Pre Show Match

Hans Gruber vs Mikey Everynight

Before the action and after the commentators team was in place, the American anthem was played, and OSPW had a visit from the UWC.  Once again we suffered as Tyger Smith and his posse ranted and whined and cried about everything Buffalo and cut jokes on the best of the OSPW locker room, ending with a Merry Christmas to all.  Then Hans Gruber came to the ring with manager Damien Lucas for his first official OSPW wrestling match.  The first challenger was now former OSPW security member, Mikey Everynight.  The bell rang and Hans Gruber had his way with Mikey Everynight, just tossing him around and toying with him, delivering a goose step power slam and then the face plant full nelson, For the victory.

The Winner

Hans Gruber

"With a most impressive display of wrestling ability".

Match # 1

Jr Heavyweight TV Title / Triple Threat

Kriptic Keegan vs Horace White vs Colin Delaney

Next up for the OSPW Jr Heavy Weight TV Title it was to be Horace White against Kriptic Keegan, but Shadokat showed up with a Christmas surprise for Keegan and it was former WWE/ ECW superstar Colin Delaney.  The match would now be a 3 way dance.  The action began fast and furious in and out of the ring.  This match had more thrills, spills, chills and ups and downs than a roller coaster ride.  The three men involved amazed us all, but in the end it would be Kriptic Keegan who would score the pinfall over Horace White after a CSI for the finish. 

The Winner

and still 


"Kriptic Keegan"

Match # 2

Damien Lucas vs Jimmy Stitches

For the next bout Damien Lucas would take on new comer Jimmy Stitches.  At first the two men look closer matches as they exchanged several hits and holds to one another.  Damien Lucas would prove to be more powerful than Stitches, but not only that, he also proved to be just a bit smarter staying a step ahead of Stitches the whole match. No matter how hard Jimmy Stitches fought it was not enough, as in the end,

The Winner

would be 

Damien Lucas

After the match, we saw the return to OSPW of the monster Ryot who shocked us all when he dropped Lucas with a Ryot act.

Match # 3

Six Man Tag

Ikika- Andra Adonisy- Al Jihad vs Kage-IB Greene-Papa Chill

Next up was a six man tag match between team M.E. consisting of Al Jihad, Andra Adonisy and Ikika against team D.O.S. with Big Papa Chill, Kage and IB Greene.  The match finally started after a whole lot of clowning around from the D.O.S, team M.E. wasted no more time as they attacked D.O.S. and all six men went to war.  This match started as an out of control brawl and then Kage, IB Greene and Big Papa Chill went to work on Al Jihad and the rest of M.E.,  Ikika, Jihad and Adonisy fought back and fought back hard but it would not be enough as Adonisy found himself trapped in the ring for too long and fell victim to D.O.S. as Kage delivered a big choke slam,  For the victory.

Your Winners

Kage, IB Greene and Papa Chill


"Degenerates of Society"

Match # 4

Woman's Title Match

Jesse Belle vs Kaitlin Diemond 

Next we saw Jesse Belle with manager Thunder of the Fallen take on Women`s Champion Kaitlin Diamond.  The bell sounded and Belle wasted no time taking the fight to Diamond.  In the opening moments of the bout, we almost saw the title change hands twice, but Diamond would have none of it.  She showed Belle just how tough and how good she was as she began to bring the pain so to speak, but the more punishment Diamond dished out, the more Belle fought back.  But in the end Diamond would roll Belle up and score the pin with a hand full of tights and the other holding the bottom rope. 

The Winner

and still 


"Kaitlin Diemond"

Manager Thunder wasted no time demanding a re-match for Jesse Belle.


