyweight Champion Brian Emanon, Eric Emanon, Tripp, & Manager Frankie Villa come to the ring holding an unknown staff member hostage. Tripp decides to do an interview and ask Frankie Villa why he turned on Ryot. Villa simply stated Ryot was dead weight. Brian Emanon decides to start bullying the staff member when Mr. Perez comes back to the ring and tells Brian he doesn’t find it f nny. Tripp grabs the mic and states, “You people want to know why I turned on Ryot? Why I turned my back on my friend of 12 years?” Then he paused and stated, “I thought it was funny.” Mr. Perez then insisted for Eric Emanon to let go of the staff member and told everyone in the ring to go back to the locker room and leave him alone. AL JIHAD RETURNS AGAIN TO TERRORIZE THE OSPW FANS Jihad stated he came to the last show just to see Tyger Smith Take It Deep. Then he stated this show he was there to call out Deacon since he wasn’t fortunate enough to have the pleasure of ending his brother Bishop’s career. Deacon ran to the ring and got in Jihad’s face. Jihad told Deacon he’d fight anytime, anyday, anywhere but not today... then exited the ring. Not sure where Jihad was actually going with this since he exited the ring while Deacon was standing in front of him. Was it psychological, a game, or was Jihad unsure?

Maybe we’ll find out more at Wrestlefest 10?


Match 6

Note: OSPW Announcer RJ Melville lets the crowd know due to events that happened earlier in the evening this match was made by the New OSPW Commissioner Mr. Perez with the hammer still banned from ringside.

Lexx Anvil &MikeyEverynite (accompanied by Rev. Dave & Thunder of The

Fallen) VS Damien Lucas & Big Vigo (accompanied by Mike McGee)

MikeyEverynite always a crowd favorite shined again as he was able to counterstrike with uncanny ability until Big Vigo made an impressive debut by pummeling Everynite before going after Lexx Anvil. In traditional Damien Lucas style, once Vigo had the upper hand, Lucas then tagged in to attack Anvil. Lucas, Anvil, Everynite, and Vigo continuously tagged in and out with all men having the upper hand at one point and time. Vigo decided to do what it takes to get Everynite out of the ring so he & Lucas could give Anvil a double-team finisher to get the win. Winners: Damien Lucas & Big Vigo After the match: Lucas decided to give Everynite his finisher just for his own amusement. Lucas & Vigo then kept beating on Anvil when Deacon & Shadokat came to Anvil’s aid.


Match 7 – OSPW NY Title Match – 4-way dance

The Prodigy Eric Emanon (accompanied by Manager Frankie Villa) VS Dain the

pain jacobs vs Mr. Wrestling Chris West VS The Future Jeremiah Bradley (c)

(accompanied by Manager Junior White)

Before the match Jeremiah wouldn’t hand his belt off to the ref and decided to display it to the crowd himself. Emanon decided to sit in the buckle while Bradley and West started the match. and Jacobs was taken out by Soul before the match started making it a 3-way, Of course, once Eric had an opportune moment he went after West. Bradley stayed on Eric until West came back in and wanted a piece of Emanon for himself. Bradley and West went at it and Eric conveniently took cheap shots any chance he could get. Bradley ended up in the turnbuckle with West charging at him, Bradley stopped West and Emanon with a big boot. West was able to apply his finishing samoan drop to Emanon but Bradley tossed West out of the ring and covered Emanon for the pinfall. Winner: Jeremiah Bradley (and still OSPW NY Champion) After the match:Chris West speaks out when he grabs the mic and tells Jeremiah Bradley he wants a one-on-one match with Jeremiah at Wrestlefest 10 where no managers or cheating can happen. Junior White got on the mic when the crowd decided to yell “Urkel” chants. Then they shouted, “Mr. Wrestling” chants. Very interesting indeed. Will they get a NO DQ match?


