Pre Show Action

Troy Buchanon  vs  Bacardi Kid

This event started much like all the OSPW events do with the proper announcements, American anthem, and the announcers team for the night taking it's place calling the action was Joey the Bruiser, Danny Magick, The John, and Rev. Dave.  Now to the action.  Your ring announcer for the night would be Al Scott.  In the opening match we had the Bacardi Kid of the UWC take on Troy The Boy Buchanon.  This match was a technical delight as both man proved to be well schooled in the art of technical pro wrestling, as both men battled back and forth.  This one could have gone either way, but it would be Troy the Boy Buchanon who would find the formula to win. 

Your Winner

Troy Buchanon

Match One

Da Latin Soldier   vs   Kriptic Keegan

Next up we all expected to see Shadokat defend his title, instead we saw him surrender it to Commissioner Danny Magick due to an ACL injury to his knee.  Shadokat told us he was attacked from behind, the evidence thus far is this a red bandana, a large metal pry bar, and  The Sons of Thunder saw Kriptic Keegan leaving the locker room area where they found Shadokat in.  Now to the match between Da Latin Soldier and Kriptic Keegan.  The action was fast paced and hard hitting as both men pulled out all the stops to prove to management that they should be the man to fight for the now vacant OSPW Jr Heavyweight TV title.  Both men looked great in this match and seemed to be closely matched.  Just when it looked as if Kriptic Keegan had this one in the bag, the UWC attacked in full force and beat down Keegan causing the DQ. 

The Winner by DQ

Kriptic Keegan

Match Two

Woman's Title Match

Ashleigh Vayda   vs  Jesse Belle

Next up we had the return of Ashleigh Vayda taking on Jesse Belle for the OSPW woman's title.  The bell rang and the action began, neither woman wasted any time.  It would be Jesse Belle who would prove her dominance early on with several well place strikes, followed by a series of holds attempting to weaken Vayda.  But the former champion would prove to be up to the challenge as she fought back with a hard hitting and powerful set of counter holds of her own.  But in the end it would be Jesse Belle who would score the win. 

Your Winner and still Champion

Jesse Belle

For some reason Damien Lucas was seen scouting this match.

Match Three

Al Jihad and Damien Lucas   vs  TSK and  Nick Vickers

The next match of the night was a tag team match between Al Jihad teaming with Damien Lucas against TSK and Nick Vickers.  This match started before the bell as Jihad and Lucas attempted to attack TSK and Vickers as they made their entrance, but Vickers and the American Hero TSK would fight back with all they had.  This one turned out to be more of a tag team brawl with a few wrestling moves tossed in for good measure, more than anything else. Lucas and Jihad seemed to have things going their way most of the match as they double teamed Vickers in hopes to win by any way they could.  TSK tagged in and went to work strong, it seemed that Al Jihad and Lucas wanted no part of TSK, at the end of this one it would be the team of Nick Vickers and TSK on top.  So again.

Your Winners of this match.

Nick Vickers and OSPW's American Hero TSK

Match Four

New York Title Match

Titus Smith  vs  Chance Taylor

The next match was for the OSPW NY title between Titus Smith with Mr. Perez at ringside and the current Champion Chance Taylor.  These two men have been going at it for several months now and they wasted no time taking it to one another with hard hitting, fast paced action.  Both men pulled out several high risk moves in the hope to walk out as the OSPW NY Champion.  As one might expect Titus even used a few underhanded tactics and for him it paid off big as

The Winner of the match and new 

OSPW NY Champion

Titus Smith 

Who, by the way, felt the need to deliver a beat down after the match on Taylor.  Lucky for Taylor his long time friend and

OSPW World Champion Billy Foxx made the save.

Match Five

Kwan Chang and Ikika   vs  Bishop and  Deacon

Next up we saw the members of Maximum Enforcement Kwan Chang and Ikika with Mabus the freak at ringside take on members of The Fallen, the team of Bishop and Deacon, The Sons of Thunder with Thunder at ringside.  The bell rang , the match began and the action was underway.  This may have been the hardest hitting match of the night between four of the best heavy weights in wrestling today.  This match proved to be a classic old school tag team battle, both teams just punished each other.  Until Deacon found himself caught in no mans land as Kwan Chang and Ikika took over and attempted to take the number one contenders spot for themselves, but the Sons of Thunder proved to be just a bit better, a bit smarter and full of a lot more heart as they fought back and capitalized on a missed cue between Ikika, Kwan and the Freak to take Ikika out with their thunder struck double team, For the victory in a match of the ages and one that could be a contender for match of the year,

