Tyger Smith's LAST RIGHTS

Show Report

This was OSPW`s First show in Rochester NY,


OSPW Woman's Title Match

Match one

Mickie Knuckles  vs  Dee Licious

Last Rights opened with one of the hardest fought woman's matches ever seen in OSPW to date between former TNA Knockout Mickie Knuckles and OSPW Woman's Champion Dee Licious.  These two women gave it their all in and out of the ring kicking off this event right as the whole night would be no DQ, no count-outs.  The winner and new OSPW Champion, Micki Knuckles!!  Dee Licious would win the OSPW Woman's title back the next night from Mickie Knuckles in Phelps, NY at a UW event in a joint UW/OSPW woman's match.


Match Two

The Last Rights Rumble

This was an over the top battle royal that saw the likes of such wrestlers as The Mayor of Bum Town, Lexx Anvil, Terry Kadillac, Punisher Van Slyke, The Guardian Angel, Steve Kruz, Horace White, Phil Phoenix, Mikey Everynight, Venemus, The Pumpkin King, Emperor Kwan Chang to name a few.  This match was much like any other battle royal, hard hitting and full of clustered mayhem to say the least.  As the eliminations happened, we found that it would come down to Horace White, Andre Adonisy and Kwan Chang.  The winner would be none other than the 2011 Emperor of Old School Kwan Chang!!!


Match Three

Jeremiah Bradley   vs  Shadokat

Next up we saw Jeremiah Bradley with Mad Dog in his corner against the To Syck Shadokat.  This match was a game of cat and mouse as Shadokat did his best with a hit and run, high flying offense that might have worked if not for the massive size,strength and pure power of Jeremiah Bradley.  The winner of the match...Jeremiah Bradley!!!  After the bell, Bradley attempted to end Shadokat, luckily for the kat, Deacon had his back and made the save by taking Bradley down with a huge spear.


Match Four


Super beast   vs  Ryot   vs  Michael Mckinger

Next up we saw a 3-way between the unholy Ryot, Michael Mckinger, and Super beast.  This match began as a contest of one-up-men-ship between Super beast and Ryot as they both just worked over the Shamrocker Michael Mckinger, followed by Ryot being dumped over the top to the floor, and Beast dishing out further punishment to Mckinger.  Just as Mckinger rallied back, Ryot returned to hurt him some more.  Then we saw a battle of monsters between Ryot and Super beast, with Beast being the one to get the better of Ryot.  Then the nearly impossible happened when Mckinger rolled up Beast for the pinfall victory.  Your Winner

Michael Mckinger


Match five

Kriptic Keegan   vs  Deacon

In this match we had Kriptic Keegan with Mirage and Ikika at ringside against Deacon.  This match started with some classic old school in ring action as Deacon brought the fight to Keegan every step of the way.  After that it quickly became a three on one war as Deacon had to contend with attacks from Mirage and Ikika while dealing with his true opponent Kriptic Keegan, who tried anything and everything to take Deacon out.  It would only be after a spear from Ikika followed by a stiff right to the jaw with brass knuckles and a curb stomp to the back of the head that Keegan would win this one.  The winner...Kriptic Keegan!!!


Match Six

4-way Ladder match

Billy Foxx  vs   Kyle McCloud  vs  Trip  vs  Eric Emanon Then the night truly went extreme when Kyle McCloud, Billy Foxx, Eric Emanon and OSPW World heavy weight Champion Trip took to the ring for a 4-way ladder match.  These four men wasted no time as the fists began to fly, the action was hot and hard core in and out of the ring with an interesting blend of hard core brawling and submission style wrestling with a bit of high flying just for fun and some innovative use of weapons To top it all off. These four men showed us all why pro wrestlers are the toughest athletes in the world as all four men gave a beating and all four men took a beating.  In the end with a little help from the fifth man Fusion, the winner would be Eric Emanon.  Mr. Perez seemed to be interested in this match as he watched from the entrance way. and at one point I think I saw Brian Emanon Tazzer Trip at Ringside.


Match seven

Marc Krieger  vs  JC Money

Next up we saw Marc Krieger take on JC Money.  This one started with a bit of smack talk and ego from Krieger to Money that turned into a few well placed right hands to the jaw of Krieger from Money.  After taking a bit of a beat down and being sent to school so to speak by JC Money, Marc Krieger got into the fight and this turned out to be a great match between two seasoned and technically sound old school wrestlers.  In the end it would be JC Money who would have his hand raised in victory after a hard fought fight and a well timed reversal.  The winner... JC Money!!!


Match Eight

Team UWC  vs  Team RCW

Then we had Team UWC lead by Mr. Perez, team members Titus Smith, Da Latin Soldier and the Bacardi Kid against Team RCW who came to the ring in droves with the McClouds, The Guardian Angle, Billy Foxx and The Delmars.  It would be the Delmars and Evan McCloud in the fight and then what it became was a three on three slobber knocker, if I can use that term.  In and out of the ring up the isle way onto the stage and back, just a Pier Six brawl between six tough men.  There was not much in the classic old school wrestling to be seen in this match and that's to bad since I know that all six men have it in them to do more than toss fists and swing chairs.  In the end it was Team UWC that scored the victory.  The winner...Team UWC!!!  Even after Rob Superstar in a ref shirt tried to cheat for Team RWC who would have thought


Match Nine

Cassius Ikika Cutcher   vs  Nick Vickers

Next up we saw Cassius Ikika Cutcher against OSPW NY Champion and Fallen member Nick Vickers.  This was a well fought back and forth, fast paced action packed bout between two top notch OSPW wrestlers.  But, once again members of TOI got involved and forced Nick Vickers to do what ever he could to just stay in the match.  Just when it looked as if Cutcher had Vickers put away, Vickers would dig down deep and make the move that scored him the victory.  Your winner OSPW NY Champion Nick Vickeres! But, he would suffer the fate of TOI's body bag double team after the match.


Match Ten

Gabe Saint   vs  Tyger Smith

Now to the main event a match we were all waiting for Gabe Saint with Jaz Miles vs Tyger Smith with Angel Smith.  This one proved to live up to all the hype as both Saint and Smith brought the roof down in an epic match between two wrestling greats who made history on this night as they took the fight to each other from the ring, then all around ringside doing as much damage to each other as two men could and still get up.  Angel Smith even got a shot or two in and a high cross body on Saint to boot.  The action, hard hitting to high impact, then it was gut check time as both men seemed to be running on empty.  This was any mans fight to be had, then the stage filled up as the locker room lined it to get a closer look and show Tyger Smith the respect he deserved in his last match, but the winner would be Gabe Saint!!!!  After the match Tyger took the mic for one last un scripted promo Good Bye only to be interrupted by the Olsen twins who wanted a fight with 2 Syck, the team of Saint and Smith, so it happened.


Match Eleven

Olsen Twins   vs  Tyger and Saint

The match after the match the Olsen Twins against Smith and Saint, the team once known as 2 Syck.  This match was full of amazing moves and highlight moments with high energy.  It kept us all on the edge of our seats and amazed the masses at the Rochester Main St Armory.  Full of a lot of new school action driven by old school heart and left us all glad to have been there to be a part of Tyger's Last Rights.  The winners of the match, the Team of 2 Syck as Tyger Smith pinned one of the Olsen's and thanked the fans, OSPW and the boys for the last time.


OSPW says...Thank you Tyger Smith for the memories. and thank you

Rochester for a great turn out.


This has been David James with the full report.  See you all next time on

June 4th for OSPW's Defining Leverage II event!!