Match one

Battle Royal TV Title Tournament Match

OSPW's Exodus 2 opened up with a bang as Commissioner Smith fired Mr. Perez and welcomed back some former talent to the 16 man over the top Battle Royal, that would be round one in the TV title tournament.  These men were Mike Mcgee, Jeremiah Bradly, Gabriel Soul, Damien Lucas, Dain the Pain, Terry Kadillac, Retro Rex Atkins, The Misfit, Bacardi Kid, Venemous, Cory Constantine,Lexx Anvil, Subaroshee Pumpokeen, Mikey Everynight, Danny Magick, and David Evans.  This match was full of action and high energy as every man fought hard to advance in the tournament.  We soon found out that advancing to round two would be Mikey Everynight, Mike Mcgee, Damien Lucas, Lexx Anvil and the winner of the battle royal would be rewarded with a spot in the finale, the winner was, well we had a bit of controversy as Jeremiah Bradley and Retro Rex Atkins both went over the top at the same time, so being they eliminated each other and since they were the final two, they both would go to the finale of the TV title tournament in tonight`s main event.


MAtch two

Vic   vs  Superbeast and Chris West


Next up some old school tag action between the teams of Kevin Wingman and Cyrus Drake, The VIC against Superbeast and Chris West.  Once the match was finally underway, it was one to watch as these four massive men brought it and brought it hard.  This fight was truly a battle of the big men with over a thousand pounds of mass between the four heavyweights.  The ring was the biggest loser as it took the beating under the hard hitting action of these four men who entertained us all in a great match.

Your Winners

The team of Chris West and Superbeast!


Match three

NY Title match

Kwan Chang   vs  Ty Licius


The next match up was for the OSPW NY title between the challenger The Emperor of Old School Kwan Chang and NY Champion Ty Licius.  This match was full of mind games and mayhem as Ty Licius and Kwan Chang waged war over the OSPW NY title, this match was a true test of mind over matter and battle of physical grit against mental wit.  This one could have gone to either man as they both came to win and they both almost did a time or two.  It looked as if Kwan had the upper hand with Jaz Miles in his corner and as we have seen him do so many times before he was getting involved as much as he could, but it would be Ty Licius who would secure the victory with a quick roll up pin. 

Your winner and still OSPW NY Champion..

Ty Licius!


Match four

Round 2 TV title tournament match

Damien Lucas   vs  Lexx Anvil


The next match was a 2nd round TV title tournament match between the Jr TV title holder Damien Lucas against Fallen member Lexx Anvil, with Thunder in his corner.  This match was technically sound and hard hitting at times, both men showed a lot of skill and even a lot more heart as they fought a good fight to a time limit draw.  No winner and no one would advance in the tournament from this match.  So again this one ends with Lexx Anvil and Damien Lucas taking each other to a time limit draw,

No Winner here.


Match five

Tag Title match

TOI   vs  The Fallen


Next up was a match I for one could not wait to see as it was for the OSPW Tag titles between Champs TOI against challengers The Fallen.  Rumor had it that Deacon of The Fallen was going into the match on the tail end of pneumonia.  Let's get to the action...Shadokat and Deacon seemed to have the crowd behind them even before the bell and TOI were feeling the extreme dislike of the fans.  The Fallen came to win as Deacon and Shadokat seemed to have the upper hand for a good portion of the match, but TOI would find a way to make this match one of the best fights of the night as this match became a battle of the ages between two great teams.  But on this night the better team would be The Fallen as they scored the victory after stopping the body bags attempt from TOI and hitting reborn faith to become your new OSPW World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions...The Son of Thunder Deacon and Shadokat, The Fallen.  But the victory was short lived as VIC and the Joneses Gabriel and Jeremiah attacked leaving The Fallen laying in the center of the ring. TOI invoked their re-match clause and even though the Fallen had a bit of life in them,it would not be enough and the rest is history as the Tag Titles changed hands twice in one night for the first time in OSPW. 

The new OSPW Tag Champions...



Match six

Trip   vs  Nasty Nick Nice


In this next match we first found out that Trip was not going anywhere, he was not hanging up his boots.  But, we also found out that Nasty Nick Nice should have kept his mouth closed as he attempted to pick a fight with Trip and even though both men looked great in this one, Nasty Nick Nice wished he stayed in the back when it was over as Trip super kicked him for the victory. and before it was all over Eric Emanon who came out to ring side felt a little pay back as Trip took back his top hat.

Your winner...



Match seven

Round 2 TV Title tournament match

Mike Mcgee  vs  Mikey Everynight


Mike Mcgee and Mikey Everynight met again in round two of the OSPW TV title tournament.  This was a competative match between two hard working, hard hitting wrestlers with totally different styles from totally different eras.  But, with equal amount of heart as both men gave it  all they had to become the victor and move onto the finale. 

The winner of this  turned out to be

Mikey Everynight


Match eight

World title match


Brion Emanon  vs  Phil Phoenix/ Ryot


Next up we saw OSPW World Heavy weight Champion Brion Emanon take on yet another hand picked challenger as he took on Phil Phoenix.  For the most part it was nothing but a game of cat and mouse and by that I mean the big cat Brian Emanon was beating on Phil Phoenix like a cat would a mouse, only to be taken by surprised a time or two when Phil Phoenix caught him off guard and almost became Champ!  Emanon wasted very little time after that ending his younger smaller foe.  Just then OSPW Commissioner Smith stepped up and announced that he found a real contender for Emanon and out came the Unholy Ryot with manager Frankie Villa.  This match favored Ryot and Emanon did not like that the tables had been turned on him.  Emanon fought as long as he could but Ryot seemed to be a bit too much, so Emanon chose to fight another day and save his title as he purposely got himself counted out as his army jumped Frankie Villa and cut his hair off. 

Your winner by count our


The title stays with Brian as it cannot

change hands by count out.


Match nine

Main event TV title tournament finale

Jeremiah Bradley  vs  Retro Rex Atkins  vs  Mikey Everynight


The finale round for the OSPW TV title and the main event 3-way between Jeremiah Bradley and Retro Rex Atkins and Mikey Everynight.  This match started with a bit of fire and high energy as Jeremiah Bradley began to take a part Retro Rex Atkins and Mikey Everynight but much to the big mans surprise Retro Rex Atkins came to fight and Mikey Everynight proved to have more heart than brains as he attempted one too many high risk moves and paid for it.  All three men truly entertained us all in an amazing 3-way main event that gave us so many ups and downs, spills and chills at times it seemed these 3 men should not be able to take anymore, but they fought on.  They fought hard and they fought with everything they had to become the new OSPW TV Champion.  All 3 men gave us all something to remember as all 3 men came close to winning, but no one closer than Jeremiah Bradley, who capitalized off a superplex from Atkins to Everynight to become the new OSPW TV Champion....Jeremian Bradley!!!


This has been the full show report by David James.  Thank you, Happy

Holidays and see you next January 28th, 2012 at OSPW's Resurrection 5