Your Winners

Bishop and Deacon

 The Sons of Thunder

Match Six

Tag Team Title Match

A Nasty Sensation   vs Jimmy  Stitches and Mikey  Everynight

The following match of the night was for OSPW tag team Championships.  Before the action, the champs came out, the team of David Evans and Nasty Nick Nice with Terry Kadillac in their corner and told us all that they hand picked the team of Stitches and Everynight with manager Rev. Dave.  The match was fast paced and full of high risk moves and high energy moments to say the least.  Both teams left us all in awe in their attempt to be the ones to walk out with the gold as the champs.  As Stitches and Everynight proved it is not always the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that matters.  A Nasty Sensation was busy man handling the smaller team and taking cheating to a new level as they stole the victory after coming close to losing it all. 

The Winners and still OSPW Tag Team Champions

A Nasty Sensation 

Who then attempted to brake Everynight's leg after the match, lucky for him, Thunder and the Sons of Thunder made the save.  So, Terry Kadillac challenged Thunder to a match.  Thunder said yes, but only if it would be Kadillac and a Nasty Sensation against Thunder and the Sons of Thunder for the gold at Wrestlefest 8.  And Kadillac said yes.  A Nasty Sensation did not look happy and then Commissioner Danny Magick reminded Terry Kadillac he was in a Kiss my Foot match and that it would be next.

Match Seven

Kiss My Foot Match

Papa Terry Kadillac   vs   Trip

Now onto the Kiss my Foot match between Terry Kadillac and Trip with Mirage at ringside.  This match started with Terry Kadillac attempting to have a Nasty Sensation do his dirty work only to have them banned from ringside.  This match was entertaining and comical at times.  The action was technically sound and innovative to say the least.  Both men put it all out there for the fans and not to mention to be the winner and the man to have his foot kissed.  The match could have gone either way, just when it looked as if Kadillac was going to put Trip away after a low blow, Trip pulled a rabbit out of his hat and scored a super kick to knock Kadillac's lights out and score the pin.  A Nasty Sensation came back out and tried to stop Trip from making Kadillac kiss his foot, but they were ran off by the Sons of Thunder and Kadillac had to kiss Trips bare, sweaty foot. 

Your Winner


Match Eight

Team F-View   vs  Emanon Boyz

Next up, we saw Team F-View and members of the UWC, JC Money and Tyger Smith against Brian and Eric, The Emanon Boyz.  This match began when the UWC had ref John Ash removed from the match and a new ref assigned.  Both teams wasted no time getting down to the meat of it as they locked up, going hold for hold and blow for blow in a history making sleeper of a tag match.  You can almost be certain that not one of  these four men walk away from this match the same way they walked in.  After the pain and suffering they put each other though. It was almost too painful to watch.  In the end it would be Team F-View who would score the victory. 

The Winners

Tyger Smith and JC Money

 Team F-View

Match Nine

The Main Event

World Heavyweight Title Match

Rex Atkins  vs  Billy Foxx

Now the main event, for the OSPW World Heavy weight Championship currently held by Fallen member Billy Foxx, who came to the ring with Thunder to face the challenger Rex Atkins of Talent Elite.  This match began with what seemed to be a feeling out point between two great wrestlers as both men went toe to toe with some fantastic technical wrestling.  Atkins did a wonderful job of grounding the high flying Champion Billy Foxx.  More and more as the match went on, it looked as if we would see a new Champion as Rex Atkins really went to work on the left leg of Foxx.  It seemed to take all that Foxx had to just stay in the match and fight off the viscous attack of Atkins.  This match turned out to give a new meaning to the term main event.  I take my hat off to both men for putting on a wrestling clinic. 

The Winner of the match and still 

OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion 

Billy Foxx

  After the match, the ring was filled up with Tyger Smith, Brian Emanon, Trip and Chance Taylor.  So now we had a six man stand off in the ring.  Billy Foxx put the belt down and said ring the bell.  But Commissioner Danny Magick had other plans and they would be this.  At Wrestlefest 8 2010 on July 24th, the main event will be a six man elimination shackles match for the OSPW Heavy weight title between Billy Foxx, Trip, Rex Atkins, Chance Taylor, Tyger Smith and Brian Emanon.  Thank you all for coming. 

This has been the official show report by 

David James

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