Report: By David James

Before the singing of

 God Bless America

Glamours Glenn Dillion made his way to the ring, surrounded by five security guards.

"Yes another Hot Spot"

Dillion begins by telling everyone in the arena that if you don't like what I have to say, then do something about it. I am right here and not a hard man to find ! Then he invites his favorite Manager Nigel Bennett to the ring and they exchange some Hollywood Pleasantry's, then Bennett takes the mic..... He proceeds to take shots on Thunder, Kazz, Mike McGee, and Others, until finally Dillion rips the mic from his hand and says... This is my Show and then proceeds to drop Nigel like a bad Habit!! and then returns to his own verbal assault, touching on all the garbage being spread on the Internet, in one way or another, only to turn his attention to the OSPW World Heavyweight Champion Deacon... The Champ's music hits, only to reveal the Infamous Masked man on the stage. The Glamours one found himself in a setup of Old School Fashion, for as he stood staring down the man that betrayed him at AFTERMATH and then one of the security guards revealed himself to be Deacon !

Dillion found himself staring into the face of fear and then on the bad side of a beat down. He then got a shot or two in of his own, only to turn tail and run, leaving and

Angry World Champ. 'To HIS FANS"

Match # 1

Fatal Fourway

This match truly had the potential to bring the roof down, with the 4 contrasting styles. Robert Ezekyo and Kazz started off , with Kazz taking over quickly with two arm drags in a row, only to tag in Johnny Swift, who immediately was out maneuvered and then taunted by his adversary, but not for long. They Continued on back and forth in an impressive display of technical mat wrestling, after which found Ezekyo tagging in The Beast. Superbeast had no trouble overpowering swift. After taking a super beating, The Grand Pumpkin managed to out maneuver Beast to tag Kazz back in. He came in like a house of fire, ONE no TWO big clotheslines , taking the much bigger Beast finally off of his feet. back and forth tag after tag the action heated up, finding Kazz almost the Winner over swift, until Superbeast, in a display of utter disregard for the rules, hits the ring only to clean house by tossing Swift and Ezekyo to the floor. Then behind the Refs back, he lays out kazz with a well placed shot from his kendo stick!! That was all she wrote, Your Winner


But he was not done yet, adding a touch of insult, he pins kazz again as Robert Ezekyo carry's away Amy Ash(Swift's Valet). I wonder what the future holds for these four men?

Match # 2

Rex Atkins vs Mike McGee

Non Title Bout

Well, lucky for the self professed welcoming committee. Hardcore Champ Mike McGee found himself biting off a bit more then he expected from the cocky youngster, Rex Atkins. Rex quickly took it straight to the Hardcore Champion, out wrestling him every step of the way. Head lock, arm drag, takedown, one maneuver after another, until Atkins made the mistake of taking the match outside the ring. Sorry Sonny, that's the Champ's Domain ! Mcgee welcomed the young buck with a steel garbage can to the head, and shortly after the boy found himself on the downside looking up at the light's, ready to be pinned !!!

McGee getting just a tad to sure of himself, pulled Atkins up before the three count, "not wise and unlike a champion of his caliber", he could of won right there.

(Take it when it is there) Atkins looking to take the advantage once again, only to be cut off by mcGee who lands a x-factor ..1,2....almost but no cigar. McGee getting a bit frustrated at this point and maybe running on empty as the younger challenger lands a an x-factor of his own on the aging Champ, followed by a sick chair shot to the head and then a death valley driver, that proved to be enough to secure a victory and title shot. But he was not satisfied yet, one DVD after another, until TV Champ TRiP saved his friend, nailing Atkins with a TRiPs END ! Welcome to OSPW I can't wait to find out who will be the last man standing ?

