La Diva  vs  Dee Licious

In the opening match on the final OSPW card of 2012, we saw La Diva take on Dee Licious for her OSPW Woman's title.  La Diva came to the ring with manager and former Woman's Champion Mirage, this gave her the upper hand from the get go. Both women put up a great fight, but in the end it would be La Diva with the victory to become the new OSPW Woman's Champion!!!

Soul   vs  Tyger

Next up we saw the mouth piece of the (DOD) Disciples of Disrespect Gabriel Soul against Tyger Smith.  Things have begun to heat up between these two men in the past few months.  This could be seen clear as day in this match as they went to war on one another, back and forth the action went .  Neither man seemed to hold the advantage over the other for too long and then just like that Gabriel Soul caught Tyger Smith with his Heavens gate finisher for the win.  Your winner....Gabriel Soul!!!

3-Way Elimination JR TV Title

Eric Emanon   vs  Mikey Everynite   vs  Lexx Anvil

In the next match we saw a 3-way elimination match between Eric Emanon, Mikey Everynite and Lexx Anvil for the OSPW Jr TV Title.  This match started fast and stayed fast as all three men went full throttle with high energy, fast paced action giving it all they had to walk out the winner. The action in this one was second to none in the Jr's division as Eric Emanon eliminated Lexx Anvil first after what looked to be a hard shot to Anvils knee followed by a quick german suplex with bridge to Everynite. But both men shoulders were down as the count went down, Everynite would lift his right shoulder just before the 3 count to become the victor eliminating Emanon.  So your winner and new OSPW Jr TV Champion...Mikey Everynite!!!

TV Title

Tommy Mandrake   vs  Nasty Nick Nice

In the next match we had an OSPW TV Title match between current Champion Nasty Nick Nice against the returning and first ever, now former OSPW TV Champion Tommy Mandrake.  This match looked to be a load of fun as these two men went back and forth exchanging clotheslines, big boots battle cries and at one point a game of chase around the outside of the ring and an airplane spin that mixed everybody involved up.  This match quickly became a bit of a brawl that ended with a fantastic northern lights suplex from Nasty Nick Nice for the win and a show of respect by both men after the bell.  Your winner and still OSPW TV Champion...Nasty Nick Nice!!!

#1 contenders match

Cutcher   vs  Bacardi   vs  Brian Emanon

This next match was a 3-way #1 Contenders match to the OSPW World title between Cassius Cutcher, Bacardi Kidd, and Brian Emanon.  All three men looked good in this one, it was truly anyone's match to win.  This match had it all as all three men pulled out all the stops to become the next man in line to take the shot at the OSPW World Heavy weight Championship. The only question that had to be asked in this one was who would dig down deep, who would do what ever it takes, who would let nothing stand in his way, who wanted it more?  The answer became clear as all three men battled on as all three men came oh so close to victory with pinfall attempt after pinfall attempt so much so that the assigned ref lost his focus and then suffered for it.  A second ref appeared to make the count as Cassius I. Cutcher scored the victory over Bacardi Kidd after tossing Brian Emanon from the ring.  So the winner and new #1 Contender...Cassius Cutcher!!!

Tag Title match

RWC   vs  The Fallen w/Thunder

Next up we saw an OSPW Tag title match between the NWA North American Tag team champions Hellcat and Rob Sweet, The Rochester Wrecking Crew against the OSPW Heavy weight Tag champions Shadokat and Deacon, The Fallen.  This is the third time these two teams have met and things have gotten heated between them every time.  This match would be no different as these two teams gave us their all in a fantastic back and forth tag team classic as both teams showed just why they are the best of the best in WNY tag team wrestling today.  Easily this match could have stolen the show neither team giving an inch, both teams closing in on victory at a moments notice and the crowd loving every minute of this old school action.  This match would end when Deacon escaped a sleeper hold from Hellcat and then applied one of his own putting his foe to sleep.  After the match it seemed that these four men found a new level of respect for one another and also we may have seen the next challenge for The Fallen as Damien Lucas and Mirage stood in the entrance way.  So your winners and still OSPW Tag team Champions....

The Son Of thunder Deacon and Shadokat, The Fallen!!!

