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Preshow match

Woman's Title

Mirage   vs  Red Lightning

First up we a had a Woman's title match between Mirage of the House of "M" and Red Lightning of the family of The Fallen.  See it seems the Buffalo snow was just too much for current OSPW Woman's champion LaDiva to make it to defend her title, this caused the commissioner to strip her of the title.  So Bishop called Mirage to the ring to give her an attempt to become Woman's champion once gain, but she would have to face Red Lightning, who came to the ring led by Thunder.  Then Mirage through a fit towards commissioner Bishop, a ref hit the ring, the bell rang and in record time Red Lightning became the new OSPW Woman's champion!!! 

After the match Bishop informed us he had to step down for the rest of the evening

as commissioner and that Mirage would be filling in.

Match one

JD  vs  Nasty Nick Nice

Next up JD from 25 to Life would face Nasty Nick Nice.  This match went from technical lock ups to slobber knocker brawl fest in no time.  These two men gave us what I could only call a bar room fight with a wrestling match mixed in at times.  I will say this, both men put up a great fight and looked good doing it. 

Your winner would be...

Nasty Nick Nice

Match two

UWC   vs  House of "M"

Before the next match we had the first of two fare well Black and Blue interviews with Joey the Bruiser, his guest  would be Tyger Smith.  He would give his personnel Thank you Joey and then they spoke on the fact of his new UWC recruit did not make the cut.  As the UWC had their fun, the party was crashed by the House of "M".  Now onto the match, with the House of "M"s Jay Flyer and Ricky Williams against UWC`s Tyger Smith and surprise..the Latin Soldier!  This match started as all UWC tag matches do with fast paced action packed and seemingly our of control moves with bodies flying or in some cases spilling everywhere.  The speed between these four men slowed down a time or two which allowed the old school action to shine through long enough to say... I was truly entertained. 

Your winners...

Tyger Smith and the Latin Soldier, UWC

Match three

Lexx Anvil  vs  Mikey Everynite

Next up we saw Mikey Everynite against Lexx Anvil with Thunder and Red Lightning.  This match began with a slight feeling out process between these two young fan favorites.  The crowd seemed split as they cheered for both men, in return these two men gave the fans a classic technical old school style wrestling match.  This only lasted for so long when tempers flared and fists started to fly between these two friends. With all bets aside  now it seemed anything was ago, the crowd started to favor Mikey Everynite and this lit a fire inside Lexx Anvil who suplexed Everynite out of the ring.  As the ref checked on Everynite and Lexx popped the crowd, OSPW World Heavy weight Champion Cassius Cutcher attacked Anvil, this lead to the end of the match as Everynite scored the win over a fallen Lexx Anvil, who was then attacked by Cutcher again! Thunder and red lightning stood over Lexx to stopp Cutcher from doing any more damage.

Your winner...Mikey Everynite!!!

Match four

TV title

Billy Foxx   vs  Ryot

This match was set for one fall and would be for the OSPW TV title between the TV champ, the House of "M" member Billy Foxx against Ryot.  It was totally clear by the sound of the crowd they loved Ryot and literally hated Billy Foxx.  Then this match got even more interesting as it had a special guest ref, it would be Trip!  This match began with some well placed, well though out back and forth action from both men, but if Billy Foxx was going to keep his title against a man as tough as Ryot, he would need to up his game in this one.  It seemed no matter what he tried it was not enough.  Ryot looked to be on a different level then Foxx when it came to strength and aggression.  Then it happened, Foxx attempted to hit Ryot with the TV title belt, Trip attempted to stop him and as he ripped the belt away from Foxx he hit Ryot.  This led to the 1, 2, 3 victory for Foxx. 

The winner and still OSPW TV champion...

Billy Foxx

The House of "M" attacked Ryot and Trip backed up Ryot and brought out some more back up in the form of The Fallen and Tommy Mandrake and told the House of "M",

"We are OSPW!"

Match five

House of "M"  vs  The Fallen

This next match started as the House of "M" was already in the ring for a six man tag, House of "M" member`s Damien Lucas, Daniel Roberts and Billy Foxx against Deacon, Shadokat and surprise.. Bishop!  Who were brought to the ring by Thunder and Red Lightning.  After the screw job by the House of "M", the fans and The Fallen could not wait for this one.  Bishop locked up with former dirty ref Daniel Roberts in a classic test of strength that Roberts lost fast.  That led to The Fallen Shadokat, Deacon and Bishop systematically taking Roberts apart with a bit of old school justice.  The Fallen looked like a well oiled machine with double and triple team attacks, but the House of "M" would strike back as they cut off Bishop and began to break him down.  The chants of "Bishop, Bishop, SOT, SOT, Fallen, Fallen" rang out at a deafening tone as Bishop reached Shadokat who came in hot but was over taken by Lucas and the House of "M".  This led to a underhanded beat down on the Kat who fought hard and found his way to Deacon who came in like of house of fire and quickly cleared the ring and set up Daniel Roberts for a classic Sons of Thunder finisher with a Fallen twist. 

Your winners...Bishop, Deacon and Shadokat, 

The family of The Fallen

This could very well be in the running for match of the year!

Match six

NY title

Tommy Mandrake   vs  Chris West

Next up was an OSPW NY title match between two fan favorites, challenger Tommy Mandrake and champion Chris West.  It was quickly made clear  that Chris West was a mountain of a man that Tommy Mandrake would have trouble climbing on his way to the top of the OSPW NY title division.  This match broke down fast with some hard hitting Pier six type brawling, action in and out of the ring between these two tough combatants and ended as surprisingly as it began when it looked as if West would score the victory only to have his finisher reversed when Mandrake rolled him up for the win. 

Your winner

and new OSPW NY Champion...

Tommy Mandrake

Match seven

David Evans  vs  Trip

Next up we had the return to in ring action of David Evans against Trip. This one started out with a bit of comedic tom foolery followed by a fantastic exchange of technical chain wrestling that quickly became a chop fest and a flurry of high risk, high jinks.  David Evans looked as if he never left as Trip welcomed him back in proper fashion.  Neither man missed a beat in this classic old school match up.  Your winner

by way of submission


Match eight

Xavier Fate  vs  Kriptic Keegan

In the next bout it would be a first for these two men as Xavier Fate took on Kriptic Keegan.  This one began with a bit of who do you love people as both Keegan and Fate looked to the crowd for approval, The crowd belonged to Keegan.  The action began and these two men gave us an old school technical wrestling clinic back and forth they jockeyed for position, it would be Fate who took control, but no matter how hard he tried, it seemed he could not put together the correct set of moves to score the victory over Kriptic, who just would not quit. as we had to wonder if these two men would fight all night? Then just like that Keegan would find the fire he needed to over take Fate, suckered him in and score the win! 

Your winner... Kriptic Keegan

After the match we had the final Black and Blue interview as Joey said Thank you and good bye to us all and we to him.  He called Mike McGee out as his guest and left us with this statement, " To the boys in the back or anyone in the entertainment industry, if you only do this for a pay day of some kind and not for the love and the fans first, then you do not understand what is all about."  Then he asked McGee about his health, McGee thanked the fans, OSPW management and let us know he would be back in action Feb 1st for OSPW's first old school final four rumble.  He then said his good byes to Joey with OSPW  Joey the Bruiser tribute video,  a hand shake and a kick to the family jewels.  Thank you for the memories and Black and Blue

to you Joey!!

Match nine

World Heavy weight title

Eric Emanon  vs  Cassius Cutcher

Next up we had a champion vs champion match up between OSPW Jr TV champion Eric Emanon and OSPW World Heavy weight champion Cassius Cutcher for the OSPW World Heavyweight title.  The action in this one was slow going at first with what seemed to be a game of cat and mouse that turned into a game of hit and run followed by how hard can I hit you, how bad can I hurt you and how long can this last?  Both men pulled out all the stops in this one, both men proved to be worthy champions, but it would be Cutcher who would survive this one on top. as Emanon looked up at the lights. 

The winner and still

OSPW World Heavyweight champion...

Cassius Cutcher

OSPW thanks you all for a great 2013!!  This has been the full show report by

David James.  See you all in 2014 on Feb 1st at OSPW's Resurrection 7!!