Match # 3

The Den


Karma & Phoenix

The Den hit the ring, and pack leader Smith had something to say. He bashed power trip for there interference in last month's fatal four -way, and then out came Greg Karma and Black Jack Phoenix and the match was underway. It started fast and hot with a couple of sunset flips by the smaller Den team of Tyger Smith and Matt Bomboy, finding the team of karma and Phoenix on the outside looking in, only to be taken down by a flying Tyger and then again with a moonsalt from Matt Bomboy. The Big men were finding themselves being beaten to the punch by the smaller but much quicker team from The Den. Early on The Den seemed to be having it's way, with fast kicks, flying elbows, and a belly to belly suplex by Tyger to Phoenix. The Den was proving to be a true unit, with one fast tag after another, allowing them to trap karma in the ring and began to wear the monster down. Finally karma dug down down deep and hit Tyger with a Samoan drop and then was able to tag in Black Jack Phoenix, who greets the Tyger with a big blow to the head and then a flying elbow of his own. The Referee began to lose control of this match and with outside interference by none other then Glenn Dillion, we saw Mr. Karma deliver some mail to the head of Matt Bomboy, only to find himself on the losing end of a German Suplex by Tyger Smith, but there was no Ref to make the count. Smith being enraged by this, gave chase to Dillion, allowing his partner to end up on his back for the 1,2,3 after a clothesline from Hell from Phoenix.

Glenn Dillion got you again Tyger

Your Winners and # 1 contenders for Tag Gold

Black Jack Phoenix and Greg Karma

Match # 4

Three way Dance

For The New York Title

Danny Magic vs Warpath vs Ryot

Next we had a visit from the General Manager Danny Magic, He had an announcement to make. He was not to happy of how things were run, while he was absent from Aftermath. He wanted everyone to know that he made the rules around here, and that being said he gave himself a shot at the OSPW New York Title. Enter the Champion Warpath, only to find out it would be a three way dance with the deck stacked in Magic's favor, for the third man in this match would be Danny's goon Ryot and also Flatline at ringside. This match was not in the Champ's best interest. Not for the lack of trying, he put forth his best effort, but the numbers game was just to much this time. One double team after another and one underhanded maneuver into another. Every time Warpath would take charge of one he would be cut off by the other, not to mention the constant distraction by Flatline. Ryot appearing to realize his chance to be champion until the Ref collided with magic, who after getting back to his feet, with the help of Flatline goes for a high risk maneuver, off the top rope only to crash and burn. Warpath seeing a glimmer of hope to pull this one out, only to find it crushed by Ryot, who goes for the win, only to have Flatline stop him clod with a chair shot sending him to the floor, where earlier Ryot left Warpath. After the Blatant interference by Flatline to not only Ryot but also to the Champ, it is hard to understand how this one ended up a double count-out victory for the General Manager and not a DQ

Your Winner Danny Magic but still Champion Warpath

Match # 5

OSPW Tag Team Championship

Glenn Dillion and Nick Paradise / of Power Trip


The OSPW Tag Champs

Scott & Steve / The Davidson Brothers

I don't know how he does it, but Glenn Dillion , after all the Disturbances he has caused, found himself along with Nick Paradise, going for the OSPW Tag Belts. Dillion started off, over powering Steve, Beating him from pillar to post. The recovering Sir Adam Sabre joined the announcer's Table, you also had the 7 ft German at ring side along with Nick Paradise and his personal Manager. It seemed the Champs were in trouble! Paradise tagged in and just continued the punishment to Steve, but just like that a reversal, allowing the beaten Davidson to reach his brother Scott. The Tag was made and Scott came in and was on fire, completely taking over the match. The Davidson's then showed, that they truly are the Champs by systematically picking -a-part Nick Paradise, by cutting off the ring with one double team into a fast tag, then another double team. Pure Poetry in motion. First a choke, then a double chop, a beat down in the corner, a double hip toss into a double sling shot suplex. They were hitting Paradise with every move they know, continuing with a double hot shot and then a double Johnny on the Spot, and then the beating was finally over. Dillion tried to make the save, only to be greeted with a crippler - cross-face by Scott.