Lucas  vs  Maximo  vs  Venomus  vs  Phil Phoenix

Next up we saw a fatal 4-way between Damien Lucas with Mirage, Venomus, Phil Phoenix and Maximo Suave.  But before the action, Suave insulted the wife of Titus Smith and OSPW Commissioner Bishop was asked for a match, so some time in the future it will be Titus Smith vs  Maximo Suave.  Now on to the match.  This match was full of fast paced high flying action in and out of the ring with a few moments of hard hitting old school brawling. All in all this match was a well fought, non stop from beginning to end, action packed fight from all four men and if not for the involvement from Titus Smith to Suave, it may have ended differently as Damien Lucas stole the pin.  The winner...Damien Lucas!!!   After the match Lucas was beat down by Gabriel Soul and Jeremiah Bradly, members of the Disciples of Disrespect in an attempt to move up in the tag division.  Lucas suffered injuries that may keep him out of action.

Kriptic Keegan   vs  Evan McCloud

Next up we had Keegan and McCloud in the continued battle of the OSPW Irish men.  These two men have been having some of the best matched on the card for the past few months, always in the top 3 I think and tonight would be no different as once again these two men brought their (A) game in a hard hitting, high risk, just incredible match I for one will be keeping an eye on these two men as I am sure the highlight reel will be as well.  One thing is for certain their war is far from over as both men feel they are better than the other and both men want a title shot.   the winner of this match was Evan McCloud making it one win each and a draw for the record.  So OSPW Commissioner Bishop made the call Feb 9th a Rubber match, winner gets a shot at a title.

NY Title match

Bradley  vs  Kwan  vs  West  vs  Saint

Next up a fatal 4-way for the OSPW NY Championship between Kwan Chang, Chris West, Gabriel Saint and Champion Jeremiah Bradly.  This match had the making to be one of the greats of the night with so many electrifying elements in place I lost myself a time or two in the brillence of the action between these four men, pure hard hitting old school wrestling at its best from start to finish by all four men.  This one ends with a new Champion and a beat down, the winner of the match and new OSPW NY Champion Chris West!!!  After the bell, Tyger Smith and his boys beat down Jeremiah Bradly letting the big man know OSPW does not tolerate bullies and if that was not enough OSPW Commissioner Bishop who had his hands full on this night came to the ring with this message for was, You are suspended until further notice!

McGee   vs  Hektik/ Trip

Next up we saw Mike McGee vs  Chazz Hektik or so we thought it would be, but before the bell the lights went out and his music played.  It was the return of the Mad Hatter of Wrestling OSPW's own Trip.  He was greeted with a chant of welcome back, welcome back!  Just then Trip kicked Hektik in the face taking him out of the match and inserting himself.  The ref called for the bell and the match was on as both men brought the fight to one another in a back and forth classic old school master piece that ended in a DQ as mean old Mike McGee attempted to re injure Trips neck leaving the ref no choice but to call for the bell with your winner...Trip!!!

2 on 1 Handicap Match World Title - Kadillac/Magick   vs  Ryot

And now your main event a 2 on 1 handicap match for the OSPW World Heavyweight Title between Papa Terry Kadillac and the 2012 Emperor of Old School Danny Magick against the Champion Ryot.  This was a classic old school story tellers match if I ever saw one as we saw Danny Magick and Terry Kadillac attempt to overtake and over throw the Champion Ryot if only Magick and Kadillac could have remained on the same page they might have won the match and one of them could have become Champion.  But it was clear they could not agree on who that would be and Ryot fed off that as he picked his moments and eventually picked apart Magick and Kadillac.  Of course it did not help that Kadillac and Magick kept taking shots on each other like two snakes in the grass.  Just when it looked as if Kadillac and Magick found a way to work together to defeat Ryot, The Champion turned it around as he rolled up Magick while countering a figure four leg lock on Kadillac.  Your winner and still Champion Ryot!!!  Ryot was attacked by new #1 Contender Cassius I. Cutcher who wiped the paint from Ryots face before he was done!!  So it will be Cutcher vs  Ryot Feb 9th.

Thank you all for a great night and a even better year.  This has been the full show report by David James.  See you Saturday Feb 9th 2013 for OSPW's Resurrection 6!! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!