Report: By David James

Match 1

Trip and Rico Cruz


Ryot and Danny The Magic Man Christopher

In the opening match at Legacy II we saw a tag team bout featuring the OSPW GM. Danny the Magick Man Christopher and his partner Ryot. They faced Trip who partnered with new comer to OSPW Rico Cruz we would finally see an end to the on going battle between Ryot and Trip, as the stipulation in this match was which ever team won they would win Rae Rae's contract. This truly was a interesting match up to say the least and in the end we saw the team of Trip and Cruz with the victory when the Freakin Rican pinned the Magick man not only winning the match but bringing Rae Rae home to Trip.

Something very mysterious happened during this match as two masked men appeared on stage just for a moment to watch the match?


Match 2

OSPW woman's Title Match

Amy Ash VS Ashleigh Vayda

This match began when the self proclaimed OSPW Queen Diva, OSPW Woman's Champion demanded a opponent. Something she has been doing for several months now. Vayda claims there is no other woman in OSPW that is tougher or better than she is and this means any one... She has gone as far as to challenge any woman any where and it just so happened that from out of nowhere Amy Ash appeared in street clothes. However as the Champ predicted AMY was just not Abel to get the job done on this night !

 The winner and still OSPW Woman's Champion Ashleigh Vayda.

IS there any woman Ready willing or Abel to beat Vayda???

Where are the likes of Missy Samson, Synndy Sinn and Nyx???

Ladies stand up if you can!

Match 3

 Kriptic VS Primal Warpath

In this match we had two high energy fan favorites as the rookie High flyer Kriptic took on The powerful veteran Primal warpath, in what I thought would be a honorable match. I however was shocked by the actions of warpath as he clothesline Kriptic in the back after what appeared to be a show of respect by the rookie to the veteran, when he shook the ropes. I guess the warpath took offense to that. The match was under way as the two men gave each other a run for each others loose change. In the end the match would all come down to the fact thatKriptic's speed was no match for Primal Warpaths power !

Your Winner

Primal Warpath.

Match 4

Karma and Ruthless VS The Davidsons

In the fourth match we had two former OSPW Tag Team Championship teams in action. The Davidsons against Dangerous by Design Members Greg Karma and Ruthless with both teams showing a desire to hold the GOLD once again. The Davidsons as always showed the world that they are the kings of double team maneuvers as they repeatedly abused the five count to wear down the younger less experienced team of Ruthless and Karma and at the same time showing everyone why they could be OSPW Tag Team of the Year, By cutting the ring off every chance they could. The Davidsons would not allow Ruthless to make the tag to Karma and this tactic not only took its toll on Ruthless but angered Karma. In the end the winners of the match were Scott and Steve The Davidson Brothers. After the loss a frustrated Karma had words with his partner who took a swing at him only to have Karma drop him like a bad habit.

what does the future hold for the group known as

Dangerous By Design?

Match 5

OSPW Hardcore Title Match

Glenn Dillion VS TSK

For the OSPW hardcore title it was OSPW NY Champ, Glamorous Glenn Dillion, who before the action vowed to take the belt and retire it, Against The self proclaimed Emperor of Hardcore TSK. The Champ promised to work his way through all former OSPW Hardcore Champions and make a huge impact in the next few months by taking out a major title holder in OSPW. This match had all the attributes of being a great Hardcore Title Match. The crowd saw both men take each other to the breaking point as they beat each other with steel chairs metal ladders and various other weapons. Dillion and TSK barely made it out of this bout after TSK leaped off the top of a ladder landing on Dillion who was spread eagle across six open steel chairs below !

 Your Winner and Still OSPW Hardcore Champion


After the match both men received medical attention.

Match 6

OSPW TV Title Match

Bishop VS Magic the Freak

This match was supposed to be Al Jihad against Bishop for the OSPW Television Title. Al Jihad had a problem at the airport and could not make it to the arena. The OSPW Commissioner Big Jay then stepped in and allowed Magic the Freak to stand in for Jihad, as acting TV Champion to defend the belt against Bishop. The Bell sounded and the match was under way as Bishop Seemed to Dissect His opponent by out wrestling and over powering him most of the match. At one point or another Magic the Freak laid in a few good moves of his own but they were not nearly enough even with the detractions of

Jazz Miles at Ringside.

The Freak just became the latest victim to the

Titanium Roundhouse Kick!

Your Winner and NEW OSPW Television Champion


Match 7

OSPW Tag Team Title Match

Mike McGee and Rex Atkins


Tyger Smith and William Fox

This match was for the OSPW Tag Team Titles and one of the most sought after not to mention prestigious championships in Independent wrestling today. Joining the commentators we had Scott and Steve the Davidsons who spent most of the match crying over the fact that when they lost the belts same as the Sons Of Thunder they were not pinned. However as many of you know the Davidsons lost the belts in a tables match. Tyger Smith and William Fox Brought their High Flying Wrestling Ability's straight to the team of Atkins and McGee in full force ! The Challengers stood their ground fighting back tooth and nail with a true old school wrestling style. This match went back and forth more than once, leaving nothing to be desired. When it looked as if either team could win at any moment, the Davidsons went to the ring for a closer look so to speak. The former Champs ended up getting just a little pay back on Tyger Smith and his partner for their past sins. Giving Mike McGee just the opportunity he needed to layout Smith with an x-factor off the top rope for the pinfall victory

The Winners and New

OSPW World Tag Team Champions

Mike McGee and Rex Atkins


Match 8

Fatal 4-Way Match

Chris West VS Johnny Swift VS Doberman VS Kazz

In This match the fans found themselves truly amazed by the array of different styles by the combatants. In the fatal 4-way match up, Doberman attempted to power his way to victory and Johnny Swift tried to establish himself to be the giant killer of OSPW, while being out weighed by at least 100 pounds by each one of his foes. Swift still showed more heart than ever before. Mr Wrestling Chris west at times in this match showed us all he is the real deal, but no one impressed me more than Kazz as he dazzled the crowd with a mix of power techniques and high flying ability that out shined the other three men !

Your Winner of the Fatal 4-Way


In My Opinion

It is only a matter of time before this man is wearing GOLD!

Match 9

The Main Event

OSPW World Heavyweight Title Bout

Black Jack Phoenix Vs Deacon

For the OSPW World Heavyweight Championship we had two of the best wrestlers in OSPW or any where in Blackjack Jason Phoenix, challenging the current Champion Deacon. Phoenix vowed before the match started that he would not resort to underhanded tactics... So the match was under way with both men measuring each other up. Neither one wanted to take a missed step allowing the other to gain the advantage. Every time Blackjack would apply a hold or seem to gain any sort of upper hand, Deacon would counter, only to have the Big Texan re-counter. This match in my opinion was the greatest pure wrestling match in the history of OSPW. After the challenger hit a devastating clothesline from hell , on the champion Deacon, it looked like we might have a New Champion ! Tyger Smith then charged the ring swinging a steel chair taking out everyone and interrupting the referee's count. Do to out side interference to both wrestlers, the official ruling was a no contest decision.

Still OSPW Champion


After the match we found out that on December 9th The OSPW World Heavyweight Champion Deacon will be putting his Title on the line in a

3-way Dance against Blackjack Jason Phoenix and Tyger Smith!!!

Things just keep heating up in OSPW

See You All

At The Next live OSPW Event.