Pre Show Action

Troy The Boy Buchanan defeats The Bacardi Kid.

Match # 1 

Jr Heavyweight TV Title Match

Shadokat hands over Jr TV Title after suffering injury full story to

follow. Kriptic Keegan beats the Latin Soldier by DQ

 Jr TV Title Champion to be decided at Wrestlefest 8

Match # 2

Woman's Title Match

Jesse Belle beats Ashleigh Vayda in Woman's Title match

Match # 3 

Tag Team Action

TSK and Nick Vickers beat Al Jihad and Damien Lucas in tag action

Match # 4

New York Title Match

Titus Smith beats Chance Taylor to become the New 

OSPW New York Champion

Match # 5 

Tag Team Action

Bishop and Deacon of The Sons Of Thunder 

beat M.E. Members 

Kwan Chang and Ikika

Match # 6

Tag Team Title Match

A Nasty Sensation David Evans and Nasty Nick Nice 


Jimmy Stitches and Mikey Everynight

to retain the tag titles

Match # 7

Kiss My Foot Match

Trip beats Papa Terry Kadillac in a Kiss my foot match and makes

Kadillac kiss his bare foot!



Match # 8

Tag Match

Team F-View beat the Emanon Boyz

Match # 9

World Title Match

In The Main Event Billy Foxx beats Rex Atkins to Retain the 

OSPW World Heavyweight Title