12 / 8 / 07


Pre Show Write Up

Before the first bell or even the National Anthem played, we heard from Jaz Miles and members of Maximum Enforcement, who took a moment to toot their own horn, so to speak.  Then we had a visit from reinstated OSPW commissioner Big Jay and his team, the Samoan Bone Crushers and Kwan Chang.  As Big Jay tried to brag about destroying Primal Warpath at  the last show, Warpath came to the ring with Shadokat to reveal his Ultimate Weapon!  "Who turned out to be The Unholy Ryot" And the match was made for later in the night. We would see  Kwan Chang and the Samoan Bone Crushers against Primal Warpath, Ryot and Shadokat. The OSPW Announcing team  for the night, were Jaz Miles, Big Al  Moshenko along with Thunder and GM Rev. Dave.  Followed by the National Anthem and a Ten Bell Salute in Honor of Local Wrestling Legend,

"The Enforcer"

Who Recently Passed Away

"Now On With The Show"

Match # 1

Danny Christopher vs Loose Screw ( with Manager Damien Lucas )

Danny Christopher came to the ring with valet, Princess Raena.  As always he had a few things to say and what he shared with us was that his valet, Raena, made a deal that Danny Christopher could claim his number one contender spot for the OSPW NY Title anytime!  But it would not be tonight, he asked for a warm up match, what he got was a nightmare.  When manager, Damien Lucas brought six foot six inch, 300 plus pound, LooseScrew to the ring and if Danny lost by pinfall or submission, he would lose his NY Title Shot!  The match was on, but no matter how hard Danny Christopher tried, he could not overcome the awesome power of Loose Screw. This match ended when Danny did the only thing he could do to keep his title shot and that was to get counted out. 

The winner by count out

Loose Screw

Match # 2

The Fallen Daredevils ( Horace White and Billy Fox )


The UnderWorld Cartel ( Tyger Smith and Kryptic Keegan )

For the first time we had The Fallen Dare Devils, Billy Fox and Horace White led by Thunder, face off against the returning Tyger Smith teaming with Kriptic Keegan managed by Mr. Perez to form the Underworld Cartel.  In this match, we saw an incredible display of fast paced action from all four men full of killer kicks and amazing flips. In the end, it was the team of Fox and White to score the victory when Fox pinned Kriptic seconds before White would pin Tyger Smith. 

Your Winners

The Fallen DareDevils

 After the match, Smith and Perez beat down Kriptic for dropping the ball and told Thunder and the SOT they were back to make their life a

living hell!

Match # 3

OSPW New York Title Match

Misguided Misfit vs Chance Taylor

For the OSPW NY title, we saw the Champion, Chance Taylor give the Misguided Misfit a shot.  This match was interesting to say the least. The Misfit took Taylor by surprise on more than one occasion.  It looked as if Chance Taylor may still be nursing a knee injury he suffered months ago against Mike McGee.  The Misfit attacked the Champions' leg over and over, but it was not enough. 

Your winner with a big power slam and still

OSPW NY Champion

Chance Taylor

Match # 4

OSPW Hardcore Title Match

TSK ( Eric The Serial Killer Summerville vs The Doberman ( Scotty Roberts )

For the OSPW Hard Core title we had former 2 time Hard Core Champion TSK against current Hard Core Champion Doberman, who tried to jump start the match before the bell, but TSK would have none of it!  Unexpectedly, TSK took Doberman out of his element when he out wrestled Doberman and then went hard core on the dog.  At times it looked like the Doberman was asleep on his feet!  Just as it looked like Doberman finally woke up, Rebellion from The Fallen hit the ring and put down the dog, allowing TSK to score the pinfall to become the New and only 3 Time

OSPW Hard Core Champion 

Rebel then knocked out the New Champ as well with a shot to the head with a

Steel Garbage Can

I often wonder does Rebel like anybody?

Intermission Report

The 12th Man Attacked by Al Jihad

Just after intermission, the 12th Man paid us a visit tossing footballs to the crowd, only to have his time cut short by Al Jihad with a box cutter. Then Jihad said he would continue to take out fan favorites or American heros until he got a shot at the TV title held by Bishop.  His wish was granted when his new manager Jaz Miles cut a deal with OSPW commissioner Big Jay.  Al Jihad would be in a match later on for the TV title.

Match # 5

OSPW Tag Team Title Match

Mike McGee and David Evans vs Spot Monkees INC ( Trip and Brian Emanon )

Mike McGee and David Evans, his new partner came to the ring and demanded a tag title shot, but not only that, McGee found Trips' mother sitting ring side and told the world that she was the oldest ring rat ever! The Spot Monkeys' hit the ring with a ref and a title shot for McGee and David Evans. The bell sounded and before you know it, McGee was playing dirty and pulling the wool over everyone's eyes to get the upper hand as he faked an injury after Trip rolled him up for a pin. This match went back and forth a bit and  Rookie David Evans had a great showing, For a rookie. The Spot Monkeys pulled one over on the world when Trip pinned David Evans for the victory. See the thing is, the legal man was Mike McGee, get your eyes checked ref!! 

Winner and still OSPW World Tag Team Champions

Spot Monkeys Inc

Match # 6

OSPW TV Title Match

Fatal Fourway

Al Jihad vs Rex Atkins vs Nick Paradise vs Bishop

This match had it all and if I had to pick one that could be in the running for match of the year, this one is it!  After all four men were announced, the action just erupted, bodies all over the arena, back and forth, in and out of the ring. The title almost changing hands on a number of occasions.  We saw everything from spine busters and flying head butts from Nick Paradise to DDT's on the floor on Atkins from Bishop, to dirty tactics from Al Jihad and M.E. at ringside.  For a brief moment, Paradise and Bishop tried working together when they gave Jihad a beautiful double stalled vertical suplex.  At one point it looked as if Nick Paradise should have won the match but the referee was just a bit too slow with the 3-count. All four contestants gave their best efforts to win, but as Atkins and Paradise lost focus and beat each other back to the locker room, Bishop finished Al Jihad with a titanium round house kick to retain the OSPW TV Title. 

Your Winner 

and still OSPW TV Champion 


After the match, Nick Paradise entered the ring and

had words with Bishop, What was said between them is not yet known

Match #7

6 Man Tag Match

Kwan Chang and The Samoan Bone Crushers 


The Primal Warpath - Shadokat - The UnHoly Ryot

 After the brutal attack to Primal Warpath, last show by the Samoan Bone Crushers, the painted warrior brought help teaming with Fellow brother in paint Ryot and Shadokat to face the Samoan Bone Crushers and Kwan Chang in six man tag action.  This match was hot and heavy from the get go, all six men showing that OSPW talent takes a back seat to no one!  The Samoans and Kwan brought such calculated destruction and pure brutality, only to be answered by Warpath's intensity, Ryot's freakish power and Shadokat's combination of speed and agility.  This match could have gone either way,if not for the betrayal  Ryot bestowed onto Primal Warpath. 

The winner

 Kwan Chang and the Samoan Bone Crushers

 What does the future hold for six such Great Athletes

only time will tell

Match # 8

The Main Event

OSPW World Heavyweight Title Match

Champion's Brawl

Deacon vs Bishop vs Brian Emanon vs Trip vs Chance Taylor vs TSK

Next was the most anticipated OSPW World Heavy Weight Championship Main Event Rematch in OSPW History, but after the introductions we soon found out that was not going to happen. As the challenger, Deacon waited in the ring, it was the commissioner Big Jay that joined him with the title belt and an announcement that he had a phone call from the Champion who chose not to show up to defend the gold, Big Jay said he was not man enough to face Deacon again, and that he rode off into the sunset, with his tail between his legs.  So what we saw was even better, It was called a Champions Brawl, a six man single elimination match featuring all of the OSPW Men's Title Holders.  TV Champ Bishop, Tag Champs Spot Monkeys Inc, NY Champ Chance Taylor and Hard Core Champ TSK against Deacon.  First we saw Deacon and Bishop take it to one another in a straight up technical battle of strength and will for the first two minutes, followed every minute by another champion entering the match.  Next was Brian Emanon, who was quickly eliminated by Deacon, after a powerbomb neck breaker combo was given to him by the SOT. They then went back to working each other over, and  Next in was Trip, who delivered a Trip kick to Bishop, but was stopped by Deacon and then eliminated by Bishop after a side walk slam elbow drop double team from the SOT, who again wasted no time taking it to each other again on the hopes of winning it all!  Next in was Chance Taylor, who found an opportunity with both Deacon and Bishop on their backs after taking each other out with a clothesline at the same time. Taylor went for the cover on both men but could not hold them down for the Victory. Next in was TSK,  Now making it a 4-way elimination, all 4 men dished out pain, TSK was eliminated by Chance Taylor after a huge kick to the face then Deacon was hit with that same kick from Taylor, while Rebellion at ringside, either held his leg or tried to pull him out of the way?  Then the SOT managed to take out Chance Taylor, bringing the match back to where it started, Deacon vs Bishop.  After Deacon pinned Taylor, Bishop locked him in a sleeper hold and while in the hold, Deacon pushed off the turn buckle putting Bishop's shoulder's down and his own body weight on top, 1,2,and 3

Your new OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion


Half the crowd thought Bishop had won as there view was blocked by the Referee as Deacon's left shoulder was off the mat by a hair

 this turned out to be one of the most electrifying matches ever! 

After the match,

Tyger Smith slid in and kicked Deacon in the back of the head

ending his celebration early! 

This has been the official OSPW report By

David James

Happy Holiday's to Everybody

See You All in the New Year

January, 26 2008 at

Resurrection 2

(The Second Coming)