Match 8 – 6-Man Tag

OSPW TV Champion Papa Terry Kadillac,-

Who took the place of a ill DannyMagick in this match-  alomg with

“The Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang, and Mike McGee

(accompanied by Sensational David Evans and Manager Jaz Miles) 


The Bacardi Kid, Venemous, and Chazz Hectik

Bacardi Kid starts the match by stealing David Evans annoying coach whistle and tossing it to the ground. Evans retrieves it while whining like a baby. Kwan and Bacardi faceoff first.Chang who is normally a master of pain in the ring couldn’t seem to get the upper hand when Bacardi and his teammates kept working Chang’s arm. This didn’t last long once Chang was able to get up and running again. Chang, McGee, and Kadillac were working great as a trio as they continued to work on Venemous. Venemous took quite a beating for a while then regained his strength enough to fight off the trio’s onslaught and make a tag to Hecktik. Hecktick came in and landed forearms and dropkicks to all 3 opponents. Hecktik kept up the good work until Chang cut his pinfall attempt short. All men ended up in the ring one after the other taking move after move until it was down to Hecktik and Chang. Hecktik made it to the top rope, Jaz Miles jumped on the apron in an attempt to push him off only to be punched in the face by Chazz. Hecktik went for a huge moonsault onto Kwan & missed. Kwan applied his finisher and got the victory.

Winners: Terry Kadillac, Kwan Chang, and Mike McGee


Match 9

The Unholy Ryot VS Trip (accompanied by Manager Franki Villa)

Ryot came into the ring wasting no time going after Trip with a vengeance. Trip would counter a few times here and there but Ryot seemed to obtain the upper hand. I honestly think this is the fastest I’ve ever seen Ryot move in a squared circle! Trip tried several sneak attacks and unexpected rollups on Ryot but couldn’t get a pinfall. Ryot was pulling out all the stops and so was Trip. Trip landed a big elbow off the top rope. Ryot was able to recover and set Trip u  for a big chokeslam when Trip slapped a submission hold onto the arm of Ryot. Ryot recovered again and put his finisher on Trip. As Ryot went for the pin, Villa pulled Trip out of the ring to stop the count. Ryot got Trip back into the ring and was able to give him a huge spinebuster but couldn’t get the count. Trip countered and went to give Ryot a superkick, Ryot blocked it and put Trip into his finisher again to get the pinfall.

Winner: Ryot

After the match: Eric Emanon, Franki Villa, and Trip attacked Ryot. Ryot

came too and took each person out one-at-a-time until Franki Villa was

left alone in the ring. Ryot choke slammed him twice.


MAIN EVENT-match 10

OSPW Heavyweight Champion Brian Emanon VS Nasty Nick Nice

This was a match of pure muscle versus pure brawn. Nick has been rising up the ladder since his start in OSPW and has also had the advantage of getting advice from veteran OSPW star Terry Kadillac amongst others which you could tell mentally prepared him for this match. Emanon started off with Nick in a simple collar and elbow hold when Nick gave him a fast armdrag takedown catching the champ off guard. Nick was standing his ground quite well. So much, in fact, that Emanon was heading back to the dressing room and showing blatant disrespect for anything around him. Nick made a few comebacks giving the champ a huge run for his money. Emanon would cut Nice off several times in the process. Nick was able to duck all of Brian’s attempted clotheslines enough to pick Emanon up for his finisher. Terry Kadillac came down to the ring and jumped on the apron to distract Nick. Emanon grabbed Nick from the back and landed his finishing maneuver for the win and to retain the title. After the match: Terry Kadillac and David Evans entered the ring to bully Nick Nice. Nice clocked Terry Kadillac and Evans ran out of the ring. MR. PEREZ HARASSES BRIAN EMANON! Mr. Perez mentioned to Brian that in their past Brian did him wrong about the way he won the title so now that he has the power he’s making a match to be announced for Wrestlefest 10 that will assure he loses his title. Wrestlefest 10 is a special 10-Year Celebration in 2012 and everyone at OSPW would like to say many thanks for making us the most successful independent wrestling fed in Upstate/WNY. It seems anything can happen at Wrestlefest 10 this year.

Can’t wait and I’ll see you there.

Until Next Time&ldots;

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