Pre Show Action



Match # 1

T-Rex Express delivers a beating to A Nasty Sensation

Match # 2

Ryot go's over Chris west in singles match


Match # 3

Mikey Everynight beats Da Latin Soldier by DQ 

Title stolen by Damien Lucas!

Match # 4

Nick Vickers-Gabriel Soul and Billy Foxx beat 

TSK- Al Jihad and Jeremiah Bradley  in six man tag match Jihad has falling out with partners.

Match # 5

Kwan Chang beats Papa Kadillac - Lucas - Steve Kruz - Dain the Pain and Anthony Fiasco 

in a Six Man Scramble Match

Match # 6

Deacon and Bishop of The Sons of Thunder beat 

UWC Members Titus Smith and Bacardi Kid 

in Tag Team Title Match!

Match # 7

Trip beats Kriptic Keegan in hard fought match.

Match # 8

Nikita and Dee Licious beat Jena Mya and Jesse Belle in tag action.



Match # 9

The Main Event 

The OSPW Title Changes hands not once but twice in the

same night as Super Beast beats Tyger Smith in The Fighters Pride

Lumberjack Match, only to have Tyger invoke his rematch clause and win the

Title back 30 seconds later.... Your New and First 3x OSPW World Champion

Tyger Smith!