Report: By David James

Match 1

 Johnny Kadillac vs Chris Knievil


In the opening match and the first of eight head to head matches in the final battle between OSPW and N.E.W. we saw to young up and comers. for OSPW it was Johnny Kadillac against N.E.W.`s Chris Knievil both these young athletes pulled out all the stops in a truly fast paced action packed bout. There was a number of quick arm drags and high risk aerial maneuvers out of both men but the old school technician or so he calls himself, Johnny K. was noticeably working the head and arm of Knieval every chance he could. In the end however it was the quickness and high risk aerial assault of Knievil that would win out. The daredevil Chris Knievil would land a amazing spring board 450 splash to win the match and strike the first blow,

in N.E.W`s favor again

 the Winner

Chris Knievil

Match 2

 Ruthless vs Lamar Braxton Porter

 N.E.W. sent a monster to the ring in the form of six foot sixth 300 hundred plus pound Lamar Braxton Porter, facing off against OSPW rookie Ruthless. The bell sounded and Ruthless tried and tried to take the big man down, surprising Porter on more than one occasion with his speed but to no avail. The huge mountain of a man Lamar Braxton Porter would have none of it. Ultimately he would just over power his smaller opponent or should I say victim! Porter ended up just man handling ruthless with a painful display of one power move after the next

The Winner in his

OSPW Debut

Lamar Braxton Porter

Match 3

Robert Ezekyo vs Mike McGee

We had in the nights third match up For OSPW Mike McGee against Next Era`s Robert Ezekyo. This was a fine example of a hard hitting Old School Style Match up. We saw chops, suplexes, body slams and leg drops. I witnessed just how tough both these men could be.

In the end it took a power Bomb by Ezekyo to finish McGee

The Winner

The Messiah of Malice

Robert Ezekyo

Match 4

Daredevils vs Davidsons

This was the only tag match of the night featuring from N.E.W. the daredevils (William Fox and Horace White) facing Former OSPW Tag team champions Scott and Steve the Davidsons. The Bell sounded and the Davidsons waisted no time teaching the Daredevils a lesson in tag team wrestling, with quick tags and a series of double team maneuvers. However the team of Fox and white could not be counted out just yet. They truly showed they both are very gifted high flyers in and out of the ring, unfortunately for them there tag team ability on this night did not match up to the ones shown by the Former Champs. The Davidson's who on more than a few occasions would just out smart the Daredevils. Just when it looked as if the daredevils might steel this one away from the former champs, Greg Karma and OSPW World Champion Deacon visited ringside, for what looked to be a scouting mission that turned into a verbal debate between Karma, Fox and the Ref. Deacon would then enter the ring to give Horace White something I am told he was owed. Deacon literally turned Horace (White) with a short leg clothesline that flipped him completely over! The Davidsons would then and insult to injury by finishing the already destroyed White with a double team reveres Russian leg sweep like maneuver.

Your Winners

The Davidson Brothers

Match 5

Tommy Mandrake vs TSK

This Match had for OSPW the Hardcore Champ, TSK vs N.E.W.`s Tommy Mandrake. Neither man waisted much time as the bell sounded and the fist started flying back and forth in true hardcore faction. In and out of the ring they would go and then came the weapons, steel chairs kendo sticks, garbage cans and yes even ladders oh my. Tommy Mandrake showed some spunk to say the least, as for a good portion of the match it looked as if he just might win. However the self proclaimed Empower of Hardcore TSK would show us all why he is still the current OSPW Hardcore Champion

Your Winner and still

Hardcore Champion

The Serial Killer

Eric Summerville.

Match 6

 Ryot vs Bishop

This match between N.E.W.`s Ryot and OSPW`s Bishop truly had all the makings of match of the night. The match started with a shoving contest into a flex off by both these warriors. Then we saw a fantastic exchange of oldschool wrestling in which we saw Bishop take control and out maneuver Ryot time and time again. Ryot not being Abel to out wrestle Bishop turned to as we have seen him do before cheating! After openly knocking out the Ref. which should have been a DQ. Ryot took a Steel Chair to the back and head of Bishop but in the end even that was not enough.

Ryot would once again become a victim of

The Titanium Roundhouse Kick!

Your Winner



Match 7

Aaron Alexander vs Glenn Dillion and Magic the Freak

This match was supposed to be Aaron Alexander against Glenn Dillion. However once again the Glamorous one would have something up his sleeve. he pulled the swerve and it was that the match was to be a two on one handicap match. N.E.W.`s Alexander vs OSPW`s Dillion and Magic the Freak. it looked as if Alexander just might win this match as he had everything going his way against the Freak, Only to have the rug pulled out from under him, as the OSPW New York Champion entered the match and literally squashed his opponents chances of victory.

Alexander was no match for the 300 pound Dillion

Your Winners

Glamorous Glenn Dillion and Magic the Freak

Match 8

The Main Event


This was the main event for all the marbles Champion vs Champion title for title but more than all that, plain and simple this was about respect between friends and Champions. After the introductions the action was underway. Deacon struck first out maneuvering Smith one hold after the next but every time the OSPW champion would gain ground either by out wrestling or over powering the N.E.W. champion, Tyger Smith would cut him off with a low blow or thumb to the eyes. However Tyger could not keep Deacon down and this frustrated him beyond belief. We saw action in and out of the ring , from elbow drops off the apron to the floor by both men and multiple powerbomb's and suplexes. Neither champion was holding anything back and if you missed this one, you truly missed one of the most amazing main event in OSPW history, that ended in a time limit draw. The two champions then talked about mutual respect for one another only to have Tyger Smith catch Deacon off guard with an Enzuigiri kick to the back of the head, stunning him just long enough for a fast three count that Smith counted him self. However it was to little to late the match was already over. The official ruling on this main event again was a time limit DRAW! see you all at OSPW`s next event legacy II on October 21st do not miss one moment of


 I know I wont!