Report: By David James

Match # 1

Primal Warpath VS The Canadian Thriller

In the show opener we saw OSPW`s Primal Warpath against N.E.W.`s Canadian Thriller, It looked like the thriller had the advantage early on with a thumb to the eyes of warpath who would take the match back with his apparent strength advantage. Just when it looked like warpath had the match won, Superbeast and Robert Ezekyo would hit the ring for a three on one beat down, lucky for the painted one Thunder sent the Doberman to his aid.

The winner by DQ

Primal Warpath

Match # 2

 # 1 Contenders match for the

OSPW Woman's Title.

Amy Ash VS Rae Rae

This match was a number one contenders match for the OSPW woman's title with special guest referee, OSPW woman's champion Ashleigh Vayda. The contenders were N.E.W.`s Amy Ash against OSPW`s Rae Rae, who was making her in ring debut. Truly a fantastic match up between these two young lady's. We saw the action go back and forth from technical to lucha like maneuvers, until Referee Ashleigh Vayda laid both contenders out and declared the match a Draw. Neither Amy Ash or Rae Rae were able to answer the ten count. So neither lady becomes the number one contender this time out, and rumor has it Vayda has issued a open challenge for a shot at her Title.

Match # 3

Doberman VS Magic the Freak

Next we saw the Doberman face off against Magic the Freak a dark clown of sorts, who entered the ring after throwing dog biscuits to the fan's. Then Jazz Miles entered the ring and asked Thunder to join them. He said it was so he could give Doberman and Thunder an apology, that turned out to be just more insults to both Thunder and the Big Dog. Finally the bell sounded and the match was under way. The Doberman wasted no time attacking the Freak one clothesline after another and then the freak found himself on the bad side of a K-9 K.O.

Your Winner The Doberman.

Match # 4

Karma/Brooks VS McGee/Atkins

# 1

Contenders Match for the OSPW Tag Titles

We saw another number one contenders match at this event. This time it was for the OSPW Tag Team Titles between Dangerous by Design ( Greg Karma and Billy Brooks) against The High Rollers Society (Mike McGee and Rex Atkins.) Brooks and Atkins started the action with a nice display of technical chain style wrestling that ended fast when the power house Greg Karma tagged in and just threw Atkins around like a toy. If not for the under handed tactics of the veteran McGee, this one could have been over in a hiccup. Both teams worked well together as they battled to earn a shot at one of OSPW`s most sought after honor's the Tag Team Championship. This one ends with Brooks diving off the top rope taking McGee off his partner's ( Karma) shoulders with a flying clothesline for the 1,2,3, count!

Your winners and NEW number one contenders for the

OSPW Tag Team Titles

Karma and Brooks


6 Man Tag Match

Super Beast, Robert Ezekyo and Johnny Kadillac


Johnny Swift, Kriptic and Chris Knievil

In this one we saw an all N.E.W. match, they even brought in there own ring announcer. We also saw Tyger Smith, Mr. Perez and J.C. Money join Jazz Miles at the announcers table for play by play. Thunder and Big Jay chose to leave the table. Superbeast teamed with Robert Ezekyo and Johnny Kadillac facing Johnny Swift, Kriptic and new comer Chris Knievil. The action finally started with a nice display of old school action between swift and Ezekyo. Then Kriptic and Kadillac would be tagged in for there respected teams. They showed us all great high impact moves, followed by Chris Knievil being completely over powered by Superbeast. Even with all his high flying skills he was no match for the larger Beast.This one ends with a chair shot to the head of the Beast, from Al Jihad, followed up by a move called going vertical by Swift for the three count. The winners Swift, Kriptic and Knievil by pinfall, after the match Johnny Kadillac would tell the world he has chosen to take sides with



 Team N.E.W. VS Team OSPW

This match was supposed to be Team OSPW against Team N.E.W. however, It would not be the original four men, due to some injury's and ego's. So we had N.E.W. (Swift and J.C. Money) against OSPW (Dangerboy and Ruthless.) Dangerboy and Swift got the action underway, back and forth with one hold after the other, only to be reversed by them both. A true show of old school action style wrestling. The N.E.W. team worked very well together, keeping the rookie ruthless in the ring, while leaving his partner Dangerboy to look on from there corner. One double team move after the other showing great team work. N.E.W. finally brakes down when Swift and Money could no longer work together. Two little men with HUGE egos, that exploded on each other. In the end all four men ended up on the out side to long. The referee's decision a double count out.

no winners in this one!


Danny Magik and Flatline


the Killer Steves


The Davidson Brothers

We saw in there home town of Niagara Falls New York, the OSPW tag team champions the Davidson Brothers, put there titles on the line in a three way anything goes match. There opponents were, The Killer Steves and the team of Do or Die (Danny Magik and Flatline.) For the most part the champions did a great job of controlling the match, showing there home town why they are still the current OSPW Tag Champs. Danny Magik took one hell of a beating from both the Davidsons and the Steves. The longer this match went on, it was apparent it was any ones match to be won. At one point we saw the Killer Steves with a double team tribute to the Earthquake, only to leave the match after Magik would bring his partners barbwire bat into play. This one ends with Steve Davidson putting Flatline threw a wooden door and a double team finisher to Magik for the win.

Still the OSPW Tag Team Champions and Your Winners

Scott and Steve

the Davidsons Brothers

"after the match Flatline was suspended indefinitely due to unprofessional conduct towards OSPW management."


Glenn Dillion VS Blackjack Phoenix

In A Unsanctioned Dog Collar Match

The first in a two part main event

In this match we saw long time rivals Glenn Dillion and Jason Phoenix take it to one another in a un sanctioned Dog Collar Match, due to the sorted past between both men. The hatred that these two men have for each other with about seven years of bad blood, was spilled between both combatants. This match ended up all over the arena, truly a match that will not be soon forgotten. Neither man showed the other any mercy what so ever. If you missed this one, you better by the DVD when it comes out. I mean WOW, we saw steel chairs, thumb tacks and lets not forget the twenty foot steel chain that connected them to each other. This one ended when the OSPW Doctor stopped the fight. Jazz miles entered the ring and asked both men to put there differences aside and work together with him in what he called the perfect plan or solution. Both men signed Jazz's contract, in blood I might add.

Now on to the final match of the night.


Kazz VS Al Jihad VS Deacon

In A 3-Way Body Bag Match For The

World Title

  In the Main event of the night for the OSPW World Heavyweight Title we saw N.E.W.`s Kazz against the OSPW Television Champ, Al Jihad and OSPW`s World Champion Deacon, in a first ever Triple Threat Body Bag Match. Al Jihad and Kazz were both showing N.E.W. colors and it did not look good for Deacon. For most of the match it was a two on one bout, no matter how hard the world champ fought. Every time he would take control over Kazz or Jihad he would end up being double teamed by them both. We saw Deacon very close a number of times in this match on the edge of being sealed up in the body bag by the two man assault. Just when it looked as if the OSPW World Title was on its way to N.E.W., Kazz leaped from the top rope, and Al Jihad reveled his true alliance catching the big man with a well placed kick to the face. Jihad was letting the world know he was OLD SCHOOL. Deacon would then rise to his feet and finish Kazz off by Flying from the top of a ten foot ladder, that had been placed in the ring by Rebellion and Doberman. Then after Deacon landed Golgatha's hill ,(his version of the superfly splash) he put Kazz of N.E.W. in the body bag to retain his OSPW World Title. Your Winner And Still

Heavyweight Champion


See you all at Wrestlefest

2006 on July 22nd in South Buffalo NY