Winners and still OSPW Tag Champs

The Davidson Brothers

Tyger Smith, then appeared on stage to inform Dillion that he made a deal with Management to face Dillion One on One at

Winter Warfare

I will be there to see that one

Match # 6

OSPW T.V. Title

TRiP vs Bishop

This match proved to be one of the best single matches in OSPW History. Definitely the greatest Television Title bout to date. The Champion came out first, full of energy as always and said Hi to his Mommy and then prepared himself for the opponent of his life in BISHOP, who hit the ring more then ready to win the belt. They lock up and Trip hits to fast arm drags, showing his speed. Bishop winds up out on the floor, but comes back in just as fast as his exit, over the top rope I Might add and over powers the smaller Champion. Back and forth they go with one hold only to be countered by another. truly a fantastic display of pro-wrestling. Bishop takes it up a notch by landing his Patented flying spin kick right on the button and after a quick pin attempt he just starts to manhandle the young Champ, by putting him through his version of the three amigo Suplexes. Trip fighting back lands a well place boot, working Bishop to the corner with a whip and a stinger splash, hurting himself just a bit. Bishop roles out for a breather and receives a word from the Deacon and then takes control of the match by applying his Checkmate submission. Trip Managing to escape as they both spill out to the floor, and outside action ensues to the point of a 9-count. They both re-enter the ring, where the Champ tries a number of Submission combination's, to no avail. Bishop won't quit and in the end the match was a draw, for both men landed a super kick to the other and were unable to answer the 10 count in time. Although disappointed to hold onto it this way,

Trip was still the Champion

Match # 7

The OSPW Women's Championship

Luscious Lily


Ashleigh Vayda

Here we had a re-match for the OSPW women's Title, Lily our champion took control early on showing her dominance by over powering & working over Ashleigh Vayda the challenger Lily tries for a cover only to have it broken, when surprisingly Black Jack Phoenix reaches in pulling her leg in order to prevent the pin! The Champ being distracted rolls out to question Phoenix, FACE to FACE! leaving herself open for an attack by the Challenger Vayda. She capitalizes by ripping Lily's shoulder into the ring-post, and seemingly the luscious one is hurt & hurt bad. Even with her injured arm the Women's Champion fights on, in one the the most fantastic battles for the women's Title. In the end the Champ. found herself on the losing side of this stellar match-up.

Your Winner

by a roll-up & feet on the rope pin-fall victory, the


Ashleigh VAYDA.

Match # 8


World Heavy Weight Championship

Brian Emanon



In my Opinion this match was truly, the best main event in OSPW History. We find the Extreme Brian Emanon awaiting the entrance of the Champ, Deacon, who walks methodically down the aisle ready to defend his Gold. He is greeted by an arena of cheers and a row of bowing Fans. The Champ was accompanied to the ring by Bishop, Thunder and there awesome new entrance music. They truly appear as a force to be reckoned with. The bell sounds and it all begins with a handshake, there is much respect for each other. Collar and elbow tie up into a hammer lock up to a head lock all by the Champion as he takes control. Then we saw a multiple exchange back and forth, truly a display of technical chain wrestling at it's best. The Challenger showing his Superior speed, only to be shot down by the Champ's Strength and Power as Deacon hits Emanon with a cloths line that just turns him inside out! The Champ continues on, dishing out the pain and going for the Finish with the Daddy's Discipline Submission, only to have it countered before he could lock it in. Then the Champ went for another big Clothesline only to end up spilling over the top to the floor as Emanon ducks and pulls the rope down and then both Bishop and Deacon are put down when Emanon fly's off the top with a senton splash! This match ends in the ring when Deacon firmly applies the Discipline only to be jumped by Dillion and the Power Trip. lucky for the save by the masked man who reveals himself to be Rebellion the prodigal son of Thunder!!