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Matthew Amato and Melissa Buchanan

Black and Blue Interview

Match # 1

Damien Lucas VS Mikey Everynight VS Frank “The Tank” Burlington

JR TV Title Match



Match # 2

T-Rex Express vs Gabriel Soul & Billy Foxx

Match # 3

Jena Mya VS Jesse Belle Womans Title Match

Match # 4

A Nasty Sensation VS Kriptic & Ikika VS Shamrockers VS Sons of Thunder

4-Way Tag Title Match



Match # 5

JC Money VS Trip

Match # 6

Dalton Castel VS Jimmy Olsen

Match # 7

TSK & Jeremiah Bradley VS Nick Vickers & Al Jihad

Match # 8

Brian Emanon VS Eric Emanon

Match # 9

Papa Terry Kadillac, “The Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang, & The Bacardi Kid


Ryot, Dain The Pain, & “Mr. Wrestling” Chris West 

Six Man Tag Match



Match # 10

Dew Dust VS Titus Smith NY Title Match

Match # 11

Main Event

HC LOC VS Tyger Smith 

World Title Match

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