Pick your poison interview

Hello everyone and welcome to OSPW's Legacy 7 full show report.  If you missed this one, you missed a lot.  After The John and the other commentators took their place, the event heated up right from the jump, as Commissioner Tyger Smith asked TOI and The Fallen to pick their poison.  But before that he striped JC Money of the OSPW NY title, then made a 5-way match for the NY title.  Just as we were going to find out about the pick your poison matches Gabriel Soul and Jeremiah Bradley entered the ring and all hell broke loose and we almost had a match right then.  Soul attempted to explain his betrayal and Deacon verbally chastised him.  Then we found out it would be The Fallen vs Soul and Bradley and TOI against West and Beast.  Now to the first match.



Match one

World title

Brian Emanon  vs  Venemus

The first bout of the night was between OSPW World Champion Brian Emanon and his hand picked challenger Venemus who was brought out to the ring by Eric Emanon, after her was tazed.  This match was like a cat toying with a mouse as Emanon just beat the snot out of his foe.  But Venemus would shock us all when he fired up and came close to pinning Emanon not once but twice.  After that the champ stopped playing and finished Venemus with a submission hold and then dragged him out of the building.  Still OSPW World Heavy weight Champion...Brian Emanon!!!


Match two

Gabriel Soul & Jeremiah Bradley   vs  The Fallen


The next match was the first of two tag team pick your poison matches this one was between Jeremiah Bradley with his partner The Dark Angel Gabriel Soul against The Fallen Deacon and Shadokat with Thunder at ringside.  This match was non stop action at its best as these two teams went to war and what a battle it turned out to be as both teams worked well together making fast tags and crisp double team maneuvers.  The team of The Fallen seemed to have a slight edge as they have worked together before and been tag champions before in other feds.  So with Bishop injured, it made perfect sense for Deacon to take Shadokat as his partner.  Back to the match, at one point Deacon used a bishop like round house kick on Soul honoring his brother, and Bradley used a bishop bomb on deacon as a slap in the face to the SOT & the Family of the Fallen. Either team could have won this one, it was that close.  But it would be The Fallen who would come out on top after hitting their faith reborn double team on Gabriel Soul.  This feud is not over by a long shot, I feel this match could find its way on the list for match of the year.  Your winner...The Son of

Thunder Deacon and Shadokat, The Fallen!!!


Match three

Eric Emanon  vs  Lexx Anvil


Next match up was Eric Emanon against Lexx Anvil in a Jr's weight class division match.  This match started with a great display of back and forth technical wrestling that quickly turned to more of a slug fest.  When Emanon could not out wrestle Lexx, well Emanon would soon find out that Lexx could brawl too.  These two men gave it all they had in a well fought, exciting match.  But when Lexx Anvil scored the win with a northern lights suplex, the loss was too much for the Emanons and they began a beat down on The Hammer of the Gods Lexx Anvil.  They even tazed him, luckily for him Deacon and Shadokat made the save. 

Your winner

Lexx Anvil



Match four

Mike MCgee  vs  Mikey Everynight

In this match we saw the return to in ring action of the OSPW Hardcore Hall of Famer Mike Mcgee against up and comer Mikey Everynight.  This match truly was a blend of old school action and new school heart as both of these men gave it their all in a hard fought match between tough competitors.  But in the end it would be Mike McGee who would out whit Mikey Everynight, after a brief distraction from Damien Lucas.  The winner...Mike McGee!!! After the match Lucas attacked Everynight and Commissioner Smith punished him by putting him in a match with his title on the line against Colin Delaney and that match is next.


Match five

Damien Lucas  vs  Colin Delaney


Next up Damien Lucas against former ECW star Colin Delaney with the OSPW Jr weight TV title on the line.  This match started out with some very interesting technical wrestling from both men, back and forth the action went for awhile, it looked as if both challenger and champion were closely matched and that this match could go either way.  Damien Lucas showed us all just how mean he could be as he inflicted punishment and delivered pain to Delaney over and over and then it happened.  Delaney dug down deep and kicked it up a notch and just went to town on Lucas and came oh so close to victory, it seemed as if these two men would fight all night, i mean just when it looked as if the match was over they kept on fighting. These two men had to come close to going to a time limit draw. But just like that it looked as if Delaney won! but the ref said no, the champs foot was under the bottom rope and waved off the count. Then  Lucas would strike with his finisher for the win, as Delaney was distracted with the ref. 

The winner and still OSPW Jr weight TV Champion

Damien Lucas!


Match six

TOI  vs  Super Beast & Chris West

Next up we had the second pick your poison tag match between The Tag champs TOI and Super Beast teaming with Chris West.  This was a non title match.  The action in this one started with a bang as these two teams wasted no time taking it to each other and at first it looked as if the team of Beast and West were just way too much man for the tag champs to handle straight up. As the fight went on TOI would indeed find a way to not only survive against the near 900lb attack of Beast and West, but they would manage to inflict a good bit of damage of their own.  Just when it looked as if TOI might come out on top, The Fallen came down to ring side just to get a closer look at this match.  TOI took their eyes off Beast and West and paid for it as they were rolled up for the 1, 2, 3.  Your winners...Super Beast and Chris West!!! TOI attempted to beat down Beast and West after the match but The Fallen would run them off.


Match seven

Submission match

Terry Kadillac   vs  Dain the Pain


Next up would be a submission match between Papa Terry Kadillac with Nasty Nick Nice against Dain the Pain.  These two men have been going head to head sine Dain came to OSPW a few months ago and for the most part Kadillac has come out on top from bell to bell.  Kadillac and Pain fought tooth and nail, in and out of the ring, just working each other over trying to beat the other down enough to score a submission over the other. When it looked as if Dain had Kadillac just where he wanted him, Nasty Nick Nice got involved and turned the tide of this one.  The nasty one even brought hand cuffs out to the ring and found himself hand cuffed to the corner post, in the end it would be Dain the Pain who would lock on a clover leaf submission to win the match. 

 Your winner

Dain the Pain!


Match eight

5 man NY title match

Nasty Nick Nice  vs  Kwan Chang  vs  Ryot  vs  Retro Rex Atkins  vs  TyLicious


Next up was your main event as we had a 5 man NY title match one fall to the finish between Nasty Nick Nice, Kwan Chang, Ryot, Retro Rex Atkins and Ty Licious.  As you can guess the action in this match was hot, heavy and all over the place as these five men ripped it up and tour it up to become the new OSPW NY Champion.  In and out of the ring the battle raged on with some innovative moves and intense hard hitting action to say the least.  It was any mans match to be had as all five men put up a good fight and looked impressive.  Each man came close, but it would be Ty Licious who would come out on top as he rolled up Kwan Chang to secure his place in the record book as your New OSPW NY Champion... Ty Licious!

 This has been the full show report by David James. 

 See you all on

December 3rd at OSPW's Exodus 2