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Shadokat Interview

After all the announcements from Buffalo Tom and the announcing team of Lanny Repman, Rev Dave, Thunder and Jaz Miles took their place at the Table we had a visit from Shadokat. The Kat came to the ring to address that Kriptic Keegan tried to steel his face and disrespected him.  He was then interrupted by Doberman and his former manager and friend Fred from Kentucky.  The Dawg thought he would pick a fight and bully the Kat, but he soon found out that would not be the case when out came Rebellion to take the back of Shadokat. The Kat then asked General Manager Rev Dave if he would allow this to be a match and he said yes. The bell sounded and Doberman`s former manager tried to distract the ref which allowed Rebellion to jump in and lay Doberman out with a full-nelson slam. That was then followed up with a shadow-falls splash from Shadokat for the victory.

 Your Winner 

in record time 


After the pin Rebellion stood over Doberman and dropped what looked to be a contract on his chest and was heard saying now that I have dropped Mabus and who do you think stopped Kwan from being here tonight now Doberman you are next sign it!

Match # 1

Tag Team Action

The Bone Crushers vs Chance Taylor and Billy Foxx

Next we had tag team action in a huge way when the 700 plus pound Bone Crushers with Tyger Smith faced Chance Taylor and Fallen member Billy Foxx with Thunder. This match was energetic and hard hitting as both teams showed they could be  contenders to the Gold. In the end the deciding factor was OSPW Heavyweight Champion Tyger Smith, who interfered one to many times

The Winners 

of the match 

The Bone Crushers 

Tyger Smith then took the Mic and began to rant about not having members Titus and Mr. Perez of the UWC allowed at ring side for the main event tonight. Tyger then said it was Great that he had the Bone Crushers to watch his back. Lucky for every one Buffalo Tom shut him up with a message from Big Jay, who called on the phone with this to say. "The Bone Crushers would be banned from the arena and that Tygers match with Trip was now a Triple Threat and the the third man would be former

WWE / ECW Super Star 

Colin Delaney 

You never know who you will see show up  at a

OSPW Event

Match # 2

Jr Heavyweight TV Title Match

David Evans vs Kriptic Keegan

 OSPW JR Heavyweight TV Champion Kriptic Keegan put his title on the line against David Evans in a truly amazing match up as they both left it all in the ring to be the man who would walk out with the strap. Things got even more interesting when Terry Kadillac made a brief showing at ring side for some reason to get a closer look. What could be on the mind of the Hard Core Emperor of Old School. After that Keegan put ShadoKat's mask on and taunted the crowd and climbed to the top rope to deliver a shadow-falls splash or so he said. ShadoKat's music then hit and Evans tossed the Champ off the top rope and almost became the new Junior TV Champion! In the end it would be Kriptic who scored the victory after hitting the CSI on Evans.

The Winner 

and Still 

OSPW JR Heavyweight TV Champion

 Kriptic Keegan

Match # 3

Woman's Tournament Match Round 1

Sonja Savage vs Jena Mya

Moving onto the next bout a round one Woman's tournament match between two new comers to OSPW, Sonja Savage and Jena Mya. The winner of this match will face Kaitlin Diemond at Wrestlefest VII for the vacant OSPW Woman's Title.  Savage and Mya pulled out all the stops in one of the best OSPW Woman's matches to date. The Woman's division is truly heating up as the woman have turned it up a notch. The Woman in OSPW are truly better than they have  been in some time. Mya and Savage sure proved that with some impressive back and forth action.

Your Winner 

by submission 

Jena Mya 

After this match there was an altercation between a former OSPW star (Rex Atkins) and OSPW Championship Committee leader Thunder. Thunder and members of the security team attempted to ask Rex Atkins to leave the building , but he claimed to have a ticket but could not produce one. When he was asked to show it he became irate and struck Thunder.  Before security could get him out of the building Deacon and other members of the Fallen Bishop, Rebellion and Shadokat ran out to ring side and landed one or two glancing blows to Atkins. Luck was on his side as he was then pushed out the door by security while the Fallen were held at bay by other members of security and the locker-room. OSPW Management has asked me to remind you all to not get involved with the wrestlers in a physical manner if you should violate this or any other rule at a event you will be ejected from the event !

Match # 4

Hardcore Title Match

Danny Magik v Papa Terry Kadillac

Next we had a OSPW Hard Core Title match between The returning to action Danny Magick and the Champion and Emperor of Old School, Papa Terry Kadillac with Princess Raena. Neither man waisted much time taking it to each other with some hard hitting and high impact moves. However lets not forget this was for the Hard Core Title so we also saw our share of chair shots, low blows and submission holds. I think every one in the ring except the ref hit somebody with a kendo stick. This match was extremely entertaining to say the least and it ended when Raena turned on Kadillac and hit him with a steel garbage can followed by a number of steel chair shots and then Magik finished the champ  with a chair to chair leg drop off the top of a ladder onto Kadillac  for the victory

The Winner 

and new 

OSPW Hardcore Champion 

Danny Magick 

After the pin Trip ran out to make his challenge for the Hard Core Championship once more and Kadillac demanded a rematch.  The powers that be then made it a triple threat for Wrestlefest VII between Champion Danny Magick, the Emperor Terry Kadillac and Trip who dropped a bomb on us all as he announced after getting a phone call to confirm that TNA knock out Daffney will be in his corner for that match on Aug 8th.

Also after all that Danny Magik Thanked Princess Raena for helping with his plan to capture the OSPW Hardcore Title, He then told her that her services were not needed anymore and that she was Fired and to get out of his ring. Princess Raena left the ring with her head hanging down and the crowd was glad she was leaving!

Match # 5

Tag Team Title Match

The Sons Of Thunder vs Dibablo's Horde

Next we saw the Sons of Thunder Challenge for the OSPW  Tag Team Titles against Loose Screw and subbing for an injured Ryot, Manager Damien Lucas.  The Sons of Thunder waisted no time by jump starting the action while trapping Manager Damien Lucas in the ring. Lucas  was then greeted by a chant of fruit roll up from the crowd. It seemed as if the Sons had everything going their way as Deacon and Bishop systematically took apart Lucas with superior power and technical ability. Then Loose Screw tagged in after a low blow from Lucas and it became more than a fight but a fight that the sons still seemed to be winning. Then when Damien Lucas failed to pin Deacon after hitting him with a tag belt behind the ref's back he  found himself caught up into a spine-buster from Deacon and now looking up at the lights as Deacon covered him for the win! Loose Screw did the only thing he could do to save the titles and that was to run in just in time and hit Deacon and then Bishop with the other tag belt causing a DQ.

 Your Winners 

Bishop and Deacon 

The Sons of Thunder 

However as you know the titles can not change hands on a DQ. Deacon asked for a mic and said that since the Horde has kept the titles twice now do to DQ, how about at Wrestlefest VII we go one more time in a no DQ anything goes Tornado Tag match. The GM Rev Dave agreed and so it shall be on Aug 8th in south Buffalo NY at Wrestlefest VII

The Sons of Thunder vs Diablo's Horde 

No DQ for the Tag Team


Match # 6

Singles Match

The Misfit vs Robert  Ezekyo

Next we saw The Misguided Misfit against Robert Ezekyo but before the match was started the Misguided one took the mic, to let us all know that the voices of passed legends that once filled  his mind, had again quieted.  He was no longer misguided he is just the Misfit. Now onto the action and let me tell you this, the action in this match was old school at its best. It was such a pleasure to watch both men give it their all to beat the other man by pulling off every move with near perfection. Ezekyo would find out that cheating does not pay at least when you are fighting a Misfit. I hope to see more of Misfit and Ezekyo in the month and years to come in OSPW

Your Winner 

with a corkscrew swanten-bomb 

The Misfit

Match # 7

New York Champion Match

The Primal Warpath vs TSK

Next we saw the battle of American Pride between TSK and Warpath over the OSPW New York Title. Two American Patriots and friends. The match started as a competitive technical bout that blossomed into a power struggle and test of strength  between to hard hitting combatants only to become an all out war of closed fists and MMA style submission holds.  Tempers flared when warpath was repeatedly attacked by Doberman and Mabus the freak (former stable mates of TSK and Current thugs of Jaz Miles.) TSK did not seem to want their help and told them to leave more than once but to no avail. TSK would finally hit Warpath with a Diamond cutter for the Victory!

 Your Winner 

and still 

OSPW New York Champion 


After the match Manager Jaz Miles had words with both TSK and Doberman

Match # 8

The Main Event

World Heavyweight Title Action

Trip vs Colin Delaney vs Tyger Smith

Now the Main Event of the evening a Triple Threat between Trip former WWE/ECW Super star Colin Delaney and OSPW World Heavyweight Champion Tyger Smith for the GOLD. This match started fast and furious as all three men just lit each other up with hard chops, quick kicks and death defying flying body presses and plancha's to the outside onto one another.  All three men looked hungry and all three men stopped at nothing to become OSPW World Champion. in this match up All three men electrified the crowd in the best OSPW main event this year. I have not seen more pin attempts since my high school prom.  In the end after one hell of a match the title came close to changing hands more than a few times. whether it was Trip or Delaney both men came so close and if not for the outside interference from Tyger Smith's wife, Trip may have walked away the Winner and became World Champion in his second title shot in his short four years in OSPW. In my opinion this match is yet another runner up for match of the year but in the end it would be Tyger Smith to score the victory !

The Winner 

and still 

OSPW World Heavyweight Champion 


This has been the official show report by David James

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