12 / 8 / 07


Pre Show Photo's

Match # 1

Danny Christopher vs Loose Screw ( With manager Damien Lucas)

Match # 2

The Fallen Daredevils (Horace White and Billy Fox)


The UnderWorld Cartel ( Tyger Smith and Kryptic Keegan)

Match # 3

OSPW New York Title Match

Misguided Misfit vs Chance Taylor

Match # 4

OSPW Hardcore Title Match

TSK ( Eric The Serial Killer Summerville vs The Doberman ( Scotty Roberts)


12th Man Being Attacked by Al Jihad

Match # 5

OSPW Tag Team Title Match

Mike McGee and David Evans vs Spot Monkees INC ( Trip and Brian Emanon )

Match # 6 

OSPW TV Title Match

Fatal Fourway

Al Jihad vs Rex Atkins vs Nick Paradise vs Bishop

Match # 7

Six Man Tag Team Match

Kwan Chang and The Samoan Bone Crushers


The Primal Warpath, The Un Holy Ryot and Shadokat

The Main Event


World Heavyweight Title Match

Champion's Brawl

Deacon vs Bishop vs Brian Emanon vs Trip vs Chance Taylor vs TSK