Match # 5

Tag Team Title Match

Rex Atkins and David Evans vs Deacon and Bishop 


Next up we had Rex Atkins and David Evans members of Talent Elite taking on Bishop and Deacon The Sons of Thunder with manager Thunder for the OSPW Tag Team Gold.  This match started as Evans rushed Deacon only to be caught with not one but two arm drags, followed by a short leg clothesline leading into a series of quick tags from the Sons of Thunder and several double team moves on Evans, one of which was the learning tree.  Then Bishop called for the Bishop bomb and scored, Atkins made the save and the tides turned as Atkins and Evans trapped Bishop in the ring and went to work on him, with extreme hatred.  It seemed that Ref Al Scott had blinders on as he was more concerned with keeping Deacon in his corner and out of the ring that he missed more than one under handed move that was given to Bishop.  He also missed Bishop tagging Deacon and as he put Deacon out of the ring once again with threats of fines and suspensions, Evans and Atkins continued the dirty tactics.  Finally Deacon was tagged in and came in like a house of fire nailing both Atkins and Evans with several big clotheslines and back elbows.  Atkins wanted none of this and turned tail and ran, leaving Evans to suffer the wrath of the Sons of Thunder and suffer he did.  When Bishop caught him up as Deacon came off the second rope with a Mafia kick to Evans face and Bishop spine bustered him off that, what a double team!!  For the victory.

Your Winners 

and still

 OSPW  Tag Team Champions 

Bishop and Deacon, 

"Sons of Thunder"

This match was one of the best classic old school tag matches I have seen

in a long time.


Match # 6

  Shadokat vs Subarashi Pumpokeen

Next we saw Subarashi Pumpokeen take on member of The Fallen Shadokat.  This match started with some high speed, high flying action at its best between two great JR. heavyweight combatants.  It looked as if Pumpokeen was getting a bit frustrated as Shadokat seemed to be just a little too fast for him to keep down.  Shadokat would then attempt a moonsault to the outside as he did he hit Pumpokeen and crashed into the steel guardrail's, suffering injuries to his leg and head.  But he still managed to score the pinfall, victory in this one. 

Your Winner


Match # 7

Papa Terry Kadillac and Nasty Nick Nice vs The Emanon Boyzzz

Then we saw Terry Kadillac team up with Nasty Nick Nice and take on The Emanon Boyz in tag team action.  This match started with a few laughs and a burger king chant for Kadillac and then the Emanon Boyz wasted very little time attempting to beat the team of Kadillac and Nasty Nick Nice, but it proved to be harder than they seemed to think it would be. Kadillac and Nice put up a great fight and this soon became a very competitive tag match, a wonderful showing by all four men.  But in the end, it was the brother team that scored the victory. 

Your Winners

 Brian and Eric Emanon

"The Emanon Boys"

The Tag Team Division is once again heating up in OSPW.

Match # 8

New York Title / Fatal Fourway

Titus Smith vs Chance Taylor vs Trip vs Kwan Chang

Next up we had a fatal 4-way match for the OSPW NY title between Titus Smith, Chance Taylor, Trip with Mirage, and current OSPW Champ Kwan Chang.  After all four men made their entrances and were all finally in the ring Trip started a USA chant that upset Kwan Chang like you would not believe.  The Mirage got Jaz Miles and Mr. Perez ejected from ring side.  The bell rang and action was under way in and out of the ring all four men just beating the hell out of one another.  You name it, they tried it in the hope to become OSPW NY Champion.  At times it looked as if this match was just full of pure and utter chaos, but it had to be the most action packed match of the night thus far as all four men came so close to walking out with the gold.  This one ended in a bit of controversy when Trip locked Kwan Chang in a submission hold and just then Chance Taylor covered Titus Smith behind Trips back and scored the pinfall victory.  After the win, Chance Taylor took the Hong Kong sticker off the NY title and stuck it to Kwan Chang's forehead. 

Your Winner 


New 2 time Champion

"Chance Taylor"

Match # 9

The Main Event

World Title Match

Tyger Smith vs Billy Foxx

Now the main event for the OSPW World Heavy weight Championship between challenger Tyger Smith and current Champion and member of The Fallen Billy Foxx.  This match started with some fantastic old school technical wrestling action between both champion and challenger, back and forth from one hold to a counter hold, neither man claiming the upper hand until, yep you guessed it, The Underworld Cartel made their move every chance they had they took a shot on the champ.  This match went from a great one on one wrestling match to a game of survival for Billy Foxx as he now fought Tyger and several members of the Cartel.  Just as Foxx seemed to take back the upper hand, a cartel member struck ref Al Scott in the back and then Billy Foxx as well with a foreign object.  Lucky for Foxx, Brian Emanon came out and evened the playing field, allowing Foxx the time to recover and score the victory. 

Your Winner

 and still 

OSPW World Heavy weight Champion

Billy Foxx

This has been the full show report from David James. 

Happy Holidays and See You Next Year