Report: By David James


Black and Blue Interview with Host Joey The Bruiser Tenebruso

with Guest Hans Gruber

The Bruiser asked Hans Gruber why he thinks he can come into OSPW and challenge anybody he wants, without ever having a real match yet. Gruber responded that he has not had a match because everybody is afraid of him. Bruiser then asked The German that since he beat down OSPW's 12th man the Bills are 1 and 5 and he replied by saying that is what happens to losers, and then he said here wait a minute I think I have a tear coming on! The Crowd did not like what was going on and Gruber let them know that they were bigger losers then the Bills, After Joey The Bruiser interrupted and found himself staring at Hans Gruber's Muscle, as he was saying look at it, look at it,  he popped Joey right in the eye with his muscle and said there you go , a Black and Blue Interview right in your eye.  Gruber then called the entire locker room a bunch of losers. Bruiser then, after regaining his composure asked for anyone in the back, to teach this German a lesson and out, came, Big Country "Curtis lee Walker.

Before Gruber would tell him what the challenge was he asked him his name by saying hey are you Horace White! Walker said NO! then Gruber asked well did you eat Horace White? HA HA ha! So the challenge would be a sit -up challenge who could do the most sit-ups Gruber started and he did like fifteen. Then it was walkers turn and he did like five before Gruber put the boots to him and said SIX-SEVEN-EIGHT! Ha Ha ha! Then Hans put Curtis Lee Walkers Straw hat on and did the Big Country Dance on him! After that he locked Walker into a Full-nelson face buster! Who will be the next man to step up to the Gruber Challenge and can any one match his strength?

Match # 1

Jr Heavyweight TV Title Match

Sensational David Evans VS Crazy Chris Knieval

The first match was for the OSPW JR Heavyweight TV Title held by Chris Knievil. His challenger would be OSPW 07/08 Rookie of the Year David Evans. The action started with some old school technical wrestling with both men trying to one up the other every step of the way and it did not take long for Evans to resort to dirty under handed tactics with a hair pull or two. The Champion however would have none of it as he dug deep and brought the fight right back to  Evans with flying dropkicks and summer-salt splashes. Evans however answered back with just as much fire and almost became the new champion a time or two. Evans even tried to hit Knievil with his 07/08 OSPW Rookie award but in the end it would be a frog Splash for the win

Your Winner 

and still 

Jr Heavyweight TV Champion

Chris Knievil

Match # 2

Singles Match

that turned into a 2 on 1 Handicap Match

Titus Smith vs Spot Monkeys Inc

Match two started as a one on one between Titus Smith and Eric Emanon. The bell rang and Titus went to work just over powering Emanon from the word go, no matter what young Emanon tried it was not enough. Mr. Perez even took a shot or two and was sent to the locker-room and while the Ref was doing that Titus Tried to hit Eric Emanon with a chair only to have Brian Emanon stop him. At that moment.,GM Rev Dave gave the order to make this match a 2 on 1 handicap match. The Emanon Boys then began to take Titus apart with a double team assault that scored them the victory. 

Your Winner's

The Emanon Boys 

After the bell the UWC hit the ring in full force led by Tyger, Perez , the Bone Crushers and even long time member J. C. Money in the house. The Emanon boys paid the price for their win with a beat down! Tyger Smith then once again stole a mic and Lucky for us the powers that be cut the feed to his mic and shut him up!

Match # 3

Non Title Match

Papa Terry Kadillac VS Danny Magick

In a non-title match we saw OSPW Hard  Core Champion Papa Terry Kadillac, Offer a chance to step in the ring with greatest OSPW hard core champion of all time or so he says to Danny Magick. The  guest Ref for the match was Trip.  After they had a brief war of words the bell rang and this match began with a pushing contest that blossomed into a whole lot of cheating from both men. The match then became an all out fight between two fantastic vet`s of the squared circle. Princess Raena even tried to get involved a time or two only to be knocked off the side of the ring and lucky for her The Ref Trip caught her No Wait he dropped her!  While the ref was dealing with The Princess, Papa K had Danny Magick beat, but Magick would turn it all around just in time to score the victory with a flying leg drop assisted with a steal chair off the top rope to the chest and head of the hard core champ.

 The Winner 

Danny Magick

After the match Danny Magick would be taken to the local hospital emergency room later that night, as he suffered a broken arm in the match

Match # 4

Tag Team Title Match

Primal Warpath and Chris Laplante vs The UnHoly Ryot and Loose Screw

Next we saw The team of Ryot and Loose Screw led to the ring by manager Damien Lucas and they put their OSPW Tag Team Titles on the line against Go time Chris Laplante and Primal Warpath.  Before Warpath was announced Ryot and Screw began to stomp the you know what out of Laplante. Warpath hit the ring and Cleaned house so now it was all evened up two on two tag team action. Warpath and Laplante then went to work showing some amazing team work but Ryot and Screw would have none of it as they quickly cut off and shut down the offence of Laplante and The Primal One, while showing why they have fast become the most dominant Tag team in OSPW today. Warpath and Laplante put up a great fight but in the end

The Winners

and still 

Tag Team Champions 

Diablo's Horde Team of

The UnHoly Ryot and Loose Screw

Match # 5

Triple Threat Hardcore Match for # 1 Contender for Hardcore Title Match

Doberman VS E-Kike-A VS Super Beast

In this next match we saw Doberman the newest member of M.E. Compete against new comer to OSPW E-Kike-A and Horde Member Super Beast in a Triple  Threat hard core rules match for a shot at the hard core champion. As you might think this match was hard hitting to say the least as all three men went to the extreme with steel chair shots,stop signs to the head, computer keyboards and trash can lids. The most technical move used was perhaps a body slam or closed fist punch to the face. We did on the other hand see a spinebuster onto two open steel chairs that was just amazing and before it was all over a guitar shot herd around the world! In the end Super Beast dumped E-Kike-A over the top rope and Squashed Doberman with a vador bomb.

The Winner

The In Human SuperBeast 

After the match Fallen member Rebellion came to the ring and added insult to injury on Doberman with a full nelson slam and a box of tissues!


Black and Blue Interview Part 2 with Host Joey The Bruiser Tenebruso

Joey the Bruiser Tenebruso had Trip as his 2nd guest of the night. Trip had a few things to say to the fans, to the locker-room and to the management. He told the fans he loved them, he told the locker room off except for a chosen few and he said you know who you are and he told the management he was ready to make his return to action on January 24th at Terminal Impact. Damien Lucas then came out  to get in Trips face and tell him no one really cared if he was ready to come back, So trip Super kicked Lucas dead in the face. GM Rev Dave told me that he has signed Trip in a match against Damien Lucas at Terminal Impact! I have to ask what will Lucas have up his sleeve?

Match # 6

Shadokat VS Kriptic Keegan

This match started hot and heavy with both men pushing the other to new heights showing us all why they both are considered to be two of the hottest young rising stars in OSPW and Indy wrestling today. Neither man took a back step as they went head to head with flying clotheslines, spring board dropkicks, suicide dives, arm drags and elbow smashes. Kriptic Keegan and Shadokat seemed to be evenly matched as they continued to fight in and out of the ring. After their first fight Shadokat seemed to have something to prove to himself, his manager and his fans and that was he could beat Kriptic. But just like that Keegan scored BIG as he caught the Kat with his move the final solution and Shadokat surprised us all as he kicked out at a two and a half count only to be locked into the over killer and tap out for the 2nd time to Kriptic Keegan

The Winner

Kriptic Keegan

Match # 7

New York Title Match

Bishop VS Rex Atkins

Next we had Bishop one of the Sons of Thunder and member of the Fallen led to the ring by Thunder lock up with OSPW New York Champion Rex Atkins for the GOLD. I have to tell you this match had it all and was truly a pleasure to watch as these two big men put on an old school classic wrestling clinic with back and forth technical chain wrestling at its best followed by some of the hardest striking I have seen out of two men in a long time. For a moment I thought I was watching a UFC Bout as I was amazed by the fast foot work of Bishop as he seemed to take control of the match and the Champion with a round house kick like no other followed by a Bishop Bomb. What had looked to be a close match up just moments ago had now swayed into Bishops favor big time and OSPW New York Champ Rex Atkins was in jeopardy of losing the Gold. Then David Evans hit the Ring and Kicked Bishop in the side of the head causing a blatant DQ. as it was done right in front of the Ref Al Scott

Your Winner


But Still Champion Rex Atkins

As the title can not change hands on a DQ.

I hope we have not seen the last of these two men doing  battle in the squared circle!

Match # 8

The Main Event

4-Way Elimination Match for The World Title

Tyger Smith VS Billy Foxx VS Deacon VS Kwan Chang

In the Main Event we saw an all out war of power and grace to determine who would leave OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion, as four of OSPW'S  best fought to prove their dominance! The battle began as all three challengers tried to pin the Champion Kwan Chang one at a time with a quick roll up pin of some sort. First it was Billy Foxx then Tyger Smith followed by Deacon and neither attempt scored more than a two count. Then in the same order each man tried to catch the champ off his game with a big move but he still had his wits about him and countered each attempt. The fight raged on and it looked as if the Fallen members Deacon and Foxx had a plan for victory as they worked as a well oiled machine, while taking out both Chang and Smith with several double team moves literally using one another as weapons by Irish whipping each other at their foes and scoring with clotheslines, corner splashes, flying body presses and baseball slide drop kicks. However this type of offence takes its toll out on the giver as well as the taker of the punishment. Kwan Chang and Tyger Smith along with help from some brief out side interference took control as Tyger laid in a low blow or two and Kwan Chang hit every one with the OSPW World Title Belt. This led to Billy Foxx being eliminated by Tyger Smith with a hydro-plex and Deacon was left to fight for his life so to speak against his two greatest enemies! Just when it looked as if Kwan was about to finish off Deacon with a pump-handle Slam Deacon fought back strong shooting two hard elbows into the champs face and followed that up with a small package pin and three seconds later it was down to just two men fighting for the prize! We would definitely have a new Champion on this night it would be either Deacon of the Fallen or Tyger Smith of The Under World Cartel. Deacon went on the attack and lit up smith with several chops followed by a huge clothesline in the buckle. Then as he set up to nail Tyger with what looked to be a spear Smith pulled the Ref Bruce Davis into his path and Deacon crushed him instead! Now with the ref out Deacon locked Smith into a camel Clutch from there we have seen him lock the DDS but Tyger tapped out before we saw the DDS. Deacon realizing the ref had not called for the bell released the hold to check on the ref giving Tyger the opening he needed. Tyger sneaked up behind Deacon and Locked in The TDK! Deacon Fought and Fought but finally tapped out but the ref was still laid out Tyger went to wake the ref as smith was helping the ref to his feet Deacon went for a yakuza kick and Tyger moved and rolled up deacon for a two count Followed by a K.O. Kick to the back of Deacons head that was just enough to score the three count victory

The Winner 

And New 

OSPW World Heavy Weight Champion

 Tyger Smith

Smith took the mic and said I just killed your Hero because Hero`s die! and I am now a legend! The Cartel and the Fallen had an altercation after the match that started at ring side and went into the locker-room!

This has been the Official OSPW report By

David James

Happy Holiday's to Everybody

See You All in the